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Back in the Day: I had a quarter life crisis, headed to Osaka, Japan for the unknown–only to discover that a passport plane ride are not necessarily a ticket to escape. Some Years Later: Settled back in Oz, the man of my dreams ended up in Tokyo for work–which is how a passport and plane ride showed me home is where the heart is. And Now: Well as luck would have it, we are about to embark on Japan Mark 3, with a baby in tow and another on the way...

Friday, April 29

Soul Kinda Feelin'

3 soul-warming things happened to me this week:

1. I found out one of my mates has something I've written on her fridge at home;

2. I discovered a friend has set a picture I took of the Dotombori from FM Osaka on a tungsten setting as the wallpaper on his laptop; and

3. The elementary school I'm working for gave me a flute.

First one bought tears to my eyes - to think some words I put on my blogsite, in a moment of reflection just before my 26th birthday last year, have enough meaning for someone else to want to read over and over was an amazing feeling. Who cares if I never become (world/nationally) famous, this is the sorta reaction I would rather people, particularly those I know and love, have to the stuff I write.

The second thing caught me completely unawares as well, especially as I always think of him as the artsy fartsy one among us. So to have him think something of one of my pics is just plain ace. When he asked me yesterday to display some more photos for an exhibition tomorrow night, it was the first time I thought about anyone else possibly finding my photos interesting. I guess I'll soon see.

The third thing is just totally cool - when the music teacher, at the elementary school I have just started at, found out I played flute but didnt have one here in Japan, he immediately set about finding me one. And yesterday, he was as pleased to present me with it as I was to receive it. Just like riding a bike, It all just came flooding back, and felt so natural to play. I am surprised at what I remember and what just keeps coming back to me everytime I pick it up. Troy is almost as excited as I am, and I think we are going to have some interesting times between my flute and his guitar.

I have definitely ended this week with a huge smile on my face.

List Number 5

Right now, I'm high 5ing:

Golden Week - how else would you describe a plethora of national holidays one after the other?
My flute is something I thought about originally taking with me when I moved to Japan but decided against it when I realised my nephew had broken a key using it as a light-sabre, never thought in a million years I would be supplied one by my new employers at the elementary school and must say, it's just like riding a bike, and feels so natural to play. Had a good jam with Troy on da acoustic and Erik banging his bongos last night.
The peppermint body scrub I purchased at Lush this afternoon, keeps the skin fresh and tingling all day long.
Last but not least Skype, and for all the plugging I have been giving this program, I should be getting paid. If you haven't got it, download it now and come talk to me over the Net for free (and big thanx to Leon for the introduction...)

On the other hand, I'm giving the finger to:

My nextdoor neighbour - the other one that I never talk about, or talk to for that matter, the Japanese lady who lets her dog use her balcony as a toilet and doesn't clean it up...stop looking at our fake grass lady!
Our landlord who seems to be keeping an awfully close eye on us, via the billions of cameras setup throughout our building...he told us balcony bbqs are illegal...how the hell does he know we have one?
The tension in my shoulders which just seems to be getting worse, meaning I keep shelling out on massages.
Big thumbs down to this wanker and his opinion of Anzac Day....many words spring to mind, but if you read it, just promise me you won't comment on it, I thought about it but realised he is probably relishing the attention. In fact, I prolly shouldn't even link him. I'll take that off in a few days.

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Comment What??

Hmm - something has happened to my comments!! They have disappeared - I've written to the team at Blogger and hopefully there will be an explanation with a way to retrieve what you guys have posted!! I'm so worried they are lost in cyber space forever! You can still comment, and please continue to do so - even on old posts and stuff - just click on the comment link next to the date directly after the end of a post...

And Happy Birthday to The Transit Lounge - She turned 1 on April 27!!

Monday, April 25

DIO#6 - Lacking In Confidence? Just Add absinthe...

