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Wednesday, April 20

Your Body Is Your Temple...

...is how the saying goes, and from that you are to make the connection that you should therefore worship your body. I have always taken this phrase with a grain of salt and a "yeah yeah yeah, blah blah blah" feeling. But yesterday, during my daily online trawling of Australian newspapers, I came across something that has made me rethink my attitude and surmise that maybe this old adage should be taken more seriosuly by all of us.

Dear Society is an exhibition being shown in Melbourne, to honour a friend of the artist, who died of bowel cancer. Normally I gloss over these things, put them in the "rainy day pile", but this one I coudln't ignore and I'm not sure why - could be to do with being of a similar age, probably leading a similar life, just the whole "familiarity" of it all.

The part that really made me sit up and take notice were the following words, written by Claire, the friend, herself before she died:

"Punished it, criticised it, disrespected it, cursed it, tormented it, ignored it."

"I listen, I respect, I care, I rest when needed; it is really possible to love yourself and be kind to yourself; unfortunately we only learn the hard way."

I have already been thinking I must be kinder to my body - the past 2 weeks I have been suffering from asthma that has been worse than usual and have been making a big effort to listen to my body and what it is telling me more closely than usual, like resting, for example, instead of going out not only because I need it, but because that's what I want to do.

Seeing this article has only reinforced that this is the right thing to do, and in order for a positve and healthier effect on my life, it is something I should implement into my life on an ongoing basis, as the norm. And realistically, why wouldn't I? Why wouldn't any of us? We all joke about how the excess in our lives will come to affect us all so terribly when we are older, much older. Perhaps this is what Claire once thought too - that her life would extend far beyond the 27 years and 1 day it ended up only being.

**If any of you back home do by any chance see the exhibition at the Vanguard Gallery, I would be really interested in seeing photographs, or hearing your impressions of it. I'm not normally one that is into exhibitions or artwork so much, yet the power of this has seemed to reach me already, and that was just what I have read about it. I would love to know if it is this powerful in person**


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