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Sunday, July 9

Hasseling the Hoff

I saw something really disturbing this weekend - The Hoff's music video for his new single Jump In My Car.

Pure retinal and aural rape as far as I am concerned.


Blogger Gitte said...

That song sounded wrong first time 'round. Now together with the Hoff, his dancing, that car and the dodgy lyrics, it is like an anthem fopr paedophiles.

10:50 am

Anonymous Ben said...

As horrific as that song is, I won't be surprised if it's the next big thing that is listened to by mindless young adults at nightclubs. I can see them now, dancing on podium’s with glow sticks in hand and as they look down at some girl they will mouth those infamous words…”jump in my car” What has society come too!

2:03 pm

Blogger Miss Riz said...

I think the best thing about the whole clip was Kit. They should have left The Hoff right out of the equation.

3:43 pm


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