a The Transit Lounge: July 2006

Back in the Day: I had a quarter life crisis, headed to Osaka, Japan for the unknown–only to discover that a passport plane ride are not necessarily a ticket to escape. Some Years Later: Settled back in Oz, the man of my dreams ended up in Tokyo for work–which is how a passport and plane ride showed me home is where the heart is. And Now: Well as luck would have it, we are about to embark on Japan Mark 3, with a baby in tow and another on the way...

Monday, July 31

Gagging for a Tagging

I was tagged by Tam...and I am tagging fellow bloggers like Gitte, Cam, Akira, and Vlad in return. Do it, do it.
Write down 20 people u can think of and then tag 5 more people to do the survey. Do not read the questions before you write.
Troy, Cliff, Gitte, Ben, Cam, Akira, Tam, Ivan, Ron, Monkey, TBP, Dan, Mieko, Chie, Ayberk, Erik, Kaori, Brett, Greg, April.
1. How did you meet #14? Chie. I met Chie when I started working at Freeza over 2 years ago. Her husband Ayberk owned the bar and they became like an older brother and sister to me in Japan.
2. What would you do if you hadn't met #1? Troy. I don't know. I probably wouldn't be in Japan still. We had a falling out recently and we didn't talk for around 6 weeks and that was the worst time in my life in a long time. I felt completely empty without him in my life and things just didn't seem right to me. Little did I realise he felt the same and now we know how important we are to each other and he is even more my best friend now if that could be possible. My time in Japan would have been very different if I hadn't met Troy. He is my Voice of Reason.
3. What would you do if #9 and #20 dated? Ron and April. It wouldn't bother me but maybe it would bother her boyfriend Erik!
4. Would #6 and #10 make a good couple? Akira and Monkey. Probably not seeing as Monkey isn't gay.
5. Describe #3. Gitte. My sister. Looks just like me. She's hot. Very kind and the nice sister, she doesn't have a mean bone in her body methinks so sometimes I have to be mean for her. Like to her dickhead ex-husband. She can also dance well to Beat It and kicks shit in the subway all Bad like. She burps and likes champagne and her hair is long enough to fit under her armpits. She has 2 kids, and is definitely a yummy mummy although not a MILF cause I am not into that, but the boys say she is so I take their word for it. Also she can fit a whole salada cracker in her mouth and when we were younger and had to share a room, I used to try and jump on her legs from the top bunk and hurt her. I love her and she loves me - or so she says.
6. Do you think #8 is attractive? Ivan. Is the Pope Catholic?? Hell yeah. And a great cook - Tropicanna was last night and he cooked up a feast. The MexIvan rocks the house. And Big ups for his driving skills.
7. Tell me something about #7. Tam. Hehehehe. Hohohoho. Hahahaha. What to tell, what to tell. I really love Tam even though she loves listening to Wham! and George Michael's solo stuff. She broke her nose on her 30th birthday.
8. Do you know anything about #12's family? Dan. Which family - his Oasis family or family-family? His family-family are Canadian.
9. What is #1's favourite thing? Troy. Jamming metal on his guitar.
10. What would you do if #11 confesses they like you? TBP. I'd be flattered, but we are too good friends to let any of that get in the way.
11. What languages does #15 speak? Ayberk. Turkish, Japanese and English all fluently and I am sure bits and pieces of other languages too. Very smart.
12. Who is #9 going out with? Ron. I think he and his girl are on a break.
13. How old is #16? Erik. He will be 26 in a few weeks!
14. When was the last time you talked to #13? Mieko. Saturday night at her sayonara party! It was all crazy talk. Our own language.
15. Who is #2's favourite singer? Cliff. I always forget the name but he sings this song "I am somebody...." It is on the tip of my tongue. Al Green.
16. Would you date #4? Ben. For sure.
17. Would you date #6? Akira. Well he already is my boyfriend but he is gay. So we don't really date. We bitch and gossip. We would make a very shallow couple indeed.
18. Is #15 single? No, I-B is married to Chie!
19. What is #17's last name? Kaori. Kaori Minogue.
20. Would you consider being in a relationship with #19? Greg. Again, we are great friends and we hang out and he is a mean cook. Actually we live in the same building and I love going to his place and watching movies and reading his National Geographics. Greg has a hell of a lot of interesting things to say about stuff I wouldn't even think to mention and is somebody I like listening to.
21. What schools did #17 go to? Kaori. School of Rock I suspect.
22. What is your favourite thing about #5? Cam. His style.
23. What do you think about #13? Mieko. A lot. My best Japanese friend here and I am really going to miss her when she moves to Tokyo.
24. What do #4 and #18 have in common? Ben and Brett. They are both tall, from Melbourne and good looking.
25. What special qualities does #5 hold in your life? Cam. He is someone I view as being genuine to me and a real friend. He is just very real to me and that's what I like. And he bought me an awesome Camo hat. Love his work.
Wow, as fate would invariably have it, some of those numbers were paired with some dicey questions for me!

