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Tuesday, March 21

All things Dub

My Fat Freddy's Drop interview was published on ITM. I love these guys, so if you are in Melbourne I recommend you check 'em out next month, they really rock my world at the moment.
Thanks to Troy and Ivan, who upon forcing me to listen to new things have expanded my world of music, I have really gotten into dub music at the moment, especcially stuff coming out of NZ like The Black Seeds, Salmonella Dub, Trinity Roots and Che Fu. This music is stuff chilled out, easy listening/easy grooving stuff, that you can kick back to at any time of the day, but still get some energy from. I am realising that whatever people's musical preferences are, they still have room and appreciation for dub (and particularly FFD).


Blogger Nathan said...


Very good stuff indeed.. (DUB I mean)
I don't know any NZ dub unfortunatly.. any link I could use to check it out?


6:15 pm

Blogger Miss Riz said...

No link as such.....just do a google search on some of the names i mentioned in the post.

2:32 pm


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