a The Transit Lounge: April 2006

Back in the Day: I had a quarter life crisis, headed to Osaka, Japan for the unknown–only to discover that a passport plane ride are not necessarily a ticket to escape. Some Years Later: Settled back in Oz, the man of my dreams ended up in Tokyo for work–which is how a passport and plane ride showed me home is where the heart is. And Now: Well as luck would have it, we are about to embark on Japan Mark 3, with a baby in tow and another on the way...

Wednesday, April 26

Disco Kryptonite

Travelling Companions

Last October a bunch of friends came to Osaka being Cam, Mark D and his mate all the way from Belgium, Andre.
I don't think they had been in this city for more than 5 minutes when Andre met Megumi. For the remaining 2 weeks, Andre and Megumi were inseperable. In fact Andre was recently here for 10 days, following up on Megumi's 7 week stay in Europe. So to get down to the point, they're in love and all the rest of it.
During my SE Asia adevnture last year, I met an English fellow Nick, who also lives in Osaka. Within 5 minutes of landing at Ko Phan Ngan, he met Lizzie (a different one obviously) - and a similar exchange ensued. They're in love and all the rest of it.
This is what seems to happen to the people around me when I'm travelling - and I think that's fantastic...and all the rest of it.
Let me tell you what happens to me when I travel: Let's examine my stay in Thailand.
5 days of cat allergies that left me bedridden for most of my stay in Seoul preceded a delightful week in Ko Samet, spent primarily hugging the porcelain prince due to unthinkingly brushing my teeth with fine Bangkok water on my very first night. I was then forced to set up camp in Bangkok for a week (6 days longer than first planned) as Kaori got nursed back to health in hospital...she had 3rd degree burns to 90% of her legs. Caused by sunburn. I would never have believed it if I hadn't been there to witness her frying under the sun myself. She pretty much offered herself up as a sacrifice on that beach, determined to bring some colour to her beautiful and delicate Japanese skin, on our very last day on Ko Samet.
This is where the fun really began.
I guess hotel staff easily notice when somebody is by themselves - after Akira came for a 4 day whirlwind tour of Pat Pong that went by in a blur of shopping and Veuve Champers, one of the concierge happened to notice I was on my own. So started the barrage of notes and paper mache flowers left at my room, sometimes even passed onto me via housekeeping. My decision to change hotels and get as far away from Khao San Road as possible was made when I got into a taxi to go to the hospital and suddenely found this particular concierge boy in the cab with me - even though I caught the cab a good few blocks from the hotel. The hotel didn't really care much for my complaints.
So I trudged all over Bangkok to a new place I felt safe in primarily because it said "No Thai People Allowed" - which yes sounds awful, but truth be told, this C.B. scared me. As far as Thai people went, he was quite big and was definitely going out of his way to make me feel ucomfortable.
Feeling like I could relax for the next few days until Kaori was fit enough to fly home and I could hightail it to Ko Samui, I just sat around, catching up on reading and generally staying away from the vicinity of Khao San Road that was until I looked up from my book one evening to find C.B. at the reeption area, looking for me. He of course had my name from the previous hotel and the woman in charge of my new digs was only too happy to confirm I was indeed staying there.
The ensuing night was a long one (more so than my first night on Ko Samui). Throughout the night were knocks to my door that soon grew to relentless pounding and whispers that became shouts of "Let me in, let me in!" with me filling the night air with screams and the occasional "FUCK OFF!" in response, as well as pushing my bed and backpack against the door and sitting there with an aerosol can of mozzie repellant and a lighter aimed had the uninvited guest gotten in.
As you can guess, the next morning, with a Kaori healed or not, I made plans to get out of Bangkok. As it so happened, that day Kaori was given the okay to fly anyway and I made it to Ko Samui almost incident free...but the story of the small Chinese man who cornered me and told me how he and his friends had been watching me (adding in the places I had been eating, where I had been shopping etc) before deciding he would take me back to China to make me his bride - and all the rest of it - is for another day.

