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Thursday, August 25

Food For Thought

When it comes to food, I am the first in line. I love it. Can't get enough of it. Even when I'm stuffed full I will keep on eating, and start eyeing off any unfinished plates around me. I have 2 hollow legs and the rest, though unfortunately I am definitely not one of those girls that makes other people think "Wow, where does she put it all?". I put it...on.
I mean food is sooooooooo good! My mother never had to worry about me getting an eating disorder. The longest I've starved myself is 5 minutes - the amount of time it takes to walk to Lawson's (convenience store) from my house. Even then I'm still chewing on whatever it was I was grabbed from the kitched on my way out. When I'm not eating, I miss the action of eating. When I see great food, I must eat it at all costs (and calories). Hmmm - rereading that maybe I do have some kind of an eating problem...
In fact, growing up my mother always knew any illness was serious when I lost my appetite. Thinking about it, I can only recall losing my will-to-eat twice in 27 years - and both times I was so sick I ended up in hospital (It serves as a good indicator. A few months back my flatmates were worried about my asthma and I was able to say "If I stop eating, call the amublance.") As long as I've got my appetite, I've got my health- If I can't eat, what's the point in going on??
As well as a passion for feasting, I have this obsession with what is in food. I constantly read labels looking at fat and sugar content, ratio of carbs to proteins, potassium and salt levels...I could go on. You tell me a fruit or veg and I can name exactly what vitamins it contains, what you should eat it with so that said vitamins can be more easily absorbed by your body, and what diseases it helps prevents....oh you get the picture.
Same with alcohol - which drinks are the least damaging, have the lowest calories...Why else do you think I prefer to do shots?
I was wondering where this perculiar habit stemmed from and I am pretty sure it comes from My Days As A Diabetic - read Days, it was a major misdiagnosis that left a bad taste in my mouth until the 5 year time frame for my relapse to occur passed without incident, though I can't deny it hasn't imprinted my life - I don't think I have knowingly used extra salt, sugar or margarine for 8 years now.
With this all said, I'm starving. Where's my bloody Macca's voucher??


Blogger Nathan said...

Oh I SO agree in this.
Food is good.
Food is the good life.
Nothing beats a nice meal with a nice glass of wine.
The well balanced sequence of different courses, each with its peculiar taste and yet well connected with what came before and what will come after.
All the way from the apertif to the dessert via appetizers and main courses.
I love to eat. I love to cook.
And of course entertaining friends with it.
Should we go for a meal?


4:23 pm

Blogger Miss Riz said...

Yes yes. I like to cook too but not so much in Japan because kitchen facilities are limited - ie no oven!! But I like the sense of accomplishment that goes along with cooking, and the eating of course!

4:27 pm

Blogger Nathan said...

are you far away from this place?


7:19 pm

Anonymous Gitte said...

I am hungry...I am also the same, well being your sister and all it is no surprise. I currently can't taste ANYTHING due to major sinus congestion, but I am still eating even though I am not enjoying it. I am imagining that the Tim Tam I am scoffing tastes good, and the Brandy Alexanders I am drinking taste sweet. They certainley feel like they taste good. Mum also would know if I was sick when I lost my appetite, which aside from when vomiting was never. Even when glandular fever hit hard and my throuat was so swollen I shouldn't eat...I ate..... Morning sickness is a whole other kettle of fish

6:23 am

Anonymous Gitte said...

Oh, and Dad has been cooking up a storm this week. Veal parmigana, honey comb, super duper macaroni cheese bake, whipped potatoes, cocktails. Can't taste 'em, but am eating 'em.

6:25 am

Blogger Miss Riz said...

Hmm, Nathan yeah, I am far from there. I think this place is up north, maybe south of sapporo.

7:42 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I find your prose a tad eupheustic

11:16 pm

Blogger Miss Riz said...

Do you mean euphuistic or euphemistic because what you wrote isn't a word.

3:27 am


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