a The Transit Lounge: May 2006

Back in the Day: I had a quarter life crisis, headed to Osaka, Japan for the unknown–only to discover that a passport plane ride are not necessarily a ticket to escape. Some Years Later: Settled back in Oz, the man of my dreams ended up in Tokyo for work–which is how a passport and plane ride showed me home is where the heart is. And Now: Well as luck would have it, we are about to embark on Japan Mark 3, with a baby in tow and another on the way...

Monday, May 29

The Pact

We all know what a 'marriage' pact is. One of those deals you make with a great friend of the opposite sex that goes along the lines of "When we both have reached X number of years in age, if neither of us are married, we will get hitched to each other."

Such pacts are usually made during times of heartbreak, when trying to comfort each other. Let me clarify that further. During times of heartbreak, when trying to comfort each other with copious amounts of alcohol.

I myself agreed to such a pact when I was a mere 19 years old, and living on the uni campus in Townsville. The mate in question was Ben, a fellow Melburnian who was studying the same course as me and whose room was opposite mine in the dorms. I wasn't really suffering from any heartbreak at the time, I had broken up with my boyfriend as soon as I got to Townsville (very brusquely over the phone after I had lost the sayonara gift he had given me on the ocean floor somewhere between Great Keppel Island and Rockhampton) and was fairly happy being single. From what I remember Ben hadn't had any heartbreak either, although he had broken a few hearts in some very eyebrow raising ways in a very short time. His preference to stay cold in a hammock during a camping trip to Alligator Creek, rather than sleep next to his girlfriend in a tent is one example that comes to mind.

Ben is a year younger than me, therefore at that time was a very youthful 18 years of age. And so the magical age of 25 was set in stone, not only because 25 seemed like a good age to be married by, but also because it felt like a lifetime away in which time I was confident I'd be married to a rockstar or celebrity of some sort, swimming with dolphins in the Carribbean applying my marine biology logic on acquiring the perfect tan.

Judging by the age we set not only did we not give ourselves enough time to find our respective life partners, we also underestimated the wisdom John Lennon imparted on us all those years ago about life being what happens when you are busy making plans. You can assume all you want about whatever you want, it doesn't necessarily mean it is going to be, something I wan't aware of then which is rather ironic since I now feel that my life is one huge example of that.

Back to the story at hand. Ben was - and still is - a great friend of mine. A good-looking guy who possesses all the qualities I would want in a potential man-bride. Well at least now he does, but back then the bottle a day of JD habit he proudly kept up was kinda worrisome, especially when his liver did actually pack up on him for a while, and no wonder too. But that and other things we laugh at now aside, - he has certainly grown up into a decent, hard working man who has retained his mischevous streak.

It is amazing we have stayed not only friends, but good friends considering, apart from the first 6 months of knowing each other when we both lived in Townsville, our friendship has always been maintained over a distance, firstly due to us residing in different states, followed by different countries. Ben made the effort to visit me when I was in hospital all those years ago with some sort of Ross River Fever/Diabetic/Asthmatic amalgamated disease, only he could have known how upset I was not to be returning to Townsville, especially since we were supposed to return together. Whenever geography has permitted, we always catch up - though face-to-face contact is sparse, thanks to MSN and email we are always in each others lives.

I remember approaching my 25th birthday, which happened to be my first birthday in Japan, I received a cheeky reminder from Ben via email as to our pact. To which I responded that we still had almost another year unti he turned 25. I think as his 25th drew close, we both thought it best to extend the matrimonious age to 30.

Not that either of us will ever push to put the pact in action, but it is something we do laugh about every now and then. Though distance has always been a factor in our friendship, he still remains one the closest people to my heart and will always be in my life, even when we are eventually married - to other people that is.

(I felt like writing this after reading a fiction book during whilst being in Cairns called Deranged Marriage by Faith Bleasdale, about such a pact being enforced)

Cocktails, Cads and Coppers in Cairns

So Saturday night went a little something like this:

Glasses Consumed At Home (that I remember):
Cosmopolitans - 6
Champagnes - 2
Cocksucking Cowboy - 1

We arrived at a bar called The Chapel around 7.30.
Nuts n Berries - 2
Gin Redbulls - 3
Gin Tonics - 3

Then we went to a club called Gilligans around 11.
Tequila shots - 2
Gin Tonics - too many to remember

How I cracked my cast and the way in which Tam broke her nose will come a little later, but that was after we arrived home with a Texan and a 22 year old, and I had given my statement to the police on an assualt we witnessed involving our taxi driver and some chick he purposely tried to run over. All shits n giggles. I love Cairns.

