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Monday, April 18

My Wish List

Lately I have devoted a fair amount of my thinking time to what it is I really want in my life. I'm still not sure in which direction I am heading, but I have come up with the following list of things I want to accomplish/do/be the poud owner of during my lifespan. Some of them I can already cross off, which I am happy about. I had been thinking that I hadn't achieved anything I had ever originally intended to do, but making this list proved me wrong. I'm sure I will add to the list too, but this is just for starters.

  • backpack around Europe (again), visiting some of the same and of course different areas. I especially want to explore more of Scandinavia and go to Gallipolli (my great grandfather was an ANZAC) - partially done.

  • write a book - hmm I've started about 1000 drafts, but still no where near complete.

  • Be in the position to buy a house sometime next year in Richmond or Townsville - my parents will laugh at this one, but if I knuckle down I could do it.

  • Live in a country where I don't speak the language - DONE (and still currently doing so).

  • Learn that country's language - I have started on this.

  • Climb Mt Fuji - since I didn't do it last summer, I made a promise to myself I would do it this coming climbing season.

  • Do more things that will help me to pursue somesort of career in writing, preferably travel writing - I've made a start by signing up to a course...but that is about it so far. I have to get over my fear of failing and just get stuck into it, especially since they have liked my ideas so far.

  • Own a nice car when I eventually get back to Australia - no more 20 year old Corollas for me. This is in line with the house thing, gotta save that money!

  • Somehow inspire someone, anyone somewhere in this world to do something - maybe I already have. My mate Paige said I inspired her to start her own blog so I guess that counts!

  • Live in Cairns or Townsville for a short amount of time - technically I have done this, I lived in Townsville for a short time during uni. I really do love this part of Australia and the relaxed lifestyle that goes with it. Kinda have this dream to have a house in Townsville with a special room in it over looking the Ross River, just for me and my laptop.

Well there's a few things already. Time's a ticking, I'd better get cracking.

Post Script - see my revised list as of September 3.


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