Venue - Nudic
Target - That cute kiwi guy who was quite impressed with my knowledge of the NZ hiphop scene (he doesn't know about my secret weapon - Troy) until he left, then Adam, then Tim, then Adam again...but still thinking about Tim or was that Adam?
Issue #1 - ME. I'm on fire when I'm confident, real or false!
Issue #2 - Don't ya hate it when you have been talking to a cute guy all night long, then he leaves to go feed his dog or something, so then you start talking to another hottie, and 20 minutes later that other guy who you have long thought was extremely cute turns up and happens to be friends, no hang on, flatmates with the second guy? I do.
Fact - Yes it got crazy - I'm sticking to the quote Paige and I quoted ourselves on...."I'm blaming the absinthe."

"...just add absinthe..." Posted by Hello
Fact - I knew I could handle a fair few tequila shots, but I never realised it was that many.
Fact - I discovered I also have a penchant for shotting jagermeister with minimal fuss.
Fact - Pity the cute kiwi guy left early. We had a great chat.
Fact - I was trying to get these 2 Japanese dudes to kiss each other. Little did I know that they were Mama-san's boys and she was watching.
Fiction - I wasn't that drunk. Neither was Cliff. Or Akira.
Fact - When I suggested to Rusty that if one is going to wear an open collar shirt that like one he was indeed wearing, must wax one's chest, he said doesn't wax, he said he uses that cream (what is it called in OZ - napra?api? I don't remember but you know the one I'm talking about, that burns your hair off). Either way, before you go unbuttoning, de-hair.
Fact - I know a lot more about Canberra, Fyschwick in particular, then I ever thought. Not that I ever think about Canberra much. I think that freaked a f ew people out.
Fact - I am a great talker.
Fiction - The Instant Idiot didn't do anything idiotic. Messily, drunkenly and purposely pashing up (or should that be trying to swallow?) a girl on the dance floor directly in front of a chick you used to date, and then running off giggling when you see that chick totally reeks of "I don't get nervous around you." I believe you 100%. Totally. Idiot.
Fact - Neither Cliff, Akira nor me had a yen between us, yet we managed to get absolutely sloshed and get a taxi home.
Words of Wisdom: At home - Akira: "Wow you look so beautiful tonight!" Me: "What do you mean tonight?"
At Nudic - Tim: "I haven't heard the word pash in a while" in response to me organising a pashfest at our next bbq. Me: "I intend to make it mainstream again."
Near Howie's - Me: "I don't intend on taking you home" to Adam, and listing the reasons why I think one-night-stands are truly last century.
At home today - Troy's comments upon being informed of what the Instant Idiot did on Saturday night: "What a dick!"
Possibility of Date - The Kiwi - who knows, maybe he is just a tres cool dude. Has great dress sense too.
Adam - he pashed me and he did send me some drunken text messages at 3am this morning. But then Troy reminded me that I had infact met him once before, and that my exact words at the time were "What a dickhead!". I'm standing by first impressions.
Tim - we agreed on the pashfest idea. Where's that bottle of absinthe?
Plan of Attack - Send Adam a message this week to ask Tim to meet me at Capt's so I can give him in ichiman back.
Mental Note - I really am as funny as I think I am. Absinthed or not.

Sunday, April 24

The Way We Are

Had a much needed rest day today. Akira and I watched Sex & The City, The Simpsons and The Ultimate Kylie DVD, as well looking up entertainment gossip online all day lying in bed. Apparently it was a lovely day outside - but I didn't care! Am feeling totally refreshed to face my upcoming 4 day week (Golden Week starts Friday....). Ahhhh.

Saturday, April 23

List Number 4

Kudos to....
My Dangerfield jeans, no let me change that anything Dangerfield. Their clothes last, look good and never go out of style. And so comfy. Worth every penny.
Troy n Cliff's antics upon getting home at 5am Friday morning and waking me up - tres funny. Especially Cliffy's impromptu serenade to me on the acoustic guitar...who knew Lizzie rhymed with dizzy, busy and fizzy? oh and shizzy - how could I forget?
Boo You to...
Whoever stole my bike from Da'Cho station last weekend. So lost without my bike.
The dickhead on the train with annoying LOUD ringtone on his keitai....but I showed him, with a louder more irritating ringtone from my phone, and the lil old lady next to me was very happy he shut up after that.

