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Thursday, April 6

My Sister Sam...

This is a little ditty about my sister Gitte - she is so pwettttttteeeee.

She makes me laugh because I wake up in the mornings to emails containing lines like these:

"I am so hotttttter than all the other mums at the school."

"You should NEVER let anyone ugly move in with you."

"You so down wit it biatch."

"Cooked muffins with Riley's class this morning. I can so see who the biatches are going to be!!!!!!!! They start early!" ... Riley is my 5 year old nephew.

And my favourtie, one I received today:

"My hair is so long now it gets stuck under my armpits."


Anonymous Gitte said...

She sounds soo cool. Must be great having a sister like her.

4:46 pm

Blogger Miss Riz said...

yeah but no but yeah but no but yeah. at least she's hott.

5:31 pm

Blogger Nathan said...

Hei Riz!
Comment off topic...
You should resize your ferrari picture, 'couse it has sent all the right sidebar down the page...
It happened to me too with my Porsche picture.. ;)

Peace yo!

5:37 pm

Anonymous mrm said...

where's the one on me?

5:50 pm

Blogger Tamara said...

Wish she was my sister :-)So if she is a hotter than the other mum's, does that make her a milf?

3:19 pm

Anonymous Gitte said...

I wish!

11:20 am


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