a The Transit Lounge: October 2005

Back in the Day: I had a quarter life crisis, headed to Osaka, Japan for the unknown–only to discover that a passport plane ride are not necessarily a ticket to escape. Some Years Later: Settled back in Oz, the man of my dreams ended up in Tokyo for work–which is how a passport and plane ride showed me home is where the heart is. And Now: Well as luck would have it, we are about to embark on Japan Mark 3, with a baby in tow and another on the way...

Saturday, October 29

Totally Phat

Andy, Liz and Lee - I love the Plump DJs!!

Tuesday, October 25


Those men that geting off on getting off in public - seems to be s surplus of 'em in this country. I hate you all.

Monday, October 24

Signs of Life...But No Signs of Growing Up

Happy 27th Birthday to me. For yesterday that is.
I think 27 is going to be a pretty cool age. I mean you know, the number shows you should have enough years behind you to know a thing or two (and even better at times), without the finality of "it's over" that I suppose reaching 30 appears at the present to hold for me. I think it is an age your behaviour can still be explained away by the youth that is still on your side.
I thought I would stop acting the goat well before I reached the age of 25. Then that milestone came and went in a flurry of Fizzy Lizzies and ended with me being on the wrong side of the tracks still none of the wiser.
I live in a dream world in Japan that is so far removed from reality of what my life would be in Australia. There is no way I could live like this back home - and that goes for my other foreign friends too and their own countries. I get news from friends in Australia who are buying houses, or getting married and to me that I guess represents growing up. Since I feel these are two things that are a long time off from happening in my life to the point I often doubt it will ever happen, I feel as though I will never grow up.
In terms of absolutely everything, I am worried that when I go home next month I will be this kid compared to everyone else I know. From work to living arrangements, fashion to what I do in my free time - I mean I wear Mickey Mouse baseball caps and sparkly leg warmers when I go out and I get paid to drink, you think I could do that back home and pull it off? (Actually the style thing I probably could). But you get my point.
On the other hand, I love my life here. At the moment I don't want to be living any other way. I am completely independent, and when I say it is my life, it really is. If something goes right or wrong, I must take responsibility for it here and now. Yes you have your friends who are like your family to support you, but in the deep reality of it all, that can only go so far. The rest is up to you. And not everyone can hack it here. Japan is a tough place to make a life for yourself as a foreigner, the only thing you can rely on here is that inconsistency is the only consistency - my flatmates certainly know of some extremely testing times I have had, when I have been so close to calling it quits and taking the next plane home, but I didn't, I stuck it out and worked through it when so many people would not have done that. It takes a special kind of character to do it and do it well and to do it so that you really do get something out of it, and I am fortunate to be one of these people.
Is that some sort of sign to show I am capable of growing up? I'd like to think so...only time will tell.

Sunday, October 23

Go A Date With Death

Are you one of those people who plans everything? Are you sick of mulling over the age-old question 'When will I die?" Not sure if going sky-diving tomorrow is really worth the risk?
Well wonder no more! Here's a sure-fire way to take away that element of surprise so you can meet The Grim Reaper wearing your best underwear.
A great way to pass 5 minutes with your mates when you're feeling a tad dazed and confused on a Sunday morning after a night on the town is to to visit The Death Clock. Have fun determining which one of you and your best buddies is going to bite the dust first! Why not make it interesting and take bets?
Here are the results of calculations I prepared earlier:
Mieko : January 18 2070 (aged 93)
Hiko : July 11 2037 (aged 66)
Ivan : "normal" disposition - 14 April 2044 (aged 66);
if he decides from here on in to be perky and optimistic - 20 May 2056 (aged 78)
Cameron : July 13 2062 (aged 83)
Lizzie : as a non-smoker - 20 March 2070 (aged 91);
as a smoker - 28 March 2075 (aged 96)
* interesting how smoking will add 5 years onto my life. Maybe some kind of preservative in the nictotine and tar. Or maybe "party harder" should really be my motto.
Go one further and continue on in the spirit and take turns in predicting just how each one of you will meet your demise! Guaranteed to leave you feeling somewhat shaken, numb and a little disturbed. Perfect for those Sunday Morning Horrors.

List Number 11

The List is making a comeback.