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Wednesday, April 20

Your Body Is Your Temple...

...is how the saying goes, and from that you are to make the connection that you should therefore worship your body. I have always taken this phrase with a grain of salt and a "yeah yeah yeah, blah blah blah" feeling. But yesterday, during my daily online trawling of Australian newspapers, I came across something that has made me rethink my attitude and surmise that maybe this old adage should be taken more seriosuly by all of us.

Dear Society is an exhibition being shown in Melbourne, to honour a friend of the artist, who died of bowel cancer. Normally I gloss over these things, put them in the "rainy day pile", but this one I coudln't ignore and I'm not sure why - could be to do with being of a similar age, probably leading a similar life, just the whole "familiarity" of it all.

The part that really made me sit up and take notice were the following words, written by Claire, the friend, herself before she died:

"Punished it, criticised it, disrespected it, cursed it, tormented it, ignored it."

"I listen, I respect, I care, I rest when needed; it is really possible to love yourself and be kind to yourself; unfortunately we only learn the hard way."

I have already been thinking I must be kinder to my body - the past 2 weeks I have been suffering from asthma that has been worse than usual and have been making a big effort to listen to my body and what it is telling me more closely than usual, like resting, for example, instead of going out not only because I need it, but because that's what I want to do.

Seeing this article has only reinforced that this is the right thing to do, and in order for a positve and healthier effect on my life, it is something I should implement into my life on an ongoing basis, as the norm. And realistically, why wouldn't I? Why wouldn't any of us? We all joke about how the excess in our lives will come to affect us all so terribly when we are older, much older. Perhaps this is what Claire once thought too - that her life would extend far beyond the 27 years and 1 day it ended up only being.

**If any of you back home do by any chance see the exhibition at the Vanguard Gallery, I would be really interested in seeing photographs, or hearing your impressions of it. I'm not normally one that is into exhibitions or artwork so much, yet the power of this has seemed to reach me already, and that was just what I have read about it. I would love to know if it is this powerful in person**

Tuesday, April 19

DIO Update

I had class with my younger man today. His name is Ryoichiro. I had to help him write his name in romaji (our English roman alphabet). I had to pick volunteers for a game at one point - and when I chose him he got so excited he fell off his chair. It was so funny. At the end of class, Ryoichiro gave me a paper plane he made out of yellow origami paper. So I took him out into the hall and asked him to show me out to throw it. So I said "Thank you very much!" - he walked away, checked something on his desk, and came back with a big smiley "You are well-kum!" *ahhhh*

Monday, April 18

My Wish List

Lately I have devoted a fair amount of my thinking time to what it is I really want in my life. I'm still not sure in which direction I am heading, but I have come up with the following list of things I want to accomplish/do/be the poud owner of during my lifespan. Some of them I can already cross off, which I am happy about. I had been thinking that I hadn't achieved anything I had ever originally intended to do, but making this list proved me wrong. I'm sure I will add to the list too, but this is just for starters.

  • backpack around Europe (again), visiting some of the same and of course different areas. I especially want to explore more of Scandinavia and go to Gallipolli (my great grandfather was an ANZAC) - partially done.

  • write a book - hmm I've started about 1000 drafts, but still no where near complete.

  • Be in the position to buy a house sometime next year in Richmond or Townsville - my parents will laugh at this one, but if I knuckle down I could do it.

  • Live in a country where I don't speak the language - DONE (and still currently doing so).

  • Learn that country's language - I have started on this.

  • Climb Mt Fuji - since I didn't do it last summer, I made a promise to myself I would do it this coming climbing season.

  • Do more things that will help me to pursue somesort of career in writing, preferably travel writing - I've made a start by signing up to a course...but that is about it so far. I have to get over my fear of failing and just get stuck into it, especially since they have liked my ideas so far.

