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Tuesday, April 12

DIO#4 - Dating Younger Guys

Never in my right mind did I expect to get asked out on a date on the 2nd day of my new elementary school job...

Venue - T********* Elementary School (I don't want to cause any trouble here).
Target - Well this time I was targeted. Obviously still had my blinkers on not to see this one coming.
Issue - Is it wrong to date a student?
Fiction - I'm actually considering this.
Fact - He is my student - an adorable 8 year old.
Fact - It was one of my 3rd grade students who asked me out.
Words of Wisdom - "I like baseball. Do you like sushi? You're pretty. Can I sit next to you in the cafeteria at lunchtime?" Although this was all translated through his 3rd grade buddy, the spark was not lost.
Possibility of Date - 100%. I'm sitting with him and his mates at lunch tomorrow! It's nice being told by ANYONE you're pretty. Much better than the usual "you're fat" that would come from customers when I was hostessing.
Plan of Attack - Keep pinching his cheeks and toussling his hair. He really does have the cutest grin, and I can tell I'm gonna let him get away with murder during my lessons.
Mental Note - His teacher is hot - surprise of the day!


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