Wednesday, May 24

Dearly Departed

This is an article I wrote about a good friend of mine, TripleBypass. Very interesting boy!

I Still Call Australia Home

I'm off home today for 3 weeks or so.

Had some drinks at Slices and Mad Kafe last night for a bit of fun. The man of my dreams DIO whatever came along too, God bless his stylish soul. What else can I say after he arrives and says "I just came to see your face before you go"? That's the best English I've ever heard him speak so he musta picked it up from somewhere. He gave me a really cool jacket last time we hung out, after John Digweed, so I thought he wanted that back. But turns out I can keep the jacket - and keep dreaming.
So back to Oz, can't wait. Going to Cairns on Saturday for Tam's birthday but not before I go to the doc's on Thursday and get my hand looked at. Nigh on 6 weeks now, still swollen. Just bored of it now. And my feet are so disgusting as a result cause i can't really give myself pedicures.
Had a mental week with deadlines, one being for the John Digweed interview, another for a style piece I wrote on sunglasses and I left everything til the last minute. Having this injury has left me with no motivation to do anything, not even go out.
Have to go get my ticket and get some veuve champers to drink with my folks at home. $30 a bottle here ($80 back home!!). Can't go wrong.

Monday, May 15

A Question of Stability

Last night we had an earthquake. This one was very short, unlike the last one I experienced here, maybe just 5 seconds. It began with a bang of movement, which just rumbled off into nothing very quickly just before 2 am.
When it comes to the ground shaking by the way of earthquakes or jishin as it is called in Japanese, I don't handle it all that well. Last night I was out of my bed within seconds, and at the TV tuning into NHK for confirmation that what I had just felt was indeed a little bit of quaking earth. I got Brett and Naoko up too, convinced this one was a prelude to a bigger one in a few hours. The Japanese don't use the Ricter Scale, instead employing the shindo scale. (Shindo refers to the intensity of an earthquake at a given location, i.e. what people actually feel at a given location, while the Richter scale measures the magnitude of an earthquake, i.e. the energy an earthquake releases at the epicenter.) This one was 4 on the Shindo scale at the epicentre, making it a 3 in Osaka. Earthquakes Hazard tells me it was 4.5 on the Ricter Scale (that website is awesome).
Last night, the earthquake's epicentre was south of Osaka, off the coast of Wakayama (just like the previous one too). The good thing about Japan is as soon as an earthquake has occurred, if you can turn onto NHK, the details of it will be up literally within seconds, along with tsunami warnings in a variety of languages.
I was made all the more nervous as I had dreamed last week of earthquakes and on Friday night had read a feature article on the subject in National Geographic, which if course talked in detail about Japan's relationship with earthquakes. Earthquakes remind me that nothing is stable in this life, least of all the earth, and we can't control that and probably never will.
I finally relaxed enough to fall asleep, albeit in event of another, bigger earthquake occurring in the night, I slept with my head at the opposite end of the bed to avoid the aircon from falling off the wall and knocking me out.

Friday, May 12

Reasons To Avoid Getting Medical Treatment in Japan

10. The steroids your doctor has prescribed for your asthma are actually illegal everywhere else in the world due to their direct association with death.

9. The orthopaedic surgeon you are seeing for your broken hand can't figure out how to piece together the model of the anatomy of the hand he has on his desk.

8. The ambulance driver asks you where the hospital is.

7. Leaving gauze and instruments in patients who have had surgery is as common as the common cold.

6. The doctor insists the pain in your stomach is appendicitis, even as you show him the scar from your appendectomy 10 years earlier.

5. Nothing can stop a good medical team from getting completely annihilated together at hostess bars, least of all major surgeries due to be performed the next day.

4. Doctors on overnight ER duty aren't legally able to prescribe medication, which basically renders the concept of ER useless.

3. Life threatening situations count for absolutely nothing in a hospital if the mountain of paper work for your admittance hasn't been filled in correctly.

2. Guaranteed that there is always someone - whether it is a fellow patient or medical worker - who siezes upon your weakened state to practice their English on you.

1. Anybody off the street is able to put on white coat and start practising medicine...afterall I did it didn't I?

The Final Gong

Here is the article I wrote on TripleBypass. My article on X-Dream was also published in the same mag this month, but not on the web edition. Matt a.k.a TBP (TripleBypass) is a top, top bloke. There were restrictions in place in regards to what I could write about him (from his end) - the stories he has to tell are so fascinating...with a tinge of the morbid of course, but the kinda thing you can't help but be all ears to.