And Another Thing

I have black hair now and a fringe.

And I really like it.

Try To Forget Being Bored

Ok Cam, I am bored of it too. Bored of being bored I guess. (Oh and you would be happy to know 37 and 45 are back).

Where to start? That I am not sure of - but I do know it all finished with a beer at NYX this morning as the sun was rising. Outdoor festivals, Mexican food, coronas, sayonara partie, 2 pairs of shoes broken and blisters on my feet. I was just happy Motown had his rolled up ichi to get us a taxi home. I had no idea Sunday was such a rocking night on the club scene. I wish I still had no idea. Ignorance is bliss.
I am seriously considering putting myself under house arrest so I.STOP.GOING OUT. If I think about it properly, I will also probably need one of those wired-up collar gadgets around my ankle to shock the bejeezez out of me if I go anywhere near the elevator or fire-escape, along with a bucket and rope so I can ask people on street level to restock at Lawsons for me.
What time is it in paradise?

Wednesday, July 26

The Life Of Meh

Everything is rather meh at present.

I think I summed up how I am feeling about everything during the past Saturday night when trying to convey my sentiments to T-Money I whined "I'm bored" every 5 minutes. It didn't matter where we were, I still persisted with my battle cry.
But it was and I am - boring and bored that is. Nothing exciting is presenting itself at all, it is all very Thai in the sense of 'same same but different.' I am changing it to 'same same AND boring.' And the way I feel at the moment, nothing exciting is going to present itself to me anytime soon which makes everything and everyone all the more....BORING. I hate it when I feel like this because then everything appears to blend into one and in my opinion there will be nothing on the horizon to differentiate anything from anything anytime soon.
Of course, I know that this won't last forever. Sooner or later something will get my attention and my life will be on the very opposite end of boring until the next Meh comes around.
So I am doing what I usually do in Times of Meh to make the meh-ness not so blah. That is exercise, tanning and Japanese study. I guess I can take solace in the fact that my Japanese is still crap and I don't look like I have done any exercise, as this means the Meh-ness usually doens't last long enough to make a real impression on my lifestyle!
Things will go from Meh to Yeah soon enough. In the meantime I am sick of being booooooored. I don't even feel like writing and I have a number of articles to write.
How's everyone else doing?

Saturday, July 22

Krushing Power

My DJ Krush interview. I got to meet him 2 weeks ago, will post photo soon. Very chilled guy, just like his music and his manager Gen was lovely!!
Actually edit now. Here is the pic.

Oh and here is the one of me and John Digweed for good measure.

When I get all my files from dad, who totally cleared my computer for me last time I was in Melbourne because my laptop memory was completely full, I plan on putting all my DJ interviews on here as published (which they are done in an article form) and in full transcribed from the tapes I have as question and answer.

So yes mum as the photos show I am still alive, although I have my arm shite on in the last pic (that was taken at the end of April). BTW back to wearing my plastic splint full time. My hand has been so sore of late and Troy has been an absolute nazi in making me wear it saying i can only finally take it off when it stops hurting for good. At least it is hot pink.

