a The Transit Lounge: September 2005

Back in the Day: I had a quarter life crisis, headed to Osaka, Japan for the unknown–only to discover that a passport plane ride are not necessarily a ticket to escape. Some Years Later: Settled back in Oz, the man of my dreams ended up in Tokyo for work–which is how a passport and plane ride showed me home is where the heart is. And Now: Well as luck would have it, we are about to embark on Japan Mark 3, with a baby in tow and another on the way...

Monday, September 26

DIO Follow-Up

Target: Mikawa, the Japanese waiter.
Background: Refresh your memory.
The Deal: I haven't seen him since. Too exhausting - with my level of Japanese not that high and his level of English extending to hello and thank you only. We are just mail buddies over the phone now - great chance for me to practice reading and writing in Japanese, that is when Akira isn't doing my translating for me. And thanks to those people I have bumped into in recent weeks who have expressed interest in my Dating In Osaka saga. There is light at the end of the tunnel, or so people keep telling me. I think I musth ave my eyes closed.
From Here: Go meet the bar tender at GBs, as arranged by Calem the Cupid (and English level checker).
Lesson Learned: Love is not necessarily an international language.

Sunday, September 25


Long time no write.

After a hectic month since returning from my holiday - including one with no internet connection - I am back on the blog. So much to say, too much to type and I don't know where to start. Can somebody help me?
It has been over 2 months now since I have seen Cliff. He went back to Canada while I was away and had to stay longer due to back problems. And Troy has been in NZ for the last 2 weeks. The both get back Tuesday which I can't wait for. Had a drunken Criffy call the other night - was good to hear his voice and made me realise how much I've missed them both.
Have gone to a number of great events including Ko Kimura - great great great night of course -, West - was Yukinari's birthday, he is so, SO cute-, Bike Club's Premiere Party, and the pre-London Calling Party and the finally THE London Calling Party last night. From the one interview with Ko Kimura I've met a lot of promoters and event organisers and hope that we can all work together with Bike Club to help each other out.
Also had some writing opps come my way. I interviewed the lead character from Cirque de Soleil on Friday night which will go on the Bike Club website, and next month I will be interviewing an international DJ for one of the local foreign rags here (and getting paid for it!!).
What else?? Went to Universal Studios last weekend with Jack's daughter and his niece, who lives in Kyushu and was up visiting for the long weekend. Was a great day, but I have to go back to go on the scarier rides.
With the boys gone been hanging out with people I haven't seen in a while. Met a lot of great characters and been having fun not only meeting new people again, but meeting chilled and like-minded people, which is usually pretty difficult in this city.
And now the internet is finally up and running in my house again!! Oh how I hated not having the internet working, it really frustrated me!! So as the week goes on I will fill you all in a little more.

Hiko Hiko Hiko...

Lizzie!!!!!!!! Lizita!!!!!!! You look so good thet we should sleep one of these days butt-naked!!!!!!! kisses... wet ones as expected, Hiko

Saturday, September 17

Time Flies...

Been a busy week, so I've not had the chance to write anything for this site. More to come on Monday, we have a national holiday. Tomorrow I am off to USJ (Universal Studios) which should be a bit of fun. Ko Kimura last weekend rocked at UL. West tonight, Oasis tomorrow night for Ibec's birthday and Progression...busy busy busy. Dinner with Akira at Absinthe last night which was tres funny. Later.

Wednesday, September 7

Exciting Stuff - Dating In Osaka Returns

Take the bull by the horns...
Venue: Al Avis, Namba Parks
Target: The cute waiter - turns out his name is Mikawa
Fact: Went to Namba Parks last night on a whim to help Akira plan his winter wardrobe at FCUK (our favourite shop).
Fact: That fur lined denim jacket rocks Akira and you should definitely get it...when there is some cashflow.
Fact: I am going to buy that Jamaican headband too, as well as the bag. And those shoes with the ballet laces...again, when there is cashflow sometime in the next 20 years.
Fact: As usual, I was hungry so shopping was cut short and Akira suggested Italian...enter Mikawa.
Words of Wisdom: "He is at sunkus now. Go get him." Thanks Akira.
The short-short story: I decided to hell with it, pulled out my business card, wrote all in Japanese on the back that I thought he was cute and he should give me a call, and handed it to the waiter on the way out. I pretty much just ran out. I was so prepared to forget all about it, but when I finished work at 11.30 last night, I got a message. He said he was very surprised but happy and he had just finished work and did I want to meet for a drink? By the time I had managed to get a translation on the message I was already in Da'Cho, in my PJs chowing down on Cabbage-yaki and downing the water in an effort to avoid a hangover today. Before I know it, he sends a message and he is at the Sunkus near my house. So he came over, we drank bad sho-chu and we chatted for about 2 hours. He speaks no English whatsoever and I speak such bad Japanese, but we had a good laugh anyway.
Thanks to: Akira for his fast translations and quick thinking. Oh and for suggesting that restaurant.
Plan of Attack: Start Japanese lessons again this week.
Something to Think About: What the hell are we going to talk about when we meet up later today? I used all my Japanese last night.

Tuesday, September 6

Hate Mail

Ohh ahh - I received some nasty comments, someone has been going to town on my blogsite. Somebody trying to throw around big words they clearly do not know how to use and accusations that demonstrate they have no sense of humour. It almost sounds like this person is trying to get "personal" - you know someone I probably know and have pissed off and they think this is the way to get at me.
It is very easy to hide behind oh let's see "anonymity", and rant and rave from the protection of this mask. You know when I don't like a blog, I just choose not to read it. I just don't go back. Nobody is making you read this.
Some advice before you comment, double check that your words actually exist in the dictionary....or ask somebody "with a higer IQ than yourself."
I find it is usually people who accuse others of being "disenfranchised" that are the ones themselves reeking of bitterness.
And it's Miss Riz to you. Simpleton.

