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Friday, July 29

Bangkok Fashion Week

Just because you are on holiday, doesn't mean your fashion sense needs to be! Following is a list of observations I have made during the course of the afternoon, on fashions and attire that one can only hope is a result of what I have termed "Bangkok Fever". Just because it's hot out, doesn't mean it's hot on...
1. Fisherman Pants
Was over them the second I saw them in their over abundance for sale back home in the Vic Market (and also when I saw the price) over 2 years ago. They are so aptly named because that's the only lot who can get away with wearing them - fishermen. Not skinny, not fat, not anybody can wear them and make them look good.
2. Tie Dye
When was this ever chic? Whoever coined the concept has a lot of explaining to do.
3. Wife Beaters
Or the plain blue singlet tops that lads like to get around in, for those of you not Australian. Now along with the nickname, there are 2 good reasons not to wear them.
3. Red Bull...Anything
The only time Red Bull is okay in any situation is when it is mixed with vodka - not fabric.
4. Tops With Crazy, Unrecognisable Symbols - Kewl!
Don't be fooled, it's not that unrecognisable - it 's Japanese katakana for what can only be described as an "old lady's" name that you're wearing so defiantly around the streets.
5. The Chick Next To Me
Green and white-striped skirt, bright aqua stretch t-shirt, with a big red bandana tied around her head. And really overweight. Need I say more??
Can only hope these people do not plan on wearing such goods once they are out of the country but from what I have seen during my travels over the years, this isn't the case.
I will hopefully post some photos when I get back to Japan to support these fashion faux paus.


Blogger Nathan said...

hm... I have to admit that I have problems following you in this fashion thingy.
Mostly becouse I don't get the picture in my head of what this people look like.. must be my bad english. :)
What's the fisherman pants for ex.?
I hope you don't mean the ones that I called the "pirate" pants..

7:41 pm

Blogger Nathan said...

... does these pants reach you just below the knee? and are a bit "baggy"?

7:44 pm

Blogger Miss Riz said...

below the knee or to the ankle...they kind of wrap around you and fold over at the front....and apparently it is totally cool to wear them below your hips with your pot belly hanging over it - and Im just talking about the girls!!

8:22 pm

Anonymous AKIRA said...

i soooo totally agree with liz! fasion is fasion. specially on vacation. u must be more aware and consious about wot u wear. u dont want people around u think thats the way u dress back home u know...
cant wait to c ya liz!!!

9:45 pm

Anonymous Gitte said...

I am with you Akira. When you are on holidays you wear your BEST stuff. You want people to think you wear even better stuff at home.

10:50 pm

Anonymous mi said...

I like to arrenge my fashion when I m on the trip,though.especially if its like the place in thailand.but..RED BULL....noway..... just drink.dont wear.-my case in thailand
-skirt,tanktop,sandale...whatever I wear they think Im thai.should I wear a t-shirt says "im not thai" in thai?

7:09 pm

Anonymous mieko said...

thats me liz. before finish typing my name I clicked...crazy.
bytheway I like the fisherman pants,too(linen,desho?)! I like the guy wear that,too,though.dont u?? but I dont like the way someone wear that n black sporty sandal with magictape....u know what I mean??

7:24 pm


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