a The Transit Lounge: June 2005

Back in the Day: I had a quarter life crisis, headed to Osaka, Japan for the unknown–only to discover that a passport plane ride are not necessarily a ticket to escape. Some Years Later: Settled back in Oz, the man of my dreams ended up in Tokyo for work–which is how a passport and plane ride showed me home is where the heart is. And Now: Well as luck would have it, we are about to embark on Japan Mark 3, with a baby in tow and another on the way...

Wednesday, June 29

Loopy Loft

A trip to Osaka or Tokyo isn't compelte without having a gander in Loft Department Store. Tonight I thought I would stop by the skin and beauty section, being the vain gal I am, to see what might be missing from my strict "must look good" regime.
As usual, I wasn't disappointed. Take a look for yourself (Bless phone cameras!)

"I swear the aliens have landed!! Oh, wait a minute. That's right it says right here: Take off before you look in the mirror." Posted by Hello

The stuff the plastic surgeons don't tell you about. As you can imagine, I didn't put this in my basket. Posted by Hello

Warning - once suited up, pass wind at your own risk. Posted by Hello

Awwright - Ancient Egyptian torture device used by Cleopatra! No you wouldn't miss a chance would you? . Posted by Hello

Hmm...Pure Ugly, no....Pure Fat, not that one....Pure Beauty - oh it really is that easy! One please. Posted by Hello

Saturday, June 18

List Number 9

This week I'm pushing the following hardstuff on unsuspecting kiddies...

The Mick Fanning "Reef" Thongs with - wait for it children - built in bottle opener in the soles...Owned by the new next door neighbour, Raucous Robbie (zany Stella has sinced moved out), we just discovered this new must have when Cliff came in trying to open his bottled Yebisu beer with a lighter. How many times have we seen that move end in disaster?

So Maxwell Smart. Now Excuse me while I take my shoes off. I have some drinking to do... Posted by Hello

I am warning the youth against the Japanese landlords of my building who are currently trying to slap us with fines of 30 000 yen each (that's a whopping AUD$350 from EACH of us in 803) for making too much noise. That is, at times when we are not even in the building. I think too many people are trying to cash in on our esteemed status in the ol' Pine Brook, and are attempting to pass off their lame parties as an 803 event. Trust me kids, when there's an 803 par-tay in the haus, everyone from Osaka to Oslo will be rattled.

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Tuesday, June 14

Busy Lizzie

Sorry the lack of posts of late - im so busy it is surreal. But busy in a good way, lots is happening and lots must be done...more about it all later. I have some great news regarding my writing and a very big travel book company....but I don't want to jinx myself and talk about it just yet. All in good time!

Saturday, June 11

Go Girrrrl

Oh I had one of my fabulous days again.
It's been awhile. Probably since the last one in fact. I decided after a minor hissey fit on Thursday night that had me sit out one of the hottest parties in town (invite only of course) due to the pressing problem I had nothing to wear, because I decided I looked fat in everything in my wardrobe, including my "safe" outfits. That's a lotta clothes for one girl, especially considering Japan isn't my home as such....most has been accumulated since coming here. My much bigger and equally divine wardrobe is waiting patiently for me, in storage at my sister's beachhouse.
I shopped up a storm to put it mildly. In the words of Richard Gere I spent an "obscene" amount of money. This doesn't perturb me too much as I was in dire need of some new threads and accessory updating. My other clothes have a slightly tired look to them, and I hate going out like that.
So I dilly-dallied around Shinsaibashi and Namba all afternoon, and got my tanning time in too - I had to, so the tan would complement my new white mules and white sequin shoulder bag. Had a smile on my face all day.
It was the perfect setting too - the wet season is upon us. It has been raining all morning but stopped in time for me to hit the town, since I decided to walk (well no choice, my bike tyres were getting repaired and the train wasn't an option). The clouds remained dark all day, practically on the verge of spilling over, which makes for a fantastic wander down Dotombori, along the river in the heart of Namba because this is when the neon signs and the rest of the surrounding brights n lights are really set off in an electrifying contrast. I simply love it like this - just wished I had my camera with me!!
Yep, I'm stylin' once more and ready to go.

Monday, June 6

Rock DJ, F#@K YEAH!

I got an interview, I got an interview, I got an interview....with one of the biggest and most popular djs in Japan! I am so stoked, I am so excited! I can't stop reading the email from his manager who is "checking with Ko how he wants to do this interview".

Man I can't stop putting my arms in the air and screaming "Show me the tequila!" I had a feeling it would happen - I was riding home on my bike from work today, mentally writing questions, and coming up with different angles....also more importantly, thinking about what I am going to wear. I think this calls for some shopping.