  • Own a nice car when I eventually get back to Australia - no more 20 year old Corollas for me. This is in line with the house thing, gotta save that money!

  • Somehow inspire someone, anyone somewhere in this world to do something - maybe I already have. My mate Paige said I inspired her to start her own blog so I guess that counts!

  • Live in Cairns or Townsville for a short amount of time - technically I have done this, I lived in Townsville for a short time during uni. I really do love this part of Australia and the relaxed lifestyle that goes with it. Kinda have this dream to have a house in Townsville with a special room in it over looking the Ross River, just for me and my laptop.

Well there's a few things already. Time's a ticking, I'd better get cracking.

Post Script - see my revised list as of September 3.

Sunday, April 17

DIO#5 - Date A Man Who Dates...Men!

When the pickings are slim, why not go for the gay? They're stylish, sassy and sensitive, and they'll happily watch Sex In The City with you.

Venue - Zing
Target - The only gay guy in the bar.
Issue - His sexuality - he likes men. Apparently. (see fact/fiction file below).
Fact - he walked into the bar and told me I was the most beautiful girl he'd ever seen and how he wished he wasn't gay. And he said he'd been dying to meet me for ages. Flattery is the key to my heart.
Fact - I had 4 tequila shots under my belt at this stage, with Troy lining up the next 2 in front of me.
Fact - I was looking hot last night.
Fact - the straight talent was very, VERY ordinary and totally classless.
Fact - My flamboyant friend seemed totally cool at first. But then he got really touchy-feely in a way that would scare me coming from any man, whether he was gay, straight, bi or asexual.
Fact - in the end I was feeling a little more than harrassed by him and a friend had to step in and tell him to back off.
Fact - I saw him pashing at least 3 different girls during the night, and didn't see him talking to any men, so I'm thinking maybe it is...
Fiction that he is gay. Perhaps this is a line he uses to get da ladies??
Words of Wisdom - "You're a slut," Liz getting it straight. "Yes, I'm a slut," repliedthe man-in- question. And the pearler from Troy: "You converted a gay man."
Possibility of Date - not unless it is at the court house with a restraining order on the menu. It got kinda stalkerish by the end, with him telling me how he was gonna kick my "interfering" friend's ass. I explained that he was scaring me and probably best he just went home.
Plan of Attack - Play it straight from here on in.
Mental Note - Next time a gay man asks "Can I kiss you?" forget the tequila, and just walk away.

Sister Madly

Mieko-chan and Chie-chan - my 2 sisters in Japan. Chie is my older sister and I think Mieko is my evil twin. Posted by Hello

Saturday, April 16

List Number 3

Rocking My World...

Chu-hi - the equivalent of UDLs back home only better and cheaper. Cheap korean shochu (type of alcohol) in such flavours as plum, grapefruit, pineapple and my favourite, chardonnay...the flavours change with the seasons which can kinda suck when you have a hankering for just one taste.

MC Takoyaki - Cliff is the freestyle master and we reckon this could be a money spinner with such lines as "From Dotombori to Midosuji, Da Cho to Hommachi, Takoyaki....word..." I even did a remix dance version that the Japanese would prolly love - and more importantly, buy.

And the following is rocking my boat...

Asthma - do I need to elaborate? All my spare time (ie any time I have not been at work which is not often) this week has been spent resting, forcing me to watch such shite on cable as Arrie Macubiru (Ally McBeal), Macomu in da mideru (Malcom in the Middle) and, my only saving grace on the tube, Da Simpusinus....do i need to translate that??

CCCMDWN - deal with it yo. Say no more.

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Thursday, April 14

Halfway Between Melbourne and Paradise

My sister was driving, Robbie Williams (I am not ashamed to say it, maybe I should be, he has long rocked my world) was blaring outta das stereo, and somewhere over the rainbow was our destination...Paradise Beach (yep it's actually called that) ...I miss roadtrips....I miss roads...I miss space Posted by Hello

My House - In The Middle of Da 'Cho

Dec 15 2004...The clouds over Da 'Cho are never short of a story... Posted by Hello

Tuesday, April 12

DIO#4 - Dating Younger Guys

Never in my right mind did I expect to get asked out on a date on the 2nd day of my new elementary school job...

