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Friday, May 12

Reasons To Avoid Getting Medical Treatment in Japan

10. The steroids your doctor has prescribed for your asthma are actually illegal everywhere else in the world due to their direct association with death.

9. The orthopaedic surgeon you are seeing for your broken hand can't figure out how to piece together the model of the anatomy of the hand he has on his desk.

8. The ambulance driver asks you where the hospital is.

7. Leaving gauze and instruments in patients who have had surgery is as common as the common cold.

6. The doctor insists the pain in your stomach is appendicitis, even as you show him the scar from your appendectomy 10 years earlier.

5. Nothing can stop a good medical team from getting completely annihilated together at hostess bars, least of all major surgeries due to be performed the next day.

4. Doctors on overnight ER duty aren't legally able to prescribe medication, which basically renders the concept of ER useless.

3. Life threatening situations count for absolutely nothing in a hospital if the mountain of paper work for your admittance hasn't been filled in correctly.

2. Guaranteed that there is always someone - whether it is a fellow patient or medical worker - who siezes upon your weakened state to practice their English on you.

1. Anybody off the street is able to put on white coat and start practising medicine...afterall I did it didn't I?


Blogger Gitte said...

Number 8 - I think when I was in the ambulance they asked Alex (who was 2 at the time)...actually they said which hospital would you like to go to.....then, where is it?

10:12 pm

Anonymous cambosis said...

One more that you didnt cover... I am reliably informed that most standard prescription drugs in japan have generally an extra 100-200% of whatever is in them. This is becuase the metabolism of the japanese is different and they need extra just to get the same response...

so when you get diagnosed with anxiety, like a good mate of mine, the whack you valium or something similar at 3 times the dose you would normally need... though you some, and i include myself and you liz, would probably find that beneficial!!

6:31 pm

Blogger Miss Riz said...

on the contrary - their doses are generally weaker, much much much weaker. So stead of taking 2 tablets, you end up taking 10 tiny ones. pain in th ass

7:23 pm


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