a The Transit Lounge: August 2006

Back in the Day: I had a quarter life crisis, headed to Osaka, Japan for the unknown–only to discover that a passport plane ride are not necessarily a ticket to escape. Some Years Later: Settled back in Oz, the man of my dreams ended up in Tokyo for work–which is how a passport and plane ride showed me home is where the heart is. And Now: Well as luck would have it, we are about to embark on Japan Mark 3, with a baby in tow and another on the way...

Thursday, August 31

Mistaken Identity

I have been trying for a while to find an English speaking yoga instructor in Osaka. I finally found an ad in one of the local rags, emailed awayand booked a space for this Saturday. So when I came home tonight I was surprised to see this in my inbox:
Lambert san,
I was checking my mail...and I run into the transitlounging.
So I need to tell you, that our participants can only be male or female,
not both.
Man have to be real man.
Women have to be real women.
If you are still interested, you must come on a different day.
If this is the case, is monday ok with you?
So you can imagine I laughed myself all the way out of Da'Cho. And then I was a little curious as to why he felt he had to send me this email. You can't tell me from even simply glancing at this blog, that you would somehow think I am a blogger who is pre, mid or post any kind of op, apart from a labotomy.
So I bet it is the link to this fabulous fag. He woulda seen "My Gay Boyfriend" and popped a vein possibly. Although I don't think he is Japanese, when it comes to it, the Japanese view on homosexuality can at times be to basically ignore it (you know and maybe it will go away) and also extremely discriminatory - for example their word for transvestite is new-half. And I believe it is one of these Rudy thought I was!
So Uncle Rudy, I am woman - hear me roar. Have been since birth, still am now and always plan to be, although it can't be said I don't have balls.

Monday, August 28

One Helluva Spin Star!

My latest ITM offering, this is one cool DJ and if you like the whole mashup thing, which I do, then I recommend getting a copy of Spin City. I also have an interview with Yoji Biomehanika coming soon - if I can get motivated.
My care factor for writing has been hovering at dangerously low levels recently, which I find really bizarre as I still want to do it but I seem to be associating some sort of stress with writing lately, I can't relax.
I think I need to buy a new chair.
Got any funny anecdotes from this past weekend to bring some cheer my way?

Dream Time

I have been having the craziest dreams recently. In fact, I am wondering if something in my diet has changed or what has changed in my life to make this happen. I know spicey foods cause some people to have nightmares. Batman keeps telling me it is exercise that is causing it.
I have been sleeping at least 10 hours a night and always wake up exhausted, with the feeling I have been running around all night. My dreams have been so full and busy that when I open my eyes in the morning it is as though I have been yanked directly from this stange, dream world straight into reality and expected to go. And all of the themes of my dreams have been dark. Not nightmares as such but the sort that you wake from with a sense of dread and foreboding that remains with me for the whole day. Sometimes I can remember my dreams as soom as I wake up, other times something during the day will trigger the memory of my dream to come flooding back, but I always wake feeling as if something isn't quite right.
I take my dreams seriously - I can usually garner meaning from their garbled messages as well as reason as to why I am dreaming about certain things. I can see how they reflect what is going on in my life. But this is just ridiculous and I hate feeling anxious.
A friend once told me how he dreamed he woke up in the middle of the night, and looked out his bedroom window to see someone breaking into his brothers car. Then he really did wake up, looked out his window and saw his dream scenario unfolding before him in reality. He made enough of a racket to wake the household and scare the guy off.
My grandmother also has premonitions in her dreams, usually about her family back in Germany. My dreams aren't premonitions but they are definitely trying to tell me something and I am missing it.
Has anybody else have crazy sleep time adventures?

Friday, August 25

Confessions of a Madonna Groupie

Guess what bitches????

I am going to her concert on September 17.....

So cannot wait.

Tuesday, August 22

Slogan This!

"Uh-oh - Better Get The Transit Lounge!"
I was having too much fun on Sunday night after a day of sun and GnTs on the beach with the Sloganizer!
I got such slogans as "Don't Squeeze Miss Riz", "Miss Riz - Australian for Beer", "For a Hard-Earned Thirst, Miss Riz" and my favourites "Australians wouldn't give a Miss Riz for Anything Else", followed by "Better Living Through Miss Riz." (How it knows I'm an Aussie I have no bloody idea).
Oh my - "The Transit Lounge is Our Middle Name."
Anyway if you are currently bored at work, or boozing up at this early stage of the week, get to it and share some slogans with me.

Monday, August 21

A Week In Stats:

Mon 21 August - Sun 28 August
(Hours in a week: 168)

Hours Spent
- at the beach: 12
- swimming: 4
- playing on waterslides: 4
- riding my bike: 7
- at work: 16.66
- actually working: 11
- sleeping: 70
- watching videos: 16
- food shopping: 2
- clothes shopping: 0 (there is a first for everything!)
- window shopping: .5
- trying to get my shoes from Mingey fixed again: 1
- eating dinner at restaurants: 4.5
- At Maccas, eating in or taking out: 1
- cooking: .5
- drinking alcohol: 10

- wearing a cowboy hat: 5
- wearing mickey mouse hat: 40
- looking for my camo hat: .25 (then remembering I left it in April's bag).

Monday, August 14

Not So Subliminal

Been getting into ER recently (yeah I know 10 years too late) and as a result I've been thinking about going back to uni to study medicine.

Only I spent this afternoon in the comfort of my air-con watching The Practice. And now I have been thinking about doing....that's right law, specificallywith the view of becoming a criminal defense attorney in a small down town Chicago firm, or whatever city it is set in. Only with better looking co-workers (but I'd let Bobby stay).

Yesterday saw some of us get caught one of the hugest rain storms I have experienced in the grounds of Osaka Castle. For 30 minutes we were trapped in a beer and takoyaki stand. Since I had spent the previous 6 hours watching episodes of Survivor (albeit Survivor Africa, I know the irony, they have no water there), I was full of ideas about making rafts out of chopsticks, tied together with hachimaki and using this dude's Louis Vuitton manbag as a paddle. And within seconds I already figured out who I was going to vote for had we have been in their long enough for me to popularize the Tribal Council idea.
About to settle down again in front of the teev after a long day of doing not much - I found some really old tapes of the A-Team. Maybe the MexIvan will let me borrow his van tomorrow.

And One More Thing

You know a characteristic I really despise in people? When a person takes credit for something that they have had no initial input or given any original thought to.
Or even when it comes down to say, giving the round of drinks out that someone else has bought and then accepting the thanks and drinks back and not bothering to tell anyone who actually paid for them in the first place, while letting them think the other person is a tight ass - and even contributing to these assumptions!!
That's a bad analogy but pretty much sums an attitude I seem to be locking horns with recently.
What charactertists, or trait I should say, do others have problems with?

Tuesday, August 8

Summer Time in Japan Means...

1. The black umbrellas come out. In a land I have nicknamed Umbrella Nation for particular reasons