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Sunday, October 23

Go A Date With Death

Are you one of those people who plans everything? Are you sick of mulling over the age-old question 'When will I die?" Not sure if going sky-diving tomorrow is really worth the risk?
Well wonder no more! Here's a sure-fire way to take away that element of surprise so you can meet The Grim Reaper wearing your best underwear.
A great way to pass 5 minutes with your mates when you're feeling a tad dazed and confused on a Sunday morning after a night on the town is to to visit The Death Clock. Have fun determining which one of you and your best buddies is going to bite the dust first! Why not make it interesting and take bets?
Here are the results of calculations I prepared earlier:
Mieko : January 18 2070 (aged 93)
Hiko : July 11 2037 (aged 66)
Ivan : "normal" disposition - 14 April 2044 (aged 66);
if he decides from here on in to be perky and optimistic - 20 May 2056 (aged 78)
Cameron : July 13 2062 (aged 83)
Lizzie : as a non-smoker - 20 March 2070 (aged 91);
as a smoker - 28 March 2075 (aged 96)
* interesting how smoking will add 5 years onto my life. Maybe some kind of preservative in the nictotine and tar. Or maybe "party harder" should really be my motto.
Go one further and continue on in the spirit and take turns in predicting just how each one of you will meet your demise! Guaranteed to leave you feeling somewhat shaken, numb and a little disturbed. Perfect for those Sunday Morning Horrors.


Anonymous Gitte said...

Is the Death Clock sponsired by Benson and Hedges or Marlboro? I mean, everyone in Japan smokes, so to imply that it could shorten your life would be unthinkable! In Australia, such a clock would be sponsired by VB, and the more you drink, the longer you would live.

8:56 pm

Anonymous mrm said...

Apparently my D-day is in May 2029 (79 years) - I'm not happy with that as I have plans to live to 99. What am I going to do?

9:25 pm

Blogger Miss Riz said...

Take up smoking.

12:37 am

Anonymous Gitte said...

Saturday, May 10, 2053 for me. Doh. I won't make it to 80. FAAARK only 48 years to go.

7:16 am


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