The floor fillers of late include my new iPod released only 2 days ago (!!), I got for my birthday today. It is black, sleek, chic and taking forever to charge; having a birthday that has lasted 2 weeks already with no signs of it being over for at least another week; and the awesome clog slippers Mieko bought me - totally comfy and make my feet feel fuzzy.
There is only really one thing clearing the floor and that would be trying to figure out how to extend my visa for 10 days until the end of November so that I may interview some really great acts that are playing a huge event in Osaka then and trying to figure out how to get something more permanent than a tourist visa on my return to Japan, like a student visa. If it wasn't for the visa issue, life would be perfect mate.
Check out my previous yays and nays.

Friday, October 21

Superstar DJs

==> OK mum, you wanted some photos. The one with who it all began. As you all are well aware, Ko Kimura rocks my dance floor like no other DJ. Those who end up at the Top Fuel parties suddenly understand where I am coming from by the end of the night. Go to one of his shows and let his performance and music do the talking. My words cannot do any of it justice. And such a nice person too, which makes all the difference!
<== Hernan Cattaneo, Argentinean DJ/producer extrodinaire, has these intense blue eyes that you just can't helpy staring in to - and a great smile too, even though he was just so tired. A true professional, there is no way from his show at Underlounge you would have guessed he'd only had 1 hour of sleep after playing an 8-set the previous night in Tokyo.

Wednesday, October 19

Birthday Blues

I would never have believed there was a downside to having a birthday until now.
And that is not being allowed to say no to people taking you out for drinks. Considering I already celebrated in a fashion unique and true to myself almost 2 weeks ago, the fact that this week - the lead up to my REAL birthday - everybody at the hostess club is celebrating this normailly jubilant occasion, is leaving me feeling dodgy and seedy every morning.
And it is only Wednesday...this is going to be a loooooong week.
Monday - drinks with Jack and Esmi at the bar. Home 3am
Tuesday - drinks with a customer in Shin-Osaka of all places. Home 3.15am
Tonight - drinks with a customer back from Tokyo, most likely at his favourite karaoke snack bar. Home ETA 4am.
** UP DATE **
Wednesday - Actually left work early (midnight) due to queasy stomach and vomiting, caused by Troy. Cliff n I both caught it. So I met up with Cliff and Nao, Cliff seemed determined to kill his bug with beer. Went for quick drink with said customer, sang one song and went back to Cliff and Nao at Yumehachi. I stayed completely sober which was a good thing considering the events that ensued....ie a very drunk Esmi and a very drunk Cliffy exchanging words. Oh my, I probably should have broken it up but Nao and I were too entertained. Sheesh, this girl was way outta line and feeling very sorry about it yesterday. Home 3am. Sleep 4am after getting a very drunk Esmi home and Cliff, Nao and I rehashing the entire exchange. I am planning on staying sober more often, that was so funny.
Thursday - Pink champers at work for the birthday girl. Drank 2 bottles before I turned my glass upside down and said no more. So I did the next best thing and sang karaoke until I got kicked off.

Saturday, October 15

Hey Mr. DJ

Ohhh, I am a little bit excited - about to leave to go to Underlounge to interview Hernan Cattaneo, Argentinian producer/DJ extrodanaire. Finished up the questions today. Ivan is on his way over - he is on hand in case we run into any translation problems, but it should be cool. The great thing about it is one Osaka's best foreign DJs, Luke, is opening for him so there is going to be a huge gathering of the usual crew there early to support him as well. I don't know Luke so well, but Clifford does and so do most of my mates. Anyway, should be a great night - the interview will be published in Kansai Scene next month. Stay turned!!

Friday, October 14

Quotes of My Time

A couple of years back, my beloved friend Paigey and I decided we would become "Quoets", as opposed to poets, and we would think of some fantastically orginal quotes that people would....well....quote us on as a result of the fame and notoriety we would gain through quoeting.
Found the quote book she and Stella gave me before I left Japan and was reading some of our best original work. Thought it was time they got an airing.
"Love makes you weird" - I loved this one so much I even put it on a jacket of mine. It is just so damn true. Ask me about some of my (not so) finer moments in life, and I guarantee you the motivation behind them will come down to love or lust.
"Love creates cringe moments." And trust me, I am cringing this morning. Wincing too. Ahh sometimes I wish I didn't have such a good memory. Why can't I lose it like everybody else I know who drinks?
"Don't let reality get in the way of superstardom." The very quote I live my life by.
"I lost 2000 brain cells in 1 hour. Ask me how." Go on, I dare you.
"The illogical is somehow logical." At least it was when you drank as much absinthe as we did.
I hope these quotes provide you with some sort of insight into something or other. I am going back to bed.