Venue - T********* Elementary School (I don't want to cause any trouble here).
Target - Well this time I was targeted. Obviously still had my blinkers on not to see this one coming.
Issue - Is it wrong to date a student?
Fiction - I'm actually considering this.
Fact - He is my student - an adorable 8 year old.
Fact - It was one of my 3rd grade students who asked me out.
Words of Wisdom - "I like baseball. Do you like sushi? You're pretty. Can I sit next to you in the cafeteria at lunchtime?" Although this was all translated through his 3rd grade buddy, the spark was not lost.
Possibility of Date - 100%. I'm sitting with him and his mates at lunch tomorrow! It's nice being told by ANYONE you're pretty. Much better than the usual "you're fat" that would come from customers when I was hostessing.
Plan of Attack - Keep pinching his cheeks and toussling his hair. He really does have the cutest grin, and I can tell I'm gonna let him get away with murder during my lessons.
Mental Note - His teacher is hot - surprise of the day!

DIO #3 - Sneaky Bastards

Why is it that guys think a chick won't care he has a girlfriend? Probably because in Japan, most chicks actually don't care. Well I've got news for you...

Venue - Once again Oasis, but a few weeks earlier.
Target - Nao, Cliff's boss. At the moment of meeting, he matched my criteria - great jacket and great shoes. And funnily enough he is a DJ too.
Fact - there was an instant connection, with me being my usual witty self, and amazingly, him understanding my humour.
Snippet of Actual Conversation - Me: Do you have a girlfriend? Nao: Um.....No, no I don't.
Fiction - he doesn't have a girlfriend.
Fact - he has a girlfriend.
Fact - he doesn't know I know.
Words of Wisdom - coming from both Troy and Cliff..."The fact that he lied to you and said he doesn't have a girlfriend means he is really into you. That's great, go for it." Umm...err...right on.
Possibility of a Date - with that information in hand, not a chance, although he doesn't know it yet. We've hung out a couple of times since, but that's it.
Plan of Attack - to lead him on and then when the time is right, tell him exactly where he can shove it. That sorta crap doesn't wash with me. If I had a boyfriend and had any inkling he had cheated on me, I'd be devastated, and I'm no low-life 3rd party biatch.
Mental Note - Avoid DJs at all costs. I seem to always get crushes on them...the list is endless.

Monday, April 11

DIO#2 - A Half-Assed Attempt

Hmm, so in the end I did go out on Saturday night because flatmate#1 begged me and I hate to see a grown DJ beg.

Venue - Oasis
Target - NYukinari, only after it was put to me. Before that I was thinking about how I wished I had stayed home.
Issue - Wasn't thinking about anyone in particular when Cliff aka Flatmate#1 said I'm gonna hook you up. I thought he was talking chemicals, then I realised he was talking boys. The chemicals came later.
Fact - I have always thought Yukinari was a bit of a cutie. And he thinks I'm funny (seriously, how could he not after seeing my lawnmower/dj dance). He when laughs whenever he sees me - come to think of it, maybe he is laughing at me, not with me. Something to ponder.
Fact - I wasn't actually looking. I was having too much fun doing tequila shots with Chie and seeing her get drunk (so much fun).
Fiction - I was eyeing off that other dude who looked like he had just come from a Full Moon Party in Thailand (Red Bull T-shirts are so last century, at least put on your fake Diesel gear!), who kept looking at me - reality is I can't see so well when I wear my contact lenses and people sometimes mistake my squinting for actual interest.
Fact - Yukinari is playing this weekend, but can I really be bothered paying 2000yen to get into Triangle? Don't think so.
Fact - We did exchange phone numbers in the end.
Fact - He kept touching me on the stomach - WTF?
Words of Wisdom - "You're the coolest chick in this town, do the drunken pash." Cliff forgets I am not him and when I am drunk it ain't my style to say to people "Let's makeout." It's more my style to rabbit on to people about myself. Also rejection wasn't part of my vocab that night and I didn't want to take the chance that it could make an appearance.
Possibility of Date - Slim to none with my track record in Japan. He told me to call him and to come to West. But then again he is Japanese and a lot of Japanese men have this strange habit of being way too polite and saying stuff to be kind even when they don't mean it (it's that whole avoidance of confrontation thing), which in the end makes you feel like an even bigger idiot.
Plan of Attack - Probably nothing, just wait til I see him at another party of sorts - at the moment that is better than being on the end of an ugly NO. Ahhh well she sighs.
Mental Note - stop thinking I can speak good Japanese when I'm drunk.

