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Monday, February 27

All By Myself

This is one little Patsy who was off her chops on Saturday night.

Was a simple and innocent enough plan to begin with. Me and Brett were heading out to see mates of mates from Melbourne play a blues gig nearby. Then I managed to twist his rubber arm into a few drinks at Zerro, because then I knew I could drag him off to Triangle with me. Hehe.
One of the guys who runs this particular party, London Calling, gave me a bottle of champers, unopened and all as thank you - I was so puzzled, I didn't know exactly why so after I drank the bottle and danced my ass off, in fine sweaty form I cornered him and got the lowdown. He was just happy that I always bring a lot of people to this party - how nice was that!! The funniest part was next when he commented on how lovely my skin was....big mistake. Do you think I could shut up about Q10 and how I have turned all those around me (ie all the boys) onto it too. Um....yeah...we didn't talk much after that. Champers makes me absolutely mental. I do recall telling somebody about the fine art of desexing dogs...shite.
Then it was business as usual. That involves me getting on stage and (probably in my mind only) rocking the crowd. It also means I kick anybody else off stage in the process - like why be on stage if you're not gonna shake what yo mamma gave ya? Also, why be on stage and try and talk to me? More than once I had to just shake my head and say "Later, I'm in the middle of something." (Honestly, when I'm in that "zone" (wtf??) I couldn't give a toss about the intervention your organising for your alcoholic best mate).
Brett, Ivan and I dragged our sorry asses off about 5am, shook it out with some Chemical Brothers on the drive home. Ivan's van rocks, especially with the music pumping. Hadn't had such a good chat with him since before my last trip home, so it was nice to get everything back on track and reliase we are still the great mates were always destined to be.
But Sunday came and Sunday went with a little of the Sunday Horrors I used to experience pre-January 1. I just felt a bit flat. I am not actually upset about not being with DIO15, it's more of the fact that *sigh* here it all goes again *blah*. All that time and energy for nothing, who's to say next time it won't be the same? And who's to know when that next time will be?
Anyway, I know that's not the way to think, I have to believe there are bigger and better things on the horizon. I am such a picky priss like this, and I know I can't settle on anything less - why should I? - that just makes me miserable and I know I have made the right decision.
I just get so bored on my own!!


Anonymous Gitte said...

I don't know what to do with myself, just don't know what to do with myself.

6:47 pm

Blogger Miss Riz said...

I do....I am starting gymnastics again!!!! yay!

12:50 pm


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