Wednesday, October 12

San Jose vs. Jose Cuervo

Okay just to clear things up. Whenever I refer to San Jose I am indeed referring to Jose Cuervo - but when has anybody heard me say Cuervo (and when has anybody ever heard me say it correctly more to the point?).
Also I have fixed up the comments so people can post 'em again.

Tuesday, October 11

Where's My Head At?

Okay, so you've just had 3 days of hard partying for your 27th birthday over a long weekend, and you wake up sometime Tuesday afternoon with a throbbing head and a queasy stomach. What can you do to comfort yourself? Hell, if I knew the answer to that, I'd be a rich woman but I can give you some pointers on what NOT to do.

1. Grab anything from the shelf at the Lawon's, and then 7-11 30 minutes later. Christ, doesn't anything in this town come without seafood, fish flakes, seaweed or any creature that used to be in your family fish tank? Next time make the trek to Namba and get your Mackas.

2. Look at photos from home, especially those with your ex-boyfriends in them. And stop telling yourself and that you should never have broken up with them. Deep down you know somewhere a tequila shot has blocked you from recalling what that original reason was from the depths of your long-term memory.

3. Wear that t-shirt your parents gave you, the one that has a huge gorgeous photo of your beloved pet dog ironed lovingly on it, who died 2 months after you moved to Japan. He was old, he was sick, and besides, his ashes are still sitting on the fireplace back home.
4. Taking any sort of pain killer on an empty stomach. Unless you enjoy vommiting of course.
5. Play Linda Ronstadt's Greatest Hits - namely the first song. You do not need to hear that line "You'd better let somebody love you before it's too late" from Desperado. Ever. Again.
6. Get out of bed. Just put your cold eye mask on and pull the covers back over your face. You do not need to face the world today.
I'm going back to bed.

Monday, October 10

DIO#13 - Throw A Birthday Bash

Having a birthday is a wonderful excuse to take the initiative and get a pash.
Venue - Oasis
Target - He knows who he is.
Issue - None whatsoever. It's my birthday, who's gonna resist the birthday girl?
Fact - My birthday is still 2 weeks away, but I decided to have the party this weekend for a few reasons being Ko Kimura @ Underlounge on Saturday night, Progression @ Oasis last night and today being a public holiday. It doesn't get much better than that.
Fact - In every single photo of me taken on the weekend my mouth is open, as displayed. Wtf?!
Fact - I had 8 tequila shots before I lost count. Dan kindly gave me my drinks on the house all night, an invitation for danger some might say, an invitation for shameless flirting I say.
Fact - I got courtesy pashes from Hiko and Cameron, does it matter that they are gay? I think not, especially because they are hot.
Fact - I wasn't really going to push anyone off the balcony, although I was curious to see whether said victim would get caught in the wires, land on the awning, or miss these altogether and come crashing down on the foothpath 3 stories below.
Fact: I love tequila, I love Mexican food. Was about time I kissed somebody south of the border.
Fiction - That I'm about to pip Claire for the title of Dirty Claire. It was only one night yo, and no-one, absolutely no-one can do Dirty Claire as well as she herself does it.
Words of Wisdom - Liz: "You're hot. You want a tequila?" It worked.
Possibility of a Date: With San Jose that's a given every weekend. With the man? When have I ever predicted anything that has actually happened in this arena?
Plan of Attack: To stick to my new strategy of just straddling a hot man - they have no choice but to kiss you. Although it does help to be drunk, at least then you have a reason for blatantly obvious behaviour.
Mental Note: 1. Make an effort to close my mouth for photos. 2. Make an effort not to stick my bum out in all the photos to make James photograph it, no matter how irresistably sexy I think it is at the time. 3. Make an effort full stop.

