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Back in the Day: I had a quarter life crisis, headed to Osaka, Japan for the unknown–only to discover that a passport plane ride are not necessarily a ticket to escape. Some Years Later: Settled back in Oz, the man of my dreams ended up in Tokyo for work–which is how a passport and plane ride showed me home is where the heart is. And Now: Well as luck would have it, we are about to embark on Japan Mark 3, with a baby in tow and another on the way...

Friday, April 29

Soul Kinda Feelin'

3 soul-warming things happened to me this week:

1. I found out one of my mates has something I've written on her fridge at home;

2. I discovered a friend has set a picture I took of the Dotombori from FM Osaka on a tungsten setting as the wallpaper on his laptop; and

3. The elementary school I'm working for gave me a flute.

First one bought tears to my eyes - to think some words I put on my blogsite, in a moment of reflection just before my 26th birthday last year, have enough meaning for someone else to want to read over and over was an amazing feeling. Who cares if I never become (world/nationally) famous, this is the sorta reaction I would rather people, particularly those I know and love, have to the stuff I write.

The second thing caught me completely unawares as well, especially as I always think of him as the artsy fartsy one among us. So to have him think something of one of my pics is just plain ace. When he asked me yesterday to display some more photos for an exhibition tomorrow night, it was the first time I thought about anyone else possibly finding my photos interesting. I guess I'll soon see.

The third thing is just totally cool - when the music teacher, at the elementary school I have just started at, found out I played flute but didnt have one here in Japan, he immediately set about finding me one. And yesterday, he was as pleased to present me with it as I was to receive it. Just like riding a bike, It all just came flooding back, and felt so natural to play. I am surprised at what I remember and what just keeps coming back to me everytime I pick it up. Troy is almost as excited as I am, and I think we are going to have some interesting times between my flute and his guitar.

I have definitely ended this week with a huge smile on my face.


Anonymous akira said...

liz is a person i admire alot. shes there. she knows what she wants and shes not afraid to say whats in her mind. she listens to people on what they have to say, and she gives he honest opinion about the matter at hand. im glad that little sweet things happen to people that i care alot for. my friends smile, i smile. my friends cry, i cry as well. im glad that i have liz in my life. and im also glad that liz and the rest of the gang has welcomed me in their lives and become a part of them like they are a part of me. geez! they are a big part of my life here in japan! liz thank you somuch for being there for me. and u know that i will always be there for you as well.

love lots and good luck!
always here for ya!

2:11 am

Anonymous TAM said...

You dont know me but about 6-12 months ago someone told me about your site and ever since it has intrigued me! I read it on a regular basis, and have actually become quite addicted! I lead a fairly boring life in a small town in Oz. It is fantastic to read about the things you get up to and you inspire me to get out and do the things that i dont think i can do. I especially love that you say whatever is on your mind. I am definitely NOT like that - but wish i could be. Please keep the blogs coming... they brighten up my otherwise boring days at work!!

1:30 pm

Blogger Miss Riz said...

Hi Tam, thanx for the support yo, your comment was a cool surprise. You can do anything you want you know, and if you ever doubt that fact, have a tequila shot, and it will become a little easier to believe - trust me! IYou made my golden week. xo

11:18 pm

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