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Wednesday, October 19

Birthday Blues

I would never have believed there was a downside to having a birthday until now.
And that is not being allowed to say no to people taking you out for drinks. Considering I already celebrated in a fashion unique and true to myself almost 2 weeks ago, the fact that this week - the lead up to my REAL birthday - everybody at the hostess club is celebrating this normailly jubilant occasion, is leaving me feeling dodgy and seedy every morning.
And it is only Wednesday...this is going to be a loooooong week.
Monday - drinks with Jack and Esmi at the bar. Home 3am
Tuesday - drinks with a customer in Shin-Osaka of all places. Home 3.15am
Tonight - drinks with a customer back from Tokyo, most likely at his favourite karaoke snack bar. Home ETA 4am.
** UP DATE **
Wednesday - Actually left work early (midnight) due to queasy stomach and vomiting, caused by Troy. Cliff n I both caught it. So I met up with Cliff and Nao, Cliff seemed determined to kill his bug with beer. Went for quick drink with said customer, sang one song and went back to Cliff and Nao at Yumehachi. I stayed completely sober which was a good thing considering the events that ensued....ie a very drunk Esmi and a very drunk Cliffy exchanging words. Oh my, I probably should have broken it up but Nao and I were too entertained. Sheesh, this girl was way outta line and feeling very sorry about it yesterday. Home 3am. Sleep 4am after getting a very drunk Esmi home and Cliff, Nao and I rehashing the entire exchange. I am planning on staying sober more often, that was so funny.
Thursday - Pink champers at work for the birthday girl. Drank 2 bottles before I turned my glass upside down and said no more. So I did the next best thing and sang karaoke until I got kicked off.


Anonymous Gitte said...

Oh you poor, poor thing. Must be howwwible being so popular!

9:38 pm

Blogger Miss Riz said...

Hey that hollibu to you and popuRaLity should not be confused with getting paid to dlink.

2:11 pm

Anonymous mrm said...

I just feel sick about all the drinking you do!

7:48 pm


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