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Wednesday, June 28

The Famous Five

I was tagged by Tam, and here goes.

So 5 facts you didn't know about me.

1. I have a thing for big earrings. The bigger the better, especially when it comes to hoops. The hoops that are my constant companion of late are so big I can fit my fist through them.
2. I love hats and scarves. I wear one or the other almost everyday - with big earrings. My favourite cap is one Cambosis bought for me in Tokyo last year. It is a green army camouflage one, kind of square in shape. My favourite scarf is one my parents bought me in Paris. It is a mix of colours and really light.
3. I can't stand the colours purple and yellow together. It reminds me of ham and cheese sandwiches mum used to make me for lunch when I was little and I can't stand ham and cheese sandwiches.
4. I never used to be able to sleep on my back. Then when I read that it was bad for your skin to always sleep with your head on one side (premature marking!), I trained myself to do it. Now I have difficulty falling asleep any other way.
5. Chocolate has a bad affect on me. If I eat too much I get so sore in my muscles I can hardly move but that doesn't stop me eating it.

Any one else have some fresh facts they can offer me about themselves?


Anonymous danski said...

People who cannot pronounce 'secREtary' drive me mental! "Oh yeah my secUtary will send that over" - it is secREtary -get it right! Arh!

2:38 pm

Anonymous mrm said...

You never said you didn't like ham and cheese sandwiches!

4:33 am

Blogger Miss Riz said...

Danski - what about cordial being pronounced as cordi-gall?? that used to drive me nuts. Where's the G in that, Cottees??

MRM - I believe I demonstrated my feelings about H&C sandos many a time, by leaving them in m lunchbox for weeks on end. I wasn't doing that because I actually liked them...

2:57 pm

Anonymous mrm said...

I think you're making it up.

1:38 am

Anonymous cambosis said...

pet hate:

"arks" instead of ask

8:31 am

Blogger Gitte said...

YESSS - I agree with all of those! I hate 'your' for you're and there for their.
I also hate that after 32.5 years my Auntie still does not know the correct way to spell my name. It ens with an E not an A.

6:36 pm

Blogger Miss Riz said...

MRM - no not making it up, your memory is being selective.

Cambosis - I meant to arks you about that. So true.

Gitte - Or that my name has an S instead of a Z in it.

10:58 am

Anonymous cambosis said...

MMM... ham and cheese... so good...

12:21 pm

Blogger Gitte said...

Someone asked me if your name was really spelt with an S instead of a Z, wondering if you were just trying to be cool and different! I think it was Brett. HAHAHAHA

6:07 pm

Blogger Dollop said...

Cafe here just started doing Ham, Cheese and fresh Asparagus croissants. So. Fucking. Good.

Personally though, I'd stick to Prosciutto. More salty goodness.

2:31 pm

Blogger Miss Riz said...

Cambosis - the only time ham and cheese is acceptable is in a toastie.

Dollop - And that goes for asparagus, ham and cheese too!

10:13 am


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