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Saturday, August 13

The Gangsta of Love

I met the Thai equivalent of the Space Cowboy last night.

I am trying to track him down now so I can get a photo, this guy was too sugar daddy to be true. He and all his boys - there was a silver mermaid, a leopard, a lot of bad mullet wigs, silver and pink lycra and tonnes of sequins. The best looking men with the fittest bodies being shown off via their tremendous dance skills.

Of course they were all gay.

One of them - Rod the Leopard who by day is an Aussie who has spent the majority of the last 10 years living all over South East Asia - confided in me, as he was pawing at the crotch of a mulleted acquaintance, that he hasn't worked for 10 months, he just keeps Big Daddy Cowboy (as I took to calling him) company. Now that's a kept man.

Now Rodeo Master himself, he is getting an entire post devoted to him. Pose(r)s and all.


Anonymous akira said...

and the question in my mind is "why dathe heck didnt i stay longer?!"

5:59 pm

Blogger Nathan said...

Hi Riz!

Have you ever had spam on your comments?
If not, go and see astrolounge...

If yes, how come?!?


7:08 am

Blogger Miss Riz said...

Let me answer these questions in order...
(1) Akira: because you have a job. And I don't.
(2) Nathan: No, but I will take a look at Astrolounge.

I've gotta get going. Against all of my better judgement, I am about to indulge in a mushroom shake. Wish me luck.

9:53 pm


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