Missing Home

Feeling a little bit homesick of late - can't wait to go back in November. A few months back my dad put every single CD, LP, tape etc onto MP3 for me and sent them all over. I have thousands and thousands of songs on 10 MP3s and for times like this it is great, cause I can put on certain songs and think of being back in my parents house, feeling all loved and secure. Right now I am listening to the Everly Brothers, and it reminds me of being really little sitting in the living room in front of the fire place on a really cold night. For some reason is particularly reminds me of my mum when she had long hair and of my dad making me a nice, warm bed on the couch - perfect for today considering it was actually really cold, so I needed something to make me feel snug. *sigh*

DIO#12 - Pure and Simple Everytime

Keep things real, keep things good. Go for the top and stay pure.
Target: I think I was targeted here.
Issue: Men in hospitality are known for either 2 things - being gay or being smooth operators. And sometimes both. But then again this kind of attention doesn't come my way everyday.
Fact: Groove Harvest on Sunday a week ago was a mass of lovely lads running around all day, mostly topless in the sun and then all wet from the rain.
Fact: Doing the Bike Club Street Talk is a great way to meet men and get numbers. Also a great excuse to make a bee line for the good looking ones.
Fact: I was so sure that Cliffy had told one guy in particular to be nice. In fact I said on a number of occasions "You sure my flatmate hasn't paid you to give me all this attention?" And then I found out who he was, I decided to go with it.
Fact: When participant from DIO#6 started in on the act too, I got so flustered I had to drag Cliff aside and say "What the hell is going on? I don't know what to do, I can't take them seriously...are they for real?"
Fact: I decided to stay pure.
Fact: Pashing and asthma - so much fun when you have to ask someone to take you to a doctor
Fiction: I didn't know who he was. Honestly!
Words of Wisdom: Cliff: "Go back over there and lap it up! And have some more tequila too."
Liz to a group of curious girls: "You think I would pay to get this drunk? If you want to learn how to never pay for a drink, watch and listen."
Possibility of a Date: Does a tour of the VIP room count? Does a trip to the doctor for asthma medication count? Since this is the most attention I have gotten of this variety in a while, I'm saying done and done (and clutching tightly at those straws).
Plan of Attack: I could take one of 2 paths here. The first being the total bar groupie, hanging out at the bar getting drunk until closing every night, reeking of desperation while telling myself it really is worth it. Or delete all phone numbers, email addresses and messages to and from making communication from my end impossible. This seems the wiser route.
Mental Note: I wonder where I can meet a man who doesn't have hot employees, friends, co-workers, relatives, associates? That way I would never have the moral dilemma of to flirt or not to flirt.

Wednesday, October 5

That's Just The Way It Is

Thanks Nathan for the kick up the backside.

I have been sooooo busy. Got an interview with Hernan Cattaneo lined up next weekend, and interviewed the lead from Cirque De Soleil's Allegria a few days back. Been busy doing some new stuff a la "Street Talk" style with Bike Club which should be up on that site in a few days.
The boys are back in town - that is Cliffy and Troy have finally landed. And Cliff bought his decks back with him. Needless to say I woke up to THE perfect afternoon yesterday (yeah read afternoon, big day on Sunday at Harvest - more about that later, and I didn't have to work yesterday morning). Anyway back to the wake up - Troy flicking through the cable channels and Cliffy on his decks - yeah he bought 'em back from Canada....I got home just 5 min ago from the bar to walk into Cliff scratching up some groovy shit and I.LOVE.IT. It is all that and a bag of potato chips.
Anyway, the pic is of me and the gorgeous men from Pure, a bar in Shinsai. This was taken on Sunday at Harvest - basically an outdoor festival held near the mothership itself that is Osaka FM on Sunday. Lots of food and drinking stalls set up by the bars of Osaka. I was doing a newbie thing for BC "Street Talk" as aforementioned, involving me asking random people, who mainly turned out ot be my mates, what their favourite bar was. I got horrendously drunk in the meantime, and most of it for free (thank you Pure). They had my fave, tequila, not only the ususal San Jose but stuffed soaked with chillis, peppers and fruit. Awesome stuff. It helps that all the staff are hott and hotttter.
So more about my shennigans later this week. Gotta rest up - early start tomorrow, and the Bike Club Premier Pure party tomorrow night, where there are some people I hope to accidentally run into again.
Say cheese...