Thursday, July 20

Scratchin About

Whooh! Just rattled off an entire email in Japanese - it has been a while since I have had to do that. The last time was probably a thank you letter to Ko Kimura after he gave me an interview. Which is why I am on the Nippon-email track again. Not for Ko, but for an journalistic endeavours.
I forgot to mention that I had one of my most amazing nights here in Japan on Monday of last week. I guess with all the sayonara bizzo, Old Skool hooplah, and Sun Fun Action it kind of got pushed to da edge of the memory bank.
Due to a combination of genius timing and sheer luck (not often these two attributes collide in my world. Actually that's not true), I got to spend an evening in the home of Hi-C and Yasa, also known as Kireek, two of Japan's best scratch DJs. Only Yasa wasn't home, so I got a sneak preview of the DMC show Hi-C performed last Saturday night at Triangle for the Osaka DMC Scratch Champion Final (though the youtube link I just put up is a few months old).
Even for someone who does not know so much about the Scratch sector of the spin world, I knew enough to realise I was a part of something special, extremely lucky to be invited into this household and witness what most upcoming DJs of any genre would give their entire record collection to see. Particularly because this unit is notoriously tight - they don't let just anyone in to ask questions and poke amongst their set up - especially when it comes to foreigners.
Hi-C was extremely friendly and eager to show off his skills. And skillz. And then some! This young man was frenetically fresh and so energetic when he stepped up to the plate, well the turntable anyway, that I had trouble focussing on the speed at which his hands and fingers manipulated the mixer. It was also a first for me to see some other techonology come into play such as the Chaos Board and a DVD-J mixer (I saw one of these being used about a year ago in Osaka just the one time, they are famously expensive) amongst other things while he scratched, tapped and rapped going back to back (2 for 2 I think) with another friend of mine, Will Spin, who got me the introduction and is a bit of a Drums'n'Bass master himself. For a Monday night, it was incredibly explosive. As a matter of fact, for any night, it was...powerful. I kept thinking how I would have given anything for 2 particular mates to have been there with me as apart from Will, they are possibly the only 2 people I know whose appreciation factor would have been as high as mine.
What Hi-C was doing at the decks was an art form itself. To have such control at such a speed requires exact knowledge of your equipment not only in set up but in capabilities, as well as the music you are setting it to. Will was dishing up the DnB behind him and it was an awesome combo of DnB Scratch. Or Scratch DnB if you will cause Hi-C was the one controlling it all. The feeling it created was intense, yet all I wanted to do was get up and dance. (the layout of the room was awesome - the opposing walls lined with turntables, mixers and an assortment of all kinds of electronic equipment including laptops and leads, with thousands of records stored underneath both counter tops, as well as in the middle of the room. In true Japanese style, amongst all the technology were incense, power rangers, transformers and World Cup phone tags for each country).
One of those wonderful nights - unassuming, out of the blue and totally unexpected. The way all good nights are.

Wednesday, July 19

Making Tracks

* After a particularly hectic month that has included a visit from my sister, an Israeli girl crashing on my couch for the last 2 weeks (and showing no signs of an immediate departure), too many nights running hitting the hay at 4am or later, and no Internet connected at home, I am not happy to say that there are no signs of things being on the improve. Apart from Internet finally getting connected today. So why am I doing this at Popeye's?? (Yeah I am tanning again, one up for me at the moment).
* Old Skool Dinosaur on Friday night, although I think for organisers generally a failure, was nothing but good for me. Renewed old contacts with T-Rek from Melbourne, who was in town to DJ which involved sitting on the rooftop of B-Trip til mid-morning drinking cassis and helping him miss his train back to Tokyo. Got some possible work ops to follow up re: writing, fingers crossed for this, if it pans out would be good.
* So while Saturday whittled away painfully, me with my head under the doona and the aircon blasting on me all day falling in and out of slumber, Sunday was Suma Beach Party Day. Awoke feeling very fresh after spending the last 24 hours in bed. The fact that Batman had consumed 8 stubbies before MexIvan even picked us up just after lunch for the 60 minute journey tells you what kind of a day it turned out to be be. The fact that out driver purchased more alcohol for the 60 minute journey there than the other 8 of us in the car combined can also tell you a few things. Needless to say our van was last man standing - for a number of reasons including a wait for our driver to sober up and not being able to drag Uncle"King of the Kids" Brett off a giant, inflatable, plastic Smirnoff Bottle. All in all with a few stragglers who missed last train, 13 of us wedged ourselves in the van for the 90 minute drive-of-shame back to the big O.

Monday, July 17

I'm Excited Big Kev Style

Internet has been off at da haus for nearly a week now, should be up and running tomorrow so when it is I will blog and post about the events of the last 3 days, which have left me with a huge smile on my face and also with the shakes from the alcohol consumption. Hoorah for the national holdiay today, very well used by watching vids in bed all day and eating pizza. Hmmm Slices - yum!