Sunday, June 5

803 - 1

Ya, we know it. Posted by Hello

DIO#9 - The Random

When you are getting amongst it on the dance floor, go for the random dude with bad shoes who sleazes all over you.
Venue - Under Lounge
Target - Me. There was no escape. This guy had me lined up on his radar. So did all of his mates.
Issue - Chitchat is fine. Well okay, it's not really. If I don't want to talk to someone I can't even be bothered going through pleasantries. Even so, with the music pumping, the atmosphere electric added to someone who keeps dancing away from you, get the hint yo?
Fact - Such a random night, which I must agree with Cliffy, they are the best nights. Who knew we'd call up our landlord, who also happens to be a bouncer at this club, at 1am to hook us up with drinks and majorly discounted cover charge ? Who knew he'd even do it? (with the amount of complaints he gets about us...)
Fact - Cliff and I had a total Human Traffic moment as soon as we walked down the entrance stairs....tres bizarre, but so funny, epsecially the part when we felt like we were on drugs, cause that was just weird - we weren't. I'm telling you, when all the elements come together just right, who needs 'em. What a dodgy cliche, but so right. I couldn't get off the dance floor and I couldn't wipe that smile off my dial.
Fact - When you are the only non-asian looking gaijin chick in a place with a few hundred asian looking people, you are guaranteed to get attention, wanted or not....outta my way yo, i just wanna dance.
Fiction - You know, it is so cool when a guy just comes up behind a girl and grabs her and starts trying to make her dance with him. So cool. I love it. Even better when he holds her so tightly and struggles with her as he tries to make her sway/stagger/stomp with him. Oh yeah and then start up a conversation with her. Cause she really wants to talk now. Honest.

Under Lounge was certainly on top of things last night. Posted by Hello

Words of Wisdom - AJ (Army Jerk for those of you who never went to uni in a town with a big army base) outside of Family Mart: "Where y'all going? I wanna hang with you."
Cliff: "Ah...just up the road."
AJ: "I'm coming with y'all."
Cliff: "Oh you mean you wanna come to the gay bar with us?"
AJ: "Ahhh...erm...oh...you wanna go to a gay bar with me? Um...I'll leave y'all here."
Possibility of Date - Sticking to my old adage "always judge a man by his shoes", a definite no-no. I'm gunna stick to dating my friends.
Plan Of Attack - Go for the dj. I'm definitely gunna take advantage of our landlord's connection and go back to Under Lounge to check out Ko Kimura when he is back in town next month. Such freat beats, and he was totally hot too.
Mental Note - Next time a Japanese chick bails me up in the bathroom to tell me how lovely my skin is, look at her properly before I respond. Cause someone with acne that bad probably didn't appreciate my autopilot response "So is yours."

Saturday, June 4

List Number 8

At the moment, my highs are coming from:
  1. My yucca plant - elephantitis yucca to be exact. Troy n I bought one each at the start of Golden Week to liven up our rooms. Mine has been getting a lot of balcony action lately with the summer sun, as was Troy's, while he was convalescing in NZ. You'd be surprised at how calming a plant is, other than the cactus Dad bought me last time he was here (not dissing the cactus, it outlasted the bonsai from Instant Idiot).

    Water and some love makes for a healthy yucca. Posted by Hello

  2. The cheesy "dance" music me and Akira are currently listening to as our rev up for Saturday Night Shennanigans, compliments of "Dance Machine 4". I think I bought in 1997 or 1008 because every song on it reminded me of dodgy drunken nights out at The Play Pen, Bullwinkles or The Bank when I was at uni in Townsville. So funny.

The lows are being powered by:

  1. The bloating of my stomach today after a few drinks with Cliffy last night. At least I was drinking shochu though, Japanese alcohol made from rice n barley and the like, and it has no calories....depending on what you mix it with.
  2. My lack of motivation to exercise. Shocking really.

When it comes down to it, at least nothing serious is bothering me, although for someone as vain as me, it is pretty integral I'm (not) ashamed to admit.

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Friday, June 3

Japanese Engrish Lesson #1

I received this email from a friend today, reproduced exactly as written:
"Hi Liz
Genki desuka?
Before this coming, thank you for
In addition don't you think? being to do the party, coming to idle,"
Methinks he used the babelfish website for a dose of dodgy translation. Works fine for languages with similar structures but when it comes to two completely different languages, like Japanese and English, the best you will get is a wobbly Ja-Lang (the name I call my own version of Japanese).
Luckily I have been here long enough to know what he means, but the idle at the end has got me stumped.

Wednesday, June 1

Summer Has Arrived!

I'm having a real moment. Got home from work, got the house to myself and got the stereo blaring Kate Cebrano's Best Of. Something I haven't listened to in an age, and it's kinda refreshing. And I remember all the words.
Summer is officially here, although the weather of the past month has been nothing short of fantastic....Wish I could say this is how it would stay but we have the wet season coming shortly (this month) and 2 months of sheer hell that is the real Summer of Osaka. Hot n Humid Turmoil and dealing with it in this concrete landscape. At least the Wet Season brings with it typhoons and the possibility of days of from work. Children do not go to school when a typhoon has been forecast to hit. Last year, I was teaching adults so I never got to to use and abuse this regulation. But this year things have changed!
Been enjoying my rides to and from work on The Red Rocket. I'm taking full advantage of this free and glorious tanning time. No riding in the shade, just the direct sunlight that hits the east side of the Nankai Rail tracks I follow.
You can definitely tell Troy is back in the country. I walked in the house to find the vacuum not only plugged in, but left out....outside that is, on the balcony. He has obviously given the fake grass a once over...