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Monday, June 5

On One Hand

Listening to Carly Simon's You're so Vain whilst in the shower this morning I was struck by a thought as I sang along to it. Ms. Simon croons about Warren Beatty's lovelife and their one time affair singing over and over "I bet you think this song is about you, don't you, don't you?" as though he is so vain he will hear this song and think it is about him, when it isn't and therefore he is all the more vain.
it IS about him.
So indoor sports aside, he can't be at fault for thinking that can he?


Anonymous Captain Obvious said...

The point is that of all the people that she has been out with, Warren would automatically think that the song is about him.

1:50 pm

Blogger Gitte said...

I thought it was about Mick Jagger. All that talk of being vain aside, Liz, I think I have crossed a line. I am far too beautiful and therefore mistakenly thought of as unapproachable. That is why no-one chats me up when I am out and I don't have a boyfriend. That dude from Germany doesn't count. I talked to him first. Then when I actually do talk to someone, they realise I am easy going, intelligent, financially and emotionally stable. Therefore something else must really be wrong with me. Is that, perhaps, your problem too? OHMIGOD. Epiphany. We are cursed.

2:30 pm

Blogger Miss Riz said...

captain obvious - thanks for the insight.

Gitte - vain-ess aside, im obviously more cursed than you are. That dude from Germany - all I can say is what were u thinking when u told him he had very european hair?

5:28 pm

Blogger Gitte said...

He did though. Which actually translates to 'you are thinning at the front and therefore comb it back to make you look debonair'. I just did not know how to say debonair in German.

8:25 pm


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