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Friday, June 3

Japanese Engrish Lesson #1

I received this email from a friend today, reproduced exactly as written:
"Hi Liz
Genki desuka?
Before this coming, thank you for
In addition don't you think? being to do the party, coming to idle,"
Methinks he used the babelfish website for a dose of dodgy translation. Works fine for languages with similar structures but when it comes to two completely different languages, like Japanese and English, the best you will get is a wobbly Ja-Lang (the name I call my own version of Japanese).
Luckily I have been here long enough to know what he means, but the idle at the end has got me stumped.


Anonymous AkIrA said...

how i wish i can speak/write in english as good as he/she can... engrish is very usage in travell other's visit homeland... lol!

4:13 am

Anonymous Miss Riz's mum said...

English-speakers learning Japanese shouldn't be throwing bricks at Japanese trying to learn English. This would in fact be a wonderful example for linguistic analysis and in this way would deepen understanding of how both languages work. So let's hear from Akira about the strange things that foreigners do with Japanese.

10:11 am

Blogger Miss Riz said...

Mum -settle down....im not throwing bricks at anyone, the only thing i throw at people is the occasional tequila shot with lime in it. Christ, we all laugh at each other learning!!! Prolly as much as i laughed when i was 5 and all norbet could say was "please hit me" so i did, over and over again. And when he learned "please dont hit me" I stopped.

4:44 pm

Anonymous Miss Riz's Sister said...

I told Julia that all Norbert used to say to us was "Please don't hit me", and he still remembers it. Julia also asked him why he said that, as he can actually speak English very well. Now I know why!

8:19 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I still want an example of how non-Japanese mangle the Japanese language!

8:31 am

Anonymous Miss Riz's mum said...

Remember how Yuji tried to describe Teddy running around the garden with Yuji's bathers in his teeth?

8:34 am

Blogger Miss Riz said...

how about i give u an example? one of my flatmates used to tell all his students how he would go to heaps of all you can drink nights...his students used to look at him kind of funny, because the word for drink and lick are very similar.

1:03 pm

Anonymous MRM said...

That's a good one! Tks.

8:49 am


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