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Wednesday, April 19

10 Reasons Not To Get Drunk

I have decided for the time my hand is in this splint, which is getting changed to a cast later this week because of something to do with the swelling, I am not going to partake in any drinking or chemicals apart from prescribed painkillers. So therefore I must remind myself on a daily basis why I am refraining from any decent socialising for the next few weeks.
1. I will not think I can break dance which may cause me to break my hand in the process, when doing a slide into back spin on the floor.
2. I will avoid getting hideous bruises on my knees from doing constant Patrick Swayze inspired floor slides.
3. I will save money.
4. I may lose weight in the process.
5. I will avoid hangovers - I cannot function on hangovers at all. Those are days when i consider jumping off the balcony a good idea. No sleep I can do, hangovers I can't.
6. I will not have to take sickies.
7. I will eat healthily, not needing Mackers to cure any overjuiced ills.
8. I will not make mistakes involving men we refer to as chumps.
9. I will stop wearing my beer goggles instead of sunglasses.
10. I will have the satisfaction of feeling good on a Sunday (or any day of the week for that matter) knowing my friends are feeling as though they have woken up face down in a gutter (with that being an actual reality for some of them), and will take great pleasure in giving them shit for it too.
So far so good - on day 2 and no withdrawal symptoms yet, though Saturday night will be a different story.


Blogger Dollop said...

There is nuthin' wrong with precription painkillers and anti-inflammatories, unless you have to think.

4:16 pm

Blogger Gitte said...

11. You won't wake up wondering who shit in your mouth (you hope)

5:48 pm

Blogger Miss Riz said...

crikey - i hope you're not talking from experience or anything...

10:36 am

Blogger Gitte said...

Well not literally, but sometimes it feeeels like it..umm not that I would know what shit in my mouth tastes like or anything remotely like that.

4:33 pm

Anonymous Big Brother said...

Both of you - behave yourselves.

3:10 pm

Anonymous cambosis said...

so 12 days in and how would you rate your success?

7:55 pm

Anonymous cambosis said...

so 12 days in and how would you rate your success?

7:58 pm

Blogger Miss Riz said...

how do i rate my success?

7 days in - ie the fol.lowing saturday night - got trashed in the vip room at pure

followed by a a night of vitamin the following thursday for disco krypton ite, tequila rocks

followed by a caning at john digweed last saturdayn night which left me a mess for the interview with him the next night...

which leads me tonight where i hosted A Host Murder party with 10 of my finest crew in the vip room at pure....and now everyone is back at my house and im supposed to work at 10.20 tomorrowmorning.

all things considered im calling it a success since i stayikng in this weekend....apart from ko kim ura on saturday night....

2:54 am


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