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Tuesday, March 28

Oh Morty!

Hmm...It seems Gwynnie and her rockstar hubby Coldplay frontman Chris Martin are at it again.
Child number 2, a boy, has been named Mortimer.
I used to collect these lego type things when I was growing up, called Fabuland. Does anybody remember that? I think they stopped making it in the mid 80s. Anyway, Mortimer, as shown to the left of your screen, was a mouse and I think his story was that he worked on a boat. If I remember correctly, he even came with fishing gear. Anyway, I never liked Mortimer much. Compared to the other characters' lives he was kinda boring and I always made sure he fell overboard. With that kind of name, he sounds like he has one foot in the grave already.
What kind of a start in life is that for a newborn?


Blogger Gitte said...

I have your Fabuland at Rye. I think Morty has different clothes on though. I don't like the goat. prefer the Hippo and Elephant.

9:11 pm

Blogger Miss Riz said...

I think the Hippo is Hannah and the elephant is Edward. I liked the bulldog police chief.

There is a different mouse with a yellow top and red legs - maximillian. He had a fast car and had it going on.

11:48 am


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