Sunday, September 4

Insomniac's Logic

Once again, my asthma is bad and I am back on the 'roids - which means I am currently suffering from insomnia as a side effect. So I have had time to ponder a number of useless and semi-relevant points.

Like the fact that I am the only one of my group of friends I regularly hang with who isn't seeing someone. Which brings me back to this old post. Only now it is a tad worse because I am THE ONLY one not seeing anyone. I get a little bit scared when my asthma is this bad, I just like to have someone, ANYONE, in the same house as me. But I am beginning to see that some people will always choose sex over their friends. While I don't care that I don't have a boyfriend, it is this situation that makes me always think about it. I just sometimes wish I had an option so as to get rid of that feeling I have of everyone else thinking I'm.always.just.there.

(yep Im having a 'woe is me' moment).

Something else that grabbed my attention duing the wee hours of this morning was the smell coming from Troy's room. I removed a couple of glasses containing mouldy coke.

And I also thought a lot about my dodgy toe nail on my big right toe. A kid dropped a stool on it over 2 months ago and the damaged part of the nail still hasn't grown out.
Somehow I've lost 5 kilos in 2 weeks - so cause I couldnt sleep I just kept weighing myself. I think it has to do with a combination of asthma-steroids diminishing my continuous hunger somewhat and that execise caper I've started doing on a daily basis. If only I had of known earlier just how simple it could be.

Oh - I watched The Godfather in its entirety, something I've been meaning to do fo 10 years or so. Now maybe by the time I am 60 I will have watched the 2 sequels.

Saturday, September 3

Realities of an Ambitious Dreamer

Upon revisiting my wish list to remind myself of what I was supposed to be striving for, I realised perhaps I was little to ambitious at the time of writing (way back when in April) and that due to changes in circumstance mixed and outright laziness, it was probably worth revising.

Going down the list:

Points 1 and 2 are still up there. I'll get to Europe one day, and I've got plans for some sort of book. Maybe I will start with my autobiography...

Point 3 is just laughable - me a house owner by next year - why did I ever put that? I should rephrase that to mean I will live in a house somebody else (hopefully a husband) buys. I guess for a split second there I thought I could responsibly manage my money more so than just chucking leftover shrapnel into my "rainy day" tin. It's one of those aluminium tins that only has a slot big enough for coins to go into it. And there is no way to open it, so you are forced to save somewhat. That is unless you have a huge butcher's knife and have hacked it open like a tuna can. As I have. All that remains in it are an Aussie 10 and 20 piece - and they certainly don't work in vending machines over here, no matter how many times you put them through.

Point 4 - Still here in Japan, and no plans of leaving anytime soon. That may have something to do with the above...

Point 5 - Oh how exciting, I can add another "done"! Learning more and more Japanese everyday.

Point 6 - Well Mt Fuji or Thailand. Due to visa issue, I was forced to leave the country during prime climbing season. There's always next Summer.

Point 7 - Slowly does it. Still working towards my writing career although I could be a whole lot less lazy about it.

Point 8 - hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. I've always said I was a dreamer. Can I borrow your car?

Point 9 - This happens in mysterious and unexpected ways, and warms me even on my most prickly of days.

Point 10 - For the time being I will be content with holidaying in FNQ. When I get some money.

New Points To Focus On: (Read: What I Should Do To Be More Responsible But Probably Won't).

Go out less - actually this is a bit easier to do now that I am hostessing again (a) cause I am drinking on the job and (b) if we do go out for more drinks once the bar has closed, the customer always pays. So even if I am out, I'm not spending.

Buy A New "Rainy Day" Tin - and throw away the butcher's knife.

Clean My Room - Ack. In the meantime, I just keep the door closed.

Exercise Daily - would you believe me if I told you I'm already doing this? I am! And I love it!

Write More - had some great ideas on my holiday which I've at least typed out. It isn't like I don't have the time. I do. It is just as I stated in my first list, I have to get over that fear of failing and just start.

Go Outside More - I often sit in my living room with the aircon blasting looking out onto the balcony and contemplate lying in the sun. That usually motivates me to get on my bike and...ride to Media Cafe for a 40 minute tan on the sunbed. I love tanning with the luxury of aircon, what can I say??

Get Out of Osaka More - so we all say.

I think with these more "short-term" goals, I might actually have a chance of putting some more ticks down. Such a nice day out today. Pity I've already turned the aircon on...

Friday, September 2

The Interview

Finally, finally I have finished the interview and it is posted and up for the public to enjoy and/or scrutinize.
May I just say that Ko Kimura and his manager Eriko Hase made for some of the best and most interesting conversation I've had the pleasure to be a part of. You may think I need a straw for putting it like that, but believe you me, this guy, considering all his achievements and his status especially here in Japan, has absolutely no ego (well none came across during our 3 hour "chat") and appeared only more than happy to oblige me with this interview. It would not have been possible without Eriko, and a huge hand also goes her way.
Ko was totally stylin', easy going and made me feel comfortable from the start - and the ride in his convertible across Tokyo Town was the icing on the cake (and I got to ride shot gun *yay*). It also became clear how much work both he and Eriko put into his career, as well as that of Futic, the House label Ko Kimura started in the mid 1990s.
Anyway, happy reading, I hope you get as much out of it as I got putting it together.