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Back in the Day: I had a quarter life crisis, headed to Osaka, Japan for the unknown–only to discover that a passport plane ride are not necessarily a ticket to escape. Some Years Later: Settled back in Oz, the man of my dreams ended up in Tokyo for work–which is how a passport and plane ride showed me home is where the heart is. And Now: Well as luck would have it, we are about to embark on Japan Mark 3, with a baby in tow and another on the way...

Monday, June 12

Hindsight - The Only Exact Science

Let me direct you all to the comments left for a post I wrote at the end of May regarding Tam's birthday.

In particular, re-read the sections where everybody waives responsbility for any medical expenses I may incur as a result of attending Cambosis's breakdancing party.
I'm just glad Medicare hadn't read that.
I feel I should write up formal Incident Reports of my nights out rather than posts. I'll use Friday night and said breakdancing party as a dummy run.
Right now though, I'm going to drag my sorry ass into my wheelchair and sit outside for some fresh air so I can ponder my future.


Anonymous cambosis said...

without admitting responsibility... it is a shame that you did infect your knee... i hope its better... on the plus side you did enjoy a damn good party... so alls almost fair i think!


2:33 pm

Blogger Miss Riz said...

yes on the mend now - after a few hours in hospital on a drip and 4 days of lying in bed with my leg up doing nothing but sleeping and watching DVDs! They had wheelchairs waiting for me at every airport on my way back to japan, via honkers, and my luggage got priority and everything too.

10:33 am

Anonymous broken' 29 said...

excellent... you see... causing grevious bodily harm to yourself does have an upside...

and ive renamed the party in your honour... tis now broken'29


8:44 am


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