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Back in the Day: I had a quarter life crisis, headed to Osaka, Japan for the unknown–only to discover that a passport plane ride are not necessarily a ticket to escape. Some Years Later: Settled back in Oz, the man of my dreams ended up in Tokyo for work–which is how a passport and plane ride showed me home is where the heart is. And Now: Well as luck would have it, we are about to embark on Japan Mark 3, with a baby in tow and another on the way...

Wednesday, May 24

I Still Call Australia Home

I'm off home today for 3 weeks or so.

Had some drinks at Slices and Mad Kafe last night for a bit of fun. The man of my dreams DIO whatever came along too, God bless his stylish soul. What else can I say after he arrives and says "I just came to see your face before you go"? That's the best English I've ever heard him speak so he musta picked it up from somewhere. He gave me a really cool jacket last time we hung out, after John Digweed, so I thought he wanted that back. But turns out I can keep the jacket - and keep dreaming.
So back to Oz, can't wait. Going to Cairns on Saturday for Tam's birthday but not before I go to the doc's on Thursday and get my hand looked at. Nigh on 6 weeks now, still swollen. Just bored of it now. And my feet are so disgusting as a result cause i can't really give myself pedicures.
Had a mental week with deadlines, one being for the John Digweed interview, another for a style piece I wrote on sunglasses and I left everything til the last minute. Having this injury has left me with no motivation to do anything, not even go out.
Have to go get my ticket and get some veuve champers to drink with my folks at home. $30 a bottle here ($80 back home!!). Can't go wrong.


Anonymous cambosis said...

Hey - you know where to hook up with me... hopefully you still have my numero...

I still have yours from last time... still goner work?

11:29 am

Blogger Miss Riz said...

hey cam, cant wait!! have your number somewhere.....dont know if my old number will work anymore cuz i lost ths sim card, guess it just need to get a new one or something. So looking forward to hanging out.

10:33 pm

Blogger Dollop said...

Welcome back to Qld then.

7:42 am

Anonymous sheree said...

pity you're not going to make it to the Ville.... oh well hopefully we'll catch up soon!!!

(been way to long between bevvies)

will see what i can do tho about getting out of work - don't like my chances tho... slave labour i tell you!

10:32 am


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