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Friday, September 2

The Interview

Finally, finally I have finished the interview and it is posted and up for the public to enjoy and/or scrutinize.
May I just say that Ko Kimura and his manager Eriko Hase made for some of the best and most interesting conversation I've had the pleasure to be a part of. You may think I need a straw for putting it like that, but believe you me, this guy, considering all his achievements and his status especially here in Japan, has absolutely no ego (well none came across during our 3 hour "chat") and appeared only more than happy to oblige me with this interview. It would not have been possible without Eriko, and a huge hand also goes her way.
Ko was totally stylin', easy going and made me feel comfortable from the start - and the ride in his convertible across Tokyo Town was the icing on the cake (and I got to ride shot gun *yay*). It also became clear how much work both he and Eriko put into his career, as well as that of Futic, the House label Ko Kimura started in the mid 1990s.
Anyway, happy reading, I hope you get as much out of it as I got putting it together.


Blogger Nathan said...

Good one!

I enjoyed the interview a lot.
And it is nice to read about a DJ that declares he loves mousic. It should be like that always. Unfortuntatly, too many times DJ's just fallow fashions and Hits charts...


4:38 pm


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