Lame-ass Excuse For A Post

Cuz Dollop dare challenged me to do this again under particular circumstances:

The Fantastic 4 once more of some sorts:

4 questions:
Cliff - can u get me more champagne?
Troy - where's my champange?
Wil - hey its your shout isnt it?
April - did u drink my champers?

4 monuments/places:
zerro - cuz kosuke didnt make me pay for any drinks tonight.
absinthe cafe - cuz i said i would go but i got stuck on the champers at the new bar.
the new bar that opened tonight - i cant remember what it is called but they were selling glasses of champers for only 300yen
slices - cuz i love pizza

4 cities with great food
Osaka - slices cafe and their pizza rocks my world.
Daikokucho - has the best okonomiyaki (japanese pizza).
Lawsons - not a city but should be. Convenience store over here that rocks.
7-11 - cuz it sells red bull now.

4 books:
Kansai Scene - cuz i write for them
inthemix.com.au - cuz i sometimes write for them
japanzine - cuz it is in english
The transitlounge - why not?

4 jobs:
bitch #1
bitch #2
bitch #3
bitch #4
i dare u to guess whicb australian TV stations they were for.

4 quick answers:
insomnia - now self inflicted
allergies - work and anything work related
road rage - catatonia and one of my fave songs
day dreams - my better half.

PS 4 words:
champagne, tequila, drunk, break dancing

Thursday, May 11

Back In Business

The talented Mr. Cliff dropped off my business cards this morning - they look pretty hot, black whit and pink and contains all the relevant details as well as some funkiness. So now I won't feel like a complete idiot when I interview people and get their cards - I have something to give back!

Friday, May 5

The Fantastic Four

Motivated once again by Tam, I decided to answer some questions I've never thought about before.

Four people you would like to meet & the questions you'd ask them:

Einstein - You honestly didn't realise that's what they'd use it for?
Britney Spears - In relation to K-Fed what kind of crack were you smoking?
Bill Gates - Can you spare some change?
Robbie Williams - When?

Four monuments/places you have seen & would like to see again:

Cape Tribulation, Australia
Mt Fuji, Japan
Prague, Czech Republic
Berlin, Germany

Four favorite words:

mecha (meaning very)

Four cities with delicious food:


Four (nonfiction/fiction) books you would recommend:

Of Dogs and Demons - Alex Kerr
The Enchanted Wood - Enid Blyton
Dope Stories - Howard Marks
No Logo - Naomi Klein

Four jobs you've had:
Dental Assistant - only in japan when your school goes bankrupt can you land a job in the medical profession the very next day. Just wear a white lab coat and everyone's fine about it!
Vet Nurse - partime highschool/uni job
Maccas Drive Thru Biatch - my highschool parttime job.
Television Production Co-ordinator if you wanna be p.c. about it. More like overworked production biatch for stars and "higher" crew too lazy to do anything for themselves.

Four quick answers:

Insomnia — Too often
Allergies — Melbourne always, Japan rarely ever (not so much nature here)
Road rage — More like bicycle rage where I am
Daydreams - Always, and I'm at the centre of everything.

Thursday, May 4

more nonsense

cant write sop much confirmed my thumb is broken, an avulsion fracture caused by ligaments tearing and tearing the bone away....plus started a new job this, i must be the onlyperson actually working in golden week, which si the first week of may consisting of public holidays suchas green day and celebrating the old day amongst other things.

plus i hosted a hopst a murder party tonight at club pure in the vip room - the champagne murders howm aptly titled, set in july 1967, the summer of love in swinging london....was hilarious....got very drunk and the cast was brilliant., photos soon...everyone laughed cause my costume was perfect (pink carol brady wig and all) with the wig being the only thing i had to actually buy....my wardrobe is so huge and so famous i can dress for every and any occasion, with more than one option too.

oh and i moved apartments this week with brett - we moved into the apartment next door with naoko, so wasnt too hard but a ;pain in the ass with a han d out lof action nevertheless. so trying to sort out my room, turning out to be a very slow process but i have my own privatge idaho in the form of a balcony!!

had 2 articles published this month, will get the links up soon and have two more for next month, one being the john digweed interview and the other being a style article on sunglasses for which i am using my friends as the models.....

see u soon xo