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Friday, March 24

Chubby Chasers

Today Batman and I realised a long held dream of mine to see the Sumo wrestlers. This has been my third sumo season in Osaka and each year I have said "Well better go this time in case I am not here next year" and finally I held true to my word.
I have been fascinated by the world of sumo ever since my dad sent me a postcard whilst on business trip to Japan about 20 years ago, with 2 fat, no make that really bloody obese men, in what I thought were some kind of old fashioned nappy grabbing each other in a ring.
Although we went early in the day and had to leave before the "heavy weights" came on, it was still exciting to be a part of it. The auditorium wasn't so full, which took away from the atmosphere somewhat, but meant that Batman and I could purchase the cheapest seats possible and sit in the most expensive.
Quotes of the day:
B: "They're so fucken fat they got fat on their fat!"
L: "I have never seen so many men with man boobs so big."
We started taking bets on who would win each match and I surprisingly picked every match bar one. You would be surprised that the fattest blokes quite often didn't win. In sumo, although there are different divisions, it still doesn't stop a competitor from being pitted against someone twice his size.
And some of the rolls they took - whoa! It is no wonder that every tournament, dozens of ringside people are taken to hospital sustaining injuries from being.....squashed.
I will post some photos asap but at the moment, I'm having probs uploading them. We are hoping to go back on Sunday for some more chubby action, but that is the final day so tickets will sell fast, and we are not sure we will be awake at 8.20am when ticket gates open...


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