a The Transit Lounge: August 2005

Back in the Day: I had a quarter life crisis, headed to Osaka, Japan for the unknown–only to discover that a passport plane ride are not necessarily a ticket to escape. Some Years Later: Settled back in Oz, the man of my dreams ended up in Tokyo for work–which is how a passport and plane ride showed me home is where the heart is. And Now: Well as luck would have it, we are about to embark on Japan Mark 3, with a baby in tow and another on the way...

Thursday, August 25

Food For Thought

When it comes to food, I am the first in line. I love it. Can't get enough of it. Even when I'm stuffed full I will keep on eating, and start eyeing off any unfinished plates around me. I have 2 hollow legs and the rest, though unfortunately I am definitely not one of those girls that makes other people think "Wow, where does she put it all?". I put it...on.
I mean food is sooooooooo good! My mother never had to worry about me getting an eating disorder. The longest I've starved myself is 5 minutes - the amount of time it takes to walk to Lawson's (convenience store) from my house. Even then I'm still chewing on whatever it was I was grabbed from the kitched on my way out. When I'm not eating, I miss the action of eating. When I see great food, I must eat it at all costs (and calories). Hmmm - rereading that maybe I do have some kind of an eating problem...
In fact, growing up my mother always knew any illness was serious when I lost my appetite. Thinking about it, I can only recall losing my will-to-eat twice in 27 years - and both times I was so sick I ended up in hospital (It serves as a good indicator. A few months back my flatmates were worried about my asthma and I was able to say "If I stop eating, call the amublance.") As long as I've got my appetite, I've got my health- If I can't eat, what's the point in going on??
As well as a passion for feasting, I have this obsession with what is in food. I constantly read labels looking at fat and sugar content, ratio of carbs to proteins, potassium and salt levels...I could go on. You tell me a fruit or veg and I can name exactly what vitamins it contains, what you should eat it with so that said vitamins can be more easily absorbed by your body, and what diseases it helps prevents....oh you get the picture.
Same with alcohol - which drinks are the least damaging, have the lowest calories...Why else do you think I prefer to do shots?
I was wondering where this perculiar habit stemmed from and I am pretty sure it comes from My Days As A Diabetic - read Days, it was a major misdiagnosis that left a bad taste in my mouth until the 5 year time frame for my relapse to occur passed without incident, though I can't deny it hasn't imprinted my life - I don't think I have knowingly used extra salt, sugar or margarine for 8 years now.
With this all said, I'm starving. Where's my bloody Macca's voucher??

Drop The Pressure

Hmm....well back into it all in Japan. That is if you call being back into it all riding around town in the sun on your bike, writing up an interview, catching up with old mates for drinks and dancing around the living room to the cheap-as-chips CDs I bought in Thailand ( I've finally warmed to Destiny's Child - 8 years after everyone else).
What lies on the horizon? Who knows. I think I'm back hostessing every night again. That's what Jack told me anyway. That's grand though cause my cash flow is severely restricted at the moment. I think my school starts at the end of next week. Not 100% on that though.
Note to self: revise wishlist. No way Im gunna be buying a house next year.

Sunday, August 21

Home Sweet Home

I'm home - clean bed, no bugs, proper roof over my head, hot shower with no lizards in it, and best of all, toilet that I don't have to flush my self. Ahhhhhh (**)!

Wednesday, August 17

Private Universe

Bright Gold Bulbs
Caught my attention
As I noticed a dressing room in the sky

Friendly neon ghosts
Inviting me in, how could I not?
My arms outstretched towards them

Fluro green playboxes,
A kaleidescope of colour inside
I've crawled into my playbox

My senses in tune
With the waves below
And the tide that's coming in

A pulsating staircase
now upside down
Stirs the laughter in my belly

There is no exit
but there is no need to escape
This new orbit is far from threatening

As my eyelids close
I see the music dance
Taking shape around my geometric fate

So cosily wrapped
In the blanket of the night
I'm sealed in my private universe

Tuesday, August 16

Ko Phan Ngan

This island rocks. This place is the image I had in my head for Thailand. Unfortunately, the rest of it has been far below my expectations but more about that later. Just glad I ended up saving hte best for last.

