a The Transit Lounge: January 2006

Back in the Day: I had a quarter life crisis, headed to Osaka, Japan for the unknown–only to discover that a passport plane ride are not necessarily a ticket to escape. Some Years Later: Settled back in Oz, the man of my dreams ended up in Tokyo for work–which is how a passport and plane ride showed me home is where the heart is. And Now: Well as luck would have it, we are about to embark on Japan Mark 3, with a baby in tow and another on the way...

Sunday, January 22

Sunday Night and Bad TV

I know I have been really lame with the posting of late so I will do an update, as per this example.
  • Finished an article for Kansai Scene on Shingo Nishinari, the next big free-styling rap artist to be big on the Japanese Hip Hop Scene. This will be published in February.
  • May be interviewing Royskopp, a Norwegian electronic group, who will be coming to Osaka next month.
  • Writing interview questions for Satoshi Tomiie, for inthemix, a New York-based Japanese House DJ.
  • Thinking about how to get busier on the writing front.


  • Hostessing (and being a bit bored by it - well just over the drinking really).
  • Private Students.
  • Teaching English to the design staff of one of my customers, an industrial designer.

Social Life

  • After my time in Japan between my trips to Thailand in August and Australia last month, I have had made a huge effort to cut back on the social side of things...kind of. This month has been busy but not frantic. Last week was Ko Kimura at Underlounge, the week before that had been a 5 hour karaoke session on the Sunday night as an impromptu birthday outing for Cliff, followed by the official birthday bash for Cliff, Troy and Hiro at Absinthe the next night. Last night was Cliff and Nao's first House of Funk at Triangle (their new monthly party), nest week is Shingo Nishinari on Friday night and London Calling, again at Triangle, on Saturday night.
  • Been hanging out in Sanomiya and have been taken to a few of the local bars out here - I found the Sanomiya version of Freeza....same kind of people, same familiarity, although different people.
  • Making an effort to not make Saturday nights so big. It's actually quite refreshing waking up on Sunday.

Love Life

  • Things took a surprising turn for the better on January 1. After telling Troy I was under no circumstances going out on NYE, I did (hit many many places, drank way too much, kicked an MC in the head and then took over the mic for the countdown), I met an interesting lad from NZ on the sunroom couches of Oasis about 7 or 8 am that morning.
  • 2 days later we caught up in Sanomiya.
  • 3 days after that we caught up again.
  • 4 days later he asked if I wanted to be his girlfriend outside of the b-day bash at Absinthe.
  • 2 minutes later I ran into Absinthe screaming "I have a boyfriend" and proceeded to do a shot of tequila.
  • 10 minutes after that, I wondered if it hadn't been the booze doing his talking.....
  • ....which takes me to now - a whole 3 weeks after we met - and I have since conceded that no, I think he actually does like me. And I like him and it is pretty cool.


  • Hmmm.....I hope he's rich. I. AM. FINANCIALLY. RETARDED.

Thursday, January 19

For Grandma

When I think of Grandma, there are particular situations I always picture her in - drinking one of the millions of cups of tea she must have consumed in her lifetime, dozing on the couch in front of the TV (and vehemently denying it when caught), during long drives cutting of the blood supply to mum's legs as she would rest her feet on the passenger side seat belt from her position in the back seat, and peeling her apples before she ate them.
Other memories I have of Grandma include her fondness for David Hasselhoff, her beloved cat Tammy, and of course her spoon collection that Dad would try to add to whenever we were on holiday. An activity I used to love doing with Grandma was playing Up-And-Down-The-River or Old Maid, card games the whole family would get in on it. I will also never forget the striking similarity between Grandma's hair and our dog Teddy's fur - texture, colour and perm! On long car trips Ted would often stick his head over into the back seat and rest his head on Grandma's shoulder, while she snoozed. Dad looking in the review mirror couldn't tell the difference.
Grandma was certainly a character for many reasons, and perhaps one of her most 'endearing' traits was the matter of her deafness, which at times was appeared very selective. A simple conversation about evening plans could take a whole afternoon, but the minute something was muttered under breath in frustration, it was guaranteed to be met with a sharp look followed by an 'I heard that'. No-one could ever be too sure about what would be heard and what wouldn't.
Everybody talks about the distinct Lambert sense of humour, and though Grandma married into the name, she was not above partaking in the odd prank. Just last month I joked with her at mum and dad's Christmas party about the time when I was 5 years old and was asking her age. '31', she replied. I asked her if she was sure, and again she had said '31'. 'That's amazing Grandma,' I had said back to her. 'Because dad's 33 and you're younger than him!' I didn't have any reason to doubt what she was saying, and it took me a good while to figure it out.