Sunday, April 10

Friends - How Many Of You Have Them?

I am feeling a little bit lost and confused this Sunday night.

I know who my friends are here, I really do, I love them so much. I am always here for them. And they know it. Yet somehow I think this is part of the problem.

Most of my friends here have a girlfriend or a boyfriend. And I totally understand that when it comes down to it, their priorities lie with this special person in their life - and so they should. But I have also come to realise that because I am not seeing anyone at the moment, I don't have that one person I can totally rely on to be there when I need it. Even if it is just to have some company or someone simply to chew the fat with. So at that vital time, when it comes down to it, I can't rely on my friends to be there for me 100%.

Yet, they know when they need a friend I am always there - where else would I be if I'm not at work?? They know I don't have any committments to anyone, they know their time with me will be focussed on just them, because there is no-one else distracting me. They can go back and forth and always have someone. The advice of one friend was "take a break..." More easily said than done, when the person who suggested this is able to go to his girlfriend's house when he feels he needs to distance himself from things...where do I go? To my room??

*sigh* - I don't actually want a boyfriend, (to be honest, when I do have someone on the scene, more often than not I wish they would just leave me alone - I get bored of things, people, whatever extremely quickly), but I hate these times for making me wish I did!

Props to Akira, a fellow higher being, for knowing exactly where I was at last night, and for purely knowing to stay...We gotta throw ice at people more often.

Saturday, April 9

List Number 2

Kudos goes to...

Oasis my new favourite bar. I think the same says it all. When it comes to decent bars n clubs, this town is a desert.

Osakan Spring Weather is finally upon us. Made sitting on the balcony all afternoon a very pleasant experience.

Sakura - The cherry blossoms have finally....blossomed! For 2 weeks of every year, Japan has nature!

Menthol Eye Drops are the shizzy, sure your eyes hurt like hell for 2 minutes and you are blinded for a good 10 minutes, but the sheer freshness you feel afterwards is worth the pain.

And this is what I'm currently boo you-ing.

Milk - I learnt the hard way that this dairy product upsets my overly sensitive stomach. Or should I say the runny way. I'm sticking with the soy from now on.

English Teaching is something I am so over. Great considering I start my new job at the elementary school in 2 hours, which means along with my other teaching commitments, I am dedicating around 12 hours each day to something I pretend is important to me.

Being One of The Boys - can't stand being referred to this way. It makes them forget I am actually female and that porn and sex aren't really things I want to discuss 24/7. Won't somebody notice me???

Going Out When You Really Didn't Want To because you end up being the last one standing, all by yourself to worry about the clowns.

Check out my previous yays n nays.

And What's On The Box?

Upon "flicking" through the Melbourne newspapers to catch up on my local outside world, I came across the following Melbourne TV programming information, via The Age.

WHERE TO WATCH AND LISTEN - Charles and Camilla, The Royal Wedding

ABC RADIO 774, 11.30pm Live from BBC of the Service of Prayer and Dedication at Windsor Castle.
ABC TV, 11.25pm Live from Windsor Castle.
CHANNEL NINE, 8.40pm Hosted by Kerri-Anne Kennerley.
CHANNEL SEVEN, 9pm-11pm Hosted by Anna Coren and Simon Reeve.