Saturday, August 13

The Gangsta of Love

I met the Thai equivalent of the Space Cowboy last night.

I am trying to track him down now so I can get a photo, this guy was too sugar daddy to be true. He and all his boys - there was a silver mermaid, a leopard, a lot of bad mullet wigs, silver and pink lycra and tonnes of sequins. The best looking men with the fittest bodies being shown off via their tremendous dance skills.

Of course they were all gay.

One of them - Rod the Leopard who by day is an Aussie who has spent the majority of the last 10 years living all over South East Asia - confided in me, as he was pawing at the crotch of a mulleted acquaintance, that he hasn't worked for 10 months, he just keeps Big Daddy Cowboy (as I took to calling him) company. Now that's a kept man.

Now Rodeo Master himself, he is getting an entire post devoted to him. Pose(r)s and all.

Friday, August 12

Travelling Tips

Top 5 Things A Lone Women Traveller Should Never Do:

5. Answer the wild-eyed male street vendor who starts hasselling you with questions about travelling companions honestly..."No. I'm not here with anyone, least of all my boyfriend - how can I be when I don't have one?"
4. Divulge information on your accommodation whereabouts, whether it be accidental - or detrimental - to anyone. That way you won't be left wondering who the hell keeps knocking on your door throughout the night whispering sweet scarinesses such as "I love you", "I have present for you, let me in" and "I miss you" leaving you in a permanent state of distressed insomnia, wondering if your Aeroguard can also act as mace should the wouldbe guest actually somehow enter your room.
3. Say yes to every dinner invitation or sightseeing offer when you have no intention of seeing it through, because you don't have anyone else to blame your absence on with a "oh my mate, she chipped her nails and I had to redo them" style of excuse...Ultimately when you stand someone up in a place like Thailand, where more often than not there is only one main drag/beach/bar where everyone hangs out, you're gunna bump into them. And when you do, they will not take no for an answer the second time around. And then you're not only stuck clambering for an excuse, but you have to pretend you're good naturedly dealing with the lumps of guilt they keep plying you with - and act like you still wanna hangout with them on top of all that.
2. Being nice for the sake of not hurting anyone's feelings - see point 3, 4 and 5.
And the number one thing a lone gal seeing the world on her own should NEVER do:
1. Read Bret Easton Ellis' "American Psycho". Unless you are quite content sleeping with all the lights on, all windows jammed shut and the fan shut off, no matter how hot it is (okay the fan thing is nothing to do with the psychopath Patrick Bateman, maybe more my fear of falling ceiling fans, resulting in major mutilation). If sleeping qualifies as sitting up on your bed all night, watching the door, jumping at every little sound, reaching for the Aeoguard as you will sunrise to magically appear early just this once in your life. Cause that is what I did until about 5.15 this morning, when the first streaks on a new day dawning over the water finally realxed me enough to get some shuteye.
Well the sun is shining, the beach is calling - and I have a book to finish...

Monday, August 8

Look at Moi!

Was flicking through The Age before and under My Melbourne, I saw this picture there! I had submitted it ages ago, and completely forgot about it. Click here for the direct link, although I think you must register (it's free) to view it here.
Put a smile on my dial.
Still in Thailand, back in Bangkok, stay tuned for more updates soon.

Tuesday, August 2

Food Poisoning Delights

As I lay writhing in agony yesterday, between trips to the bathroom and sometimes the garden when I could not make it, to keep me sane, i mentally wrote some things. This is what transpired:

An Ode To Gastro

Gastro Gastro Gastro
Why do you hurt me so
When I feel that pain
I've got to go again
You have wrecked more havoc on this world than Castro

Gastro Gastro Gastro
You are somewhat of a maestro
The rumbles you create
Musically reverberate
And voila! I'm no longer a fatso!

And there you have it.