Friday, July 14

DIO# 18- The Sayonara Shag

This one is for you Aren (did I spell that right?) and all that Girl Power, Strength to the she-bitches shit! I love it when you talk dirty in a kimono.
What is it? Japan is the land of the endless sayonara party, the party to end all parties when one decides to leave the sushi and rising sun behind for greener pastures (literally) in some other country (usually their home country). It is a good chance to farewell those who have been in one's Japan lifetime and another excuse to keep up the constant drinking that occurs in this country. It is also a great time to confess any long (or short) held crushes and whatnot to the one who is nicking off, without any fear of repercussions or embarrassment because (a) they are leaving in the next couple of days, (b) you will probably get lucky for those couple of and (c) you can always use the old 'never got your email' excuse if you really don't want to continue any line of communication upon their departure.
Recommended For: For people who are seeking the honeymoon aspect of seeing someone new without all the fuss of it turning into anything more serious or long term, for those who just 'aren't ready for all that'... i.e. committment-phobes!
Where: Sayonara parties are pretty much a excuse for constant drinking in this city. Someone is always leaving. Oasis Lounge, Zerro, Zing and Cafe Absinthe all seem to be popular venues for the sayonara shindig
Success to Failure Ratio: What can be more appealing to a guy about to skip the country than some last minute, regular (depending on countdown time to the Day of Departure), hassel free, no-strings-attached indoor hijinx and tomfoolery, especially when presented to him in high heels and a cowboy hat? Unless he is gay or possibly even ghey, ratio is 1:0.
Pros: If his friends are hot, never fear. Sayonara Sam will be gone any day now, leaving you free to pursue your new passions, whoever they are.
Cons: Not good for those who get attached easily, whoever has the plane ticket (see below).
Famous Last Words: For the one staying - "The last couple of (insert time frame here) have been great. What would you say if I told you I cancelled my ticket and decided to hang around?"
The departee must beware of the reverse "Gues what? I'm coming with you!"

Monday, July 10

Short Cuts

The last week I:
* met DJ Krush. He was spinning at Triangle on Friday night and as I had interviewed him the week before for ITM, Sony invited me to the gig. His manager Gen was lovely and very helpful and Krush was very cool, calm and collected. He played a very refreshing set.
* burnt my leg on a motorbike. Some dickhead parked way too close to my bicycle and when trying to get it out, my leg pressed against something really hot on the bike. Some dude had obviously just gotten off it. Anyway I have a 3cm oblong-shaped scar on my left calf. So pissed off.
* renewed old friendships by getting tragically drunk with T-Money on Thursday and Saturday nights. So drunk, so traqgic, so much fun.
* wrote an article for K-Scene on how to spend 24 hours in Osaka. K-scene is the equivalent of Kansai Scene in Seoul, Korea. Only the mag got my name wrong and put me down as an Elisha not Elisabeth. At least they got the "s" in there.
* got told by a mate his girlfriend is curious (me: oh so she is naturally inquisitive?), and that she was attracted to me. I was flattered and that although she is hot, I am not that way inclined. There must have been something in the water that night as another gal pal kept squeezing my boobs on Saturday night. Once again flattered but man is my only option.
* drank way too much. I am definitely staying in this weekend, except for Friday night when T-Rek is playing in Osaka and Sunday for the Suma Beach Party. And Monday too - the national holiday will see an open-air party held in the grounds of Osaka Castle.

Sunday, July 9

Hasseling the Hoff

I saw something really disturbing this weekend - The Hoff's music video for his new single Jump In My Car.

Pure retinal and aural rape as far as I am concerned.

Sunday, July 2

Swallow Me Hole

Thinking about how often I put my foot in my mouth. I think the worst was during a discussion I had 3 or 4 years ago with a work colleague that went a little something like this:

Work Colleague: So I went swimming with the sharks in the aquarium over the weekend to try and get over my fear of deep ocean water.

Me: Oh I understand, I have the same fear. Ever since I was little, whenever I went into the pool my dad would hum the theme song from JAWS and to this day, I still have real trouble in open water.

WC: Mine kinda stems from when I was 15 and was on a ocean boating trip with my family. The boat capsized, my parents were eaten by sharks, my brother drowned. I was the only one who made it...

Me: Well that's kind of extreme isn't it?

Please tell me I'm not the only one who does this on a constant basis. Care to share?