Looks like Channel 10 will finally get a ratings win. Makes spending a Saturday night with nothing to watch but Japanese talk show hosts doing nothing but "Ehhh"ing and "Ano"ing not so bad afterall...

DIO #1: How To Send Mixed Signals To That Guy!

You like someone, he likes you. But what can you do to hurry things along, to jump start the romance or the action? I have been asking myself these same questions because I have absolutely no idea whatsoever. But I do have a 100% foolproof way of confusing the hell out of him – even when you don’t mean to!

1. Once flatmate#1 has introduced you, and basically signalled to you that HE is interested and vice versa, after spending 6 hours side by side marvelling at each other’s fashion taste, sense of humour and psycho-ex stories, spend the entire duration of the after party you invited HIM to sitting on flatmate#2’s lap, whilst the two of you rave on to HIM just how much you love each other. In case HE didn’t get the point, make HIM listen to the songs that you and flatmate#2 dedicated to each other during a previous party night.

2. When you and your team throw an impromptu BBQ, at which flatmate#1 says HE will definitely be there, be sure to pretend to completely ignore HIM when HE arrives – even if you happen to be smack, bang, in the middle of the front door when HE opens it! Then jovially dance in the living room for a few minutes, before casually doing 6 tequila shots as HE enters the kitchen. When you feel drunk enough, or when an hour has passed (whatever comes first), walk up to HIM and say offhandedly “So when did you get here?” Proceed to talk, dance and flirt with everyone around HIM, and when you realise you have to be up for work in less than 4 hours, pass out in your room without saying good night. When HE comes in to get something from his bag, in your best raspy snarl, tell HIM to bugger off. When flatmate#1 comes in and drags your comatose ass out to talk to HIM promptly run into flatmate#2’s bedroom and flake out there, but not before giggling loudly for hours behind shut doors with flatmate#2.

Note – for bonus points, when you do drag your sorry self to work the next morning and you find HIM unconscious, sprawled out on the living room floor, do tuck a pillow under HIS head, and cover HIM with a blanket. That way you will be getting thank-yous via flatmate#1 (see below) for days on end, erasing any possible memory that excess alcohol consumption didn’t take care of, HE had of all the prior miscommunications.

3. Keep forgetting to swap phone numbers, even when HE asks you while your phones are in your hands! This way all communication must be relayed through flatmate#1. Therefore the likelihood of flatmate#1 forgetting to pass on messages from HIM that actually require an answer, is increased tenfold. This will certainly help give off the impression that you really well and truly don’t give two shits.

This relationship, or lack thereof, is actually a current work-in-progress, and sad to say, all of my actions have been completely unintentional and probably influenced by me being under the influence of sorts. I’m even heading to a party with HIM tomorrow night, so at least I have another chance to get it right…Since flatmate#2 won’t be mobile tomorrow night, and flatmate#1 will be djing most of the party, it looks like I’m gunna have to bite the bullet and talk to HIM. Though, this time round, the way this scenario unfolds will be the direct result of my own real communication, hit or miss, straight or mixed.

Thursday, April 7

Dating in Osaka - DIO Introduction

After 18 months of Osaka living, I figure I am expert enough to comment on the dating scene in Japan. We all know how easy it is for gaijin men in this country; that stamp in their passports from Immigration pretty much guarantees them non-stop female action from the minute they step out of the airport.

But what about for us gaijin girlies? Is it that easy , and if it isn't, why not?? Are Japanese men and gaijin men all that different? What about competition from the local lasses? Who can I trust to give me some sound advice amongst the "only-what-I-want-to-hear" filler talk?

Good news fellow chicksters, I feel it's about time the gaijin chick's voice got heard in all of this. Someone on good authority has to let the female newbies in on just what to expect, and what not to expect, from the whole "boy-meets-girl, boy-meets-japanese-girl" thang going on here, and be realistic about your chances from the word "go".

I am going to start documenting my dating experiences here in The Transit Lounge- I gotta check back on my diaries for this one. Hopefully you will learn something from my mistakes and fingers crossed I will too.