Grandma also had a habit of describing everything as 'nice' - whether it was watching The Student Prince in front of the open fire at mum and dad's (before she fell asleep) or watching the kangaroos down the beach, everything was nice. Yet when I was 8 years old, Grandma, Mum and I were walking through the reserve at the top of our road when all of a sudden Grandma really let rip with a simultaneous sneeze, burp and another kind of emission. Completely taken by surprise, her false teeth went flying and out slipped a word that was anything but nice.
In one way I viewed Grandma as some sort of matriach of the ever-expanding Lambert family. I take great pride in telling my Japanese friends about the Lambert family, not only about how many relatives I have, but also the fact that we do all know each other on some level and do take a geunine interest in each other\'s lives whether we are immediate family or cousins, uncles, aunts, 2nd cousins and so on. To me Grandma was the one thing we all had in common - I have great memories of Christmas day, Mother's day and just any day bbqs in her backyard, catching up with everyone, playing games, pulling pranks and teasing each other as only we do in our family. Everyone would make the effort to come. For Grandma .So it seems everyone has gathered here today and made the effort one last time for Grandma. I imagine that after the service, it will be just like any one of those parties in the backyard of Morrie Crescent. And I am sure Grandma would think it was 'nice'.

Wednesday, January 11

The End of An Era

It is with a big 'about bloody time' that I officially announce the end of the DIO sagas I have been logging since about April of last year. Why? Cause DIO15 turned out to be a for real bit of awww-right, and we are decideed to be a bit of awww-right together now. I just have to try and keep my cool, I am so bad at that.

Saturday, January 7

DIO 15 - Happy New Year - Part II

For those of you who were quick enough to log on and read DIO 14 Part I, you will notice it is now gone! That's because I decided there was no point in dedicating precious free and unlimited Internet space to that Japan-bagging, pessimistic lad - may he find the peace and happiness that he can't find amongst the "trashy pop culture" of Japan he despises so much in a far, far away place, preferably in another country. It certainly was an important reminder for me to leave my beer goggles at home and that unless I am at an 80's themed party, then no guy - or girl for that matter - wearing parachute material can possibly be deemed cool on any level. Ever.

Back to the DIO at hand

New Year's Eve is the perfect excuse for shameless flirting and number exchanging. Even better still, if that other person happens to be a bit of awww-right!
Target:After the fog cleared, I only had eyes for him. And underneath those orange-tinted sunnies, I am pretty sure he was looking in my direction too.
Issue: NYE is notoriously known as a night when even the sharper minds amongst us can mistake full-on wankers for 'really nice' or 'decent' guys. How could I be sure I my WAD-dar (wankers and dickheads radar) was operating at 100%?
Let's look at all the facts as I remember them shall we?
* He was cute
* He has a ping-pong table.
Fiction: Nothing comes to mind.
Words of Wisdom: Well my whole passing wind story I guess, about how I recently spent an afternoon using my infamous gaseous emissions to get somebody out of the house, really kept everyone in that sun room at Oasis entertained. If that didn't put him off, he must be pretty special.
Quote of the Night Erik: This could be the marriage of the Osaka and Kobe cool.
Possibility of a Date: Since neither of us technically date and hate that whole concept, I guess zero per cent. But we have been hanging out a lot this week, and I've had a totally fun time. Ladies and Gentlemen, I have lived in this city for over 2 years and this is only my first time out to Kobe...finally a reason for me to go.
Plan of Attack: Being myself seems to be working for me FOR ONCE instead of against me. About time too I say.
Mental Note: I knew I wasn't too cool for school.

Friday, January 6

Hung Up

Wow time flies when you are having fun. Still no Internet connection at home and there probably won't be until I sort out living arrangements, as Troy Cliff and I have decided to call it quits at 803 and embark on a life of adventures somewhere else in the city. Oh and when I finally get some extra money I will consider paying the yahoo bill. So at the momenbt taking full advantage of the free Internet offered at the Apple store on the macs. Trouble is I hate using Macs but I guess beggars can't be choosy.

New Year celebrations were fantastic. I will put up a part II to the DIO episode listed below in the next few days, but let's just say that not all people out on New Years Eve are 'people-you-thought-were-cool-and-may-wanna-hang-with-in-the-future' in disguise - there were some people out there I hadn't met who genuninely were worthy of my time in getting to know. But let's just say if DIO # 14 hadn't turned out to be such a dickhead (with comments like 'You're one of THOSE people'....wtf?) I wouldn't have bothered to get in touch with Part II, and this has turned out to be saaaaa-weeeeeeet! Even Troy gave his nod, although Cliffy hasn't met him yet but Cliffy and I just had a coffee before so I was able to fill him in.

Unfortunately, my grandma passed away in Melbourne yesterday so that was a tad weird, cause I just suddenly realised one day everyone around me is gunna die and it is just going to be me twiddling my thumbs on my own, waiting for Mr. Reaper to call my name in the end.....according to the Death Clock anyway (remember? I am going to live until I am an unslightly 92 or something, while everyone around me drops like flies....). Anyway Grandma, I sang an book full of songs at karaoke with Giangi last night all dedicated to you (anything from Doris Day to Gerry and the Pacemakers to Mario Lanza....) and I sang them fully thinking of you and your unique obsession for all things David Hasselhoff and Knight Rider.

So I wll have some more time on the 'Net tomorrow to finish some posts off and get back in the land of communication again.

I might be seeing Part II tonight if all goes to plan. If all goes to plan - we'll see.