Blah blah blah

sorry for the constant nothingness on here of late. just cant be bothered typing of late. hand is still out, going for more x-rays on friday. saw the doc last nite and the swelling hasnt gone down. happy 2 year birthday to this blog too. got some ideas to write, just takes too much out of me at the moment. im gunna wait for the weekend....xo

Wednesday, April 19

10 Reasons Not To Get Drunk

I have decided for the time my hand is in this splint, which is getting changed to a cast later this week because of something to do with the swelling, I am not going to partake in any drinking or chemicals apart from prescribed painkillers. So therefore I must remind myself on a daily basis why I am refraining from any decent socialising for the next few weeks.
1. I will not think I can break dance which may cause me to break my hand in the process, when doing a slide into back spin on the floor.
2. I will avoid getting hideous bruises on my knees from doing constant Patrick Swayze inspired floor slides.
3. I will save money.
4. I may lose weight in the process.
5. I will avoid hangovers - I cannot function on hangovers at all. Those are days when i consider jumping off the balcony a good idea. No sleep I can do, hangovers I can't.
6. I will not have to take sickies.
7. I will eat healthily, not needing Mackers to cure any overjuiced ills.
8. I will not make mistakes involving men we refer to as chumps.
9. I will stop wearing my beer goggles instead of sunglasses.
10. I will have the satisfaction of feeling good on a Sunday (or any day of the week for that matter) knowing my friends are feeling as though they have woken up face down in a gutter (with that being an actual reality for some of them), and will take great pleasure in giving them shit for it too.
So far so good - on day 2 and no withdrawal symptoms yet, though Saturday night will be a different story.

Monday, April 17

10 Reasons To Smile

I'm having a woeful day. So inspired by my mate Tam I thought I'd come up with 10 reasons I love my life too. After the weekend when I gloriously ripped the ligaments in my right hand - it's now in a splint for the next 3 weeks - I am mad at myself, make that furious. Typing 1 handed sucks and I have an article due tomorrow.
1. I have family I love and they love me too. They are pretty cool.
2. I am living overseas in a truly unique country.
3. I get to do something I truly love - that is writing - and make somepocket money from it and meet interesting people.
4. I'm usually pretty happy and comfortable with myself.
5. I'm single and I have come to enjoy that. It would have to take someone pretty special for me to want to fit them into my life.
6. I'm intelligent and somewhat of a bit of eye candy.
7. I have great fashion sense, GREAT fashion sense. Who else can pull of wearing an all in one Adidas tracksuit?
8. My work isn't too difficult.
9. My friends are all interesting people, who all have something to contribute.
10. While I am still financially retarded, I know I will get there somehow someday.

Friday, April 7

One Tequila Two Tequila Three Tequila Drink

Found out we got 2nd place for the April Fool's Day Fun Run. Rock - we get a 15,000 bar tab at one of the participating pit stops. That will go in a hail of tequila I am sure. Drinks on us bitches!

Thursday, April 6

My Sister Sam...

This is a little ditty about my sister Gitte - she is so pwettttttteeeee.

She makes me laugh because I wake up in the mornings to emails containing lines like these:

"I am so hotttttter than all the other mums at the school."

"You should NEVER let anyone ugly move in with you."

"You so down wit it biatch."

"Cooked muffins with Riley's class this morning. I can so see who the biatches are going to be!!!!!!!! They start early!" ... Riley is my 5 year old nephew.

And my favourtie, one I received today:

"My hair is so long now it gets stuck under my armpits."

