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Saturday, March 11

To Cheat or Not To Cheat?

"It's always better to cheat than be cheated on."
T-Money, otherwise known as my voice of reason, February 2006.
As much as people may instantly object to that quote, to me it makes perfect sense, and something I have subconsciously always believed. Some people reject cheating on a partner on all levels and I can respect that, but I think it is foolish to expect it won't happen. Maybe I say that because I know it will happen. What can I say, when I'm not with someone I fully object to players and games, then as soon as I am with someone, I become the biggest player of all. Seems to me the powers of attraction between people are stronger when you are attached.


Blogger Nathan said...

Believe me or not.
I reject cheating, and IT WILL NOT HAPPEN.
and it is not foolish, that's just the way it is. At least for me.


11:05 pm

Blogger Nathan said...

Have you got the mix?
What you say?


11:06 pm

Blogger Miss Riz said...

I know when (if) i ever get married it's a different story...but i havent ever felt like any relationship i was in was ever a chance of being the one.

And ive downloaded your mix but had no time to listen....im hoping sunday!!! Cheers

PS Im always smiling - :-)))

6:30 pm

Anonymous mrm said...

It's a matter of personal integrity and honour.

9:42 am

Blogger Tamara said...

Hmm...I know what you mean all too well.

4:10 pm


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