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Back in the Day: I had a quarter life crisis, headed to Osaka, Japan for the unknown–only to discover that a passport plane ride are not necessarily a ticket to escape. Some Years Later: Settled back in Oz, the man of my dreams ended up in Tokyo for work–which is how a passport and plane ride showed me home is where the heart is. And Now: Well as luck would have it, we are about to embark on Japan Mark 3, with a baby in tow and another on the way...

Sunday, March 12

803 Back Again

Over a year ago I wrote a few episodes about a place called 803 entitled 2 Guys A Girl and a Ramen Place.
Again, all of these events are basically real. Do not attempt at home unless under the supervision of Jose Cuervo.

Ep 6 - 803 Gets New Tennants
On NYE T-Money and Motown tell Point 5 that they are moving out to focus on their new aclohol-related business oportunity that apparently involves selling the stuff and not just drinking it.
Point 5 is left feeling pretty desperate until hearing the news that her old high school pash buddy Batman is moving to Osaka. Still left with the problem of filling flatmate number 3, Point 5 acts on a suggestion of one-time flame "Pac-Man", and agrees to having the monkey that currently inhabits his laundry move in.
Batman, upon hearing this news, kicks some Bat sense into Point 5, and they realise they are stuck in a corner. As the race against time begins, will anybody answer their desperate ad in the local paper calling for anyone bar midgets, amputees and POMs, to move in or will Point 5 be relegated to trying to get the monkey off Batman's back for the rest of her J-land life?

Ep 7 - 803 Gets A Battle of the Superheroes
With news that Point 5's Dubai based Superman is flying in to Osaka for one night, Batman starts hoarding crates of Kryptonite in his room in case of a potential showdown.
Meanwhile, Motown has planned a huge event at Loft Lolly for the same night, with all the Usual Suspects including T-Money, Rob Roy, Matt Damon, E-Diddy, Fishworks, Dirty Claire, Naosky and The Sexy Mex being there. With Pacman too drunk and stoned to attend, and T-Money's prose ringing in her ears, Point 5 dons her red diesel boots to become Wonder Woman (she thinks Super Girl is a pussy).
But dramas unfold as Point 5 learns she has to work. Can she trust Batman to safely lead a somewhat daft, yet hot Superman through the Osakan metropolis to her heart, or will the Usual Suspects find out what really happens when you put two men wearing lollybags over lycra tights in the same disco?
Ep 8 - 803 Plans A Party
Point 5 feeling bored one day decides to enlist T-Money's help in planning a Golden Week BBQ at 803 for early May. Getting Batman on bored, they write a list of desired attendees and get cranking on the theme and invites.
Batman alerts Point 5 to the fact that there appears to be someone they haven't informed about the party, although neither of them can be quite sure who it is. With a shrug of the shoulders, they agree that if they can't recall who it is, then they probably shouldn't be there anyway.
Meanwhile, Batman decides to talk to Point 5 about his allergy to all pets, exotic ones included.

EP 9 - 803 Gets Some Early Morning Visitors
After a Friday night fuelled by copious amounts of Vitamin T, and trying to keep DJ Style Icon and Next Target apart so she could flirt openly with both of them, Point 5 is in no mood to party the following night after vommiting in her bed all day.
In the meantime, Batman decides to come clean with Point 5 and point out the fact they neither of them work for the Red Cross, nor are they volunteers and therefore should rid their lives and apartment of any pro bono work. A clear case of the beautiful vs. the ugly...or is it?
Point 5 feels something is amiss as she lays her head down to sleep that night and asks Batman to do a perimeter check. Is it the open window she can't be bothered locking? She can't be sure. But one thing is she is sure about are the 2 extra bodies in her bed the next morning - without wanting to open her eyes, she is pretty sure by the snoring one of them is Motown, and by the constant "get on the phone and call that bald dude" in her right ear, the other one is T-Money. Will Batman come in and save the day or will Point 5 have to open her eyes?
Ep 10 - 803 Gets Ramen
With Motown and T-Money holed up in 404 (yes they moved 4 stories below) working on guitar riffs over electric beats, Point 5 decides to introduce Batman to her favourite ramen place and the 750 yen lunch special including rice and hakata gyoza.
Eating there numerous times a week, the pair notice their bellies are expanding but deny that it could be their beloved fat-based ramen to blame. Even so, they decide to turn to pizza from the local convenience store for a while instead.
When T-Money wants to hook up a date with Point 5 at the ramen place, he gets suspicious by her resistance and decides to investigate. Will T-Money discover that Point 5 has indeed been ramen cheating on him?
Back in the apartment, Batman buys up big on the pizza flavoured nachos and bite sized kit kats as a way to fill his ramen void, but drama unfolds as eats himself into a sugar-carb induced coma. Coming to, Batman and Point 5 decide never to ditch the ramen again.


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