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Wednesday, March 22

Let's Get Physical

So in an effort to improve myself somewhat, I have gone back to try and recapture my youth by doing gymnastics again, and also thought I would try capoeira, which is hugely popular over here because of the large Brazilian population.
The gymnastics is self explanatory I feel.
Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art made up of kick-ass dance moves and stuff that is performed to drums and weird native instruments with lots of chanting. I tride it for the first time last night, and can barely move today, although i can do this one thing that leads into a cartwheel - kind of. Think Eddie, that character in Play Station's Tekken game. I just thought he was stoned, therefore moving slowly. Turns out he knew a thing or two on cracking skulls.
Anyway, It has been 12 years since I tried any sort of tumbling and let's just say backflips will be a while off yet, but I am having lots of fun- and getting quite sore. I did spend Saturday night on the dancefloor trying to round house kick Troy in the head - which would have worked had I not been wearing my 'skinny' jeans that I have just been able to re-fit into again. If I don't breathe, they don't feel so tight.
So the male instructors at this place are all hot! Most of them are from Oz and are all extremely well fit. So even if I can't do more than half of everything, at least I have motivation to keep trying.
All I feel capable of today is going for tan. Times like these I definitely realise I am not as young as I used to be.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's weird. In my dreams last night there was a person doing acrobatic stuff and one beautifully executed somersault with four spins in the air before landing. It looked like Cousin Penny, but it must have been you!

11:54 am

Anonymous Nathan said...

I tired to post this comment to your blog, but the spam protect password wasn't working...

Yeah, it is always an adventure getting back to something you once did years ago. Recently bought a road bike and have been doing a few rides out and about, trying to get in shape...Yes, summer is quickly upon us! Thanks for dropping a comment at my cozy little place on the internet, hope to hear from you more often!

Anyhow, thanks for peeping Bicycle Sidewalk!!

2:16 am

Blogger Tamara said...

Excellent. Sounds good, you will be in fine form when you come to Cairns for my bday!

10:04 am

Blogger Nathan said...

Who's this Nathan posting prentending he is me? Or does he?
I am the real Nathan!
Nathan Never. Agent Alfa from the Alfa Agency.
Playing records in a space bouble, lounging around.

Anyway... Capoeira is cool!
Haven't tried it, and I wan't neither 'couse my body is not in shape for it, but it looks like it is lot of fun.


5:47 pm

Blogger Miss Riz said...

You are the first Nathan... This Nathan has a vlog website (click on his name and it will come up) and he is based in Kyushu, in southern Japan.

I'm going to cap again tomorrow night. Cant wait!

6:42 pm


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