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Saturday, October 15

Hey Mr. DJ

Ohhh, I am a little bit excited - about to leave to go to Underlounge to interview Hernan Cattaneo, Argentinian producer/DJ extrodanaire. Finished up the questions today. Ivan is on his way over - he is on hand in case we run into any translation problems, but it should be cool. The great thing about it is one Osaka's best foreign DJs, Luke, is opening for him so there is going to be a huge gathering of the usual crew there early to support him as well. I don't know Luke so well, but Clifford does and so do most of my mates. Anyway, should be a great night - the interview will be published in Kansai Scene next month. Stay turned!!


Anonymous Gitte said...

Who cares about the DJ. Did you pash the Sexy-Mex again?

9:16 am

Blogger Nathan said...

I care about the Dj!!



4:47 pm

Anonymous mrm said...

Get some pics!

7:13 pm

Blogger Miss Riz said...

Gitte: Yes

Nathan: internet has been down for 2 days (drunken cliffy stumbling over my connection cord) so I will post something tomorrow about it.

MRM: pics of what? I have lots of pics!

5:14 pm

Anonymous mrm said...

of u + dj

12:37 pm

Blogger Miss Riz said...

yep, all in due course. ie when i have time.

1:09 pm


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