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Friday, May 12

Lame-ass Excuse For A Post

Cuz Dollop dare challenged me to do this again under particular circumstances:

The Fantastic 4 once more of some sorts:

4 questions:
Cliff - can u get me more champagne?
Troy - where's my champange?
Wil - hey its your shout isnt it?
April - did u drink my champers?

4 monuments/places:
zerro - cuz kosuke didnt make me pay for any drinks tonight.
absinthe cafe - cuz i said i would go but i got stuck on the champers at the new bar.
the new bar that opened tonight - i cant remember what it is called but they were selling glasses of champers for only 300yen
slices - cuz i love pizza

4 cities with great food
Osaka - slices cafe and their pizza rocks my world.
Daikokucho - has the best okonomiyaki (japanese pizza).
Lawsons - not a city but should be. Convenience store over here that rocks.
7-11 - cuz it sells red bull now.

4 books:
Kansai Scene - cuz i write for them
inthemix.com.au - cuz i sometimes write for them
japanzine - cuz it is in english
The transitlounge - why not?

4 jobs:
bitch #1
bitch #2
bitch #3
bitch #4
i dare u to guess whicb australian TV stations they were for.

4 quick answers:
insomnia - now self inflicted
allergies - work and anything work related
road rage - catatonia and one of my fave songs
day dreams - my better half.

PS 4 words:
champagne, tequila, drunk, break dancing


Blogger Dollop said...

I'll be more ambitious in my requests next time.

No mention of Murakimi in your reading I note.

1:11 pm

Blogger Miss Riz said...

There's a time and a place for murakami - a drunken post aint it, altho strange u mention it becuse i was recommending his books earlier on in the night to a friend.

8:46 pm

Blogger Gitte said...

Please make sure there is some champagne left for when I come over. I do not want any excuse to drink jungle juice!

10:11 am


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