Q&A Writing Time

I found out some great news last night. Terumi told me we are able to interview John Digweed, one of my all time favourite DJs when he plays in Osaka on April 29. A friend of mine Ange will be opening for him, which is pretty exciting in itself. The last time I saw him play was at the very loast Warehouse Docklands Party for 01/02 NYE Party. I can't remember howm, but my friend Sarez had managed to get us backstage passes, and me sick of just dancing in the crowd decided to see how far backstage could get me. 5 minutes later I was next to John Digweed spinning away with a throng of thousands before me. 5 minutes after that, the manager had kicked me out off stage to back stage...Still it was worth it!
I am also writing an interview with Terumi for X-Dream, one of the original German trance groups of the whole psy-trance movement, something I used to really be into when I was around 19 or 20 years old. I remember some of the dodgy clubs my ex boyfriend, Sam, and I used to trudge through the underbelly of Melbourne to get to, one in particular called Virus...which was as manky as it sounds but the DJs always put out with such great music. Then the lengths we went to in Berlin and Amsterdam to go to some squat parties - one in particular with the ELF group of squatters. The homeless people really know how to put on a good show.

Wednesday, April 5

All Things Cliffy

Here is the article I wrote on Cliffy, who has only been mentioned a few hundred times on this blog. I also had two other articles in this month's edition, one on Anthony Pappa and a write up on Bar, Isn't It? in Umeda, but they are not on the web edition of the mag.
Happy Reading, looks like Cherry Bomb will go off so to speak.

Monday, April 3

Red Always Goes Faster

I'm a Ferrari 360 Modena!

Not surprising really since I always stand at this particular car park in Shinsaibashi staring down all the Ferraris! And red too - noice.

You've got it all. Power, passion, precision, and style. You're sensuous, exotic, and temperamental. Sure, you're expensive and high-maintenance, but you're worth it.

"Take the Which Sports Car Are You? quiz.

Sunday, April 2

Pub Crawl Pics

Leaving the house - As you can guess, the Bike Club Team were all about Adidas Represent!; L - R: Danyk "Stussy Cat" Don't Panick, Yukiko, Moi and Rie.

Erik "Gold Fro" Archer was out in force. There were 4 teams of 5 people and between each venue, 4 members had to ferry the 5th member on a stretcher. Erik was King of the Drill Sergearnt chants, including such fine ones as "Oh Lizzy you're so fine you're so fine you blow my mind, hey Lizzy clap clap clap Hey Lizzy clap clap clap". I came up with my own "Tequila ila ila oi oi oi, Tequila ila ila oi oi oi tequila oi tequila oi tequila ila ila oi oi oi." Grand - and kinda slurred...

With Triple By Pass, resident embalmer and body parts man, on the team, we had our anchor man. This man can shot more tequila than a Mexican football team - than our resident Mexican, the MexIvan anyway.
The Stussy Cat is always watching...The whole mouth thing being open in almost every photo is actually a carefully constructed tribute to Erik's fun face. The wider your smile, the more fun it is.

A clash of the Ivans; Danyk with his claws out, hissing for more tequila.

James caught everything on video...I am stuck between wanting to see how I was behaving and not wanting to know; Yukiko putting Gregg "Party Boy" Brown in his place for not wearing his g-string.

As you can see a whole lot of high jinx and tom foolery were had, and it all contributed to the night being one of the best I've been a part of in a long time - just proves it is good to do something different, and those bars that I swear I will never ever go to are good to drop into once in a while - that once in while being when you are as legless as we all were. You can read more about our P.I.S.S.E.D night and get more of an idea of what went on, just like I had to.

Movie Madness

I just watched quite a disturbing film this evening, Ken Park, directed by Larry Clark who also brought us Kids and Bully a few years back (Bully I am yet to see).
I should not have been surprised by the content but still it left me thinking WTF? I read an interview with Larry Clark when Ken Park was first released a few years back, amid a storm of the usual controversy surrounding his films. He said something along the lines of that people were always asking him, especially in regards to this movie, "Where do you get these ideas and storylines from? You must be warped." And he always said "Well no, unfortunately these stories come from real people, people I know." That is scary.
I thought I would follow it up with something light hearted in the vain of The Last Days of Disco - quite possibly the shitest kind of silverscreen homage to any musical era I have ever, EVER viewed. Definitely the poor man's Studio 54.
Happy viewing.