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Saturday, March 11

DIO16: Getting Your Groove Back

When returning to the Singles Scene after any kind of absence - official or otherwise... -, I like to do something for myself that will improve me in someway (no, I'm not perfect, but I am certainly uber) and then drink lots so that everybody around me improves too!
Venue: Fan J Twice
Target #1: Shall remain nameless but he has been mentioned numerous times in this blog.
Target #2: Let's call him Well Fit
I will break this down target by target.
T1 - Issue: I have DIO2 on a pedestal and no-one, NO-ONE as far as I am concerned, can touch him. He really is my dream man. I can't explain exactly in words what it is about this guy but I will try:
  • Style: Such a good dresser (and rocking shoes). It makes me weep with joy that there are straight men out there who know not only how to dress, but how to wear their clothes too.
  • Character: His personality is as wonderfully beautiful as his clothes are expensive. And he is always fun to flirt with. He has a great laugh and a big, warm smile.
  • Music: He is a DJ of course - how could my ideal man not be?
  • Career: By day, an Engineer - he has the smarts as well. I love him even more.

He is the man that any guy in my life will never measure up to. Anybody who knows the both of us knows how much I adore him. And adore him always I will. He will forever be this image of male uber-ness in my head because we don't actually know each other well enough to have discovered any bad points. And that's what makes it the perfect crush.

Fact: It's always harmless flirting. We both know it won't ever go anywhere, which again adds to the perfectness of it all, 'cause we will both go ahead and wonder anyway.
Fact: I always make an effort to see this guy. And we have this drunken 5am Sunday phone call thing going on, which just makes me smile.
Fact: He kissed me anyway. And again and again and again! I died and went to heaven.
Words of Widsom: Me: "You are so hot." Him: "You are so hot."
Possibility of a Date: Umm nada - there is a very big reason why, something having to do with him wearing a ring. But those drunken phone calls will still go on.
Plan of Attack: Nothing. Otherwsie I could see it getting dangerous.
Mental Note: Ask no questions and I will tell no lies.
T2 - Issue: I have known this guy for 2 years on and off, we have always had an attraction there but the timing has always been out. Until last night I hadn't seen him for months - before I went out I saw his name in my phone directory and was thinking of calling him then bingo! He was at FanJ!
Fact: I always suspected he was a little insecure. In the past he was always really quiet and I think intimidated by me. The first night we met was at Freeza, and he had been going through a rough time and had no money so I looked after him with free drinks and he said he has never forgotten how nice I was to him and that night turned out to be one of the best he has had.
Fact: Last night was different. He walked over to me with purpose and a confidence I had never seen in him before, grabbed my hand, made me feel his arms and proclaimed "6 months in the gym." At anybody else I would laugh in their face and tell them to F^&k off, but he and I just both cracked up together because we knew what was going on.
Fact: He admitted that he lacked the power before. But now everything is on track and maybe I would notice him now. So I said "Honey, I liked you already and I am really happy to see you tonight."
Words of Wisdom: "It's about time we got this started."
Possibility of a Date: Seeing him tonight!
Plan of Attack: Eat the wait and see pudding. I have really high standards and high expectations not just of the person I am seeing, but in general of all my friends. So...
Mental Note: My new YSL shades really stepped up to the plate last night.


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