Monday, April 4

What's Hot, What's Not

With 1st anniversary of The Transit Lounge fast approaching, I have decided to make some changes and additions to the site over the next few weeks.

Introducing Kudos and Boo You. Located on the side bar, I am fairly sure the titles speak for themselves. The contents will change on a daily/weekly/whatever basis, with link (coming soon) to get a brief explanation for each item featured...in the meantime, go to the side bar and click on Take The Kudos With The Boo Yos .

Take The Kudos With The Boo Yo's

Kudos goes to...

Lemon Water - 500mls of water and....lemon, with 1000mg of something in it and 1% of something else. I can't be sure what exactly is in it, because I cannot read the Kanji.

Some semblance of nature has been brought to Osaka and 803 in the form of a balcony lawn. You can even walk on it in bare feet, though I suggest leaving your socks and you won't even know it's fake grass.

Our TLC Sunday Parties, bringing the Family back together again.

Kutulu The Black Dog, the newest member of 803, does bite when provoked, so it is really a good thing he has no teeth(well how could he when he doesn't have a mouth either?).

Can't say I really like cigarettes, especially Marlboroughs, but when in Rome, or Troy's company for that matter, I recommend The Red Lung Pinchers for that extra lungful of harshness.

...And for some Boo You action.

Fried chicken with regular, cheese or hot flavours I can go for but which secret herbs and spices had The (Lawsons) Coloniel been sniffing to give the go ahead on the Pizza Karage?

The Media Cafe Tanning Beds or my new sunning area on the grassed up balcony? 'Nuff said.

Be warned that any money dropped on the ground around vending machines, or any building corners, is best left there, due to the masses of males partaking in the salaryman piss.

Compulsive Liars, filling my head so much shite that I no longer require an imagination, should at least learn to read the signs that I just don't care. Talk to the mirror.

That gut feeling I've had since arriving in Japan is not a natural instinct telling me to go to the toilet every 10 minutes. Crack Pipe Bowel, medically known as Irritable Bowel Syndrome, is ruling my life.

Sunday, April 3

Happy Phrases by Tama, M-chan and Roxie

Happiness is the most pricesless thing in the world and it's free.

You can't be happy unless you've experienced sadness.

If you're happy, make someone else happy.

Smile more.

You are going to see the sun again in the morning.

When you're not happy just have a rest.

Use what you got.

Can't and happy should not be in the same sentence.

Don't be afraid to feel what it is in your heart.

You should not be unhappy about someone else's happiness.

Mistake shouldn't be worried about, just be happy for the experience no-one else has had.

You don't need to win. Winning is great but happiness is not a competition.

Don't treat people in a way you wouldn't want to be treated.

Remember everyone hs feelings.

If you've got freash vegies and meat, you can cook a wonderful dinner, but if you cook badly it tastes bad.

My happiness is not your happiness.

Your happiness should not depend on someone else.

Happiness is like a fingerprint - it's unique to each individual.

Happy happy joy joy

Don't take happiness for granted.

Don't be afraid of being sad.

Retail therapy actually works.

If you can't be honest to yourself, how can you be honest to somebody else?

Learn to admit you're wrong. Take responsiblity for your own actions and it all of a sudden gets a lot easier.

Do something, and you will see something.

Be happy to be happy.

Pat a cat, kiss a dog, and spread a little more love.

Never tell someone to be happy.

Don't laugh at someone else's happiness.

Don't try to be happy, that should be easy - try not to be sad.

Be Yourself.

Don't make any decisions from your weakness.

Knowing what makes you sad is more powerful than knowing what makes you happy.

Happiness does not have a monetary value, but if you like it, buy it.

A jealous person will never be happy with what they have.

Take care of the next person. And the person after that.

To be happy you need to be true to yourself.

Mistakes are great, easy is boring.

Happiness is.

Everything has a positive and a negative - if you can't see the positive you are looking in the worng place.

Happiness isn't the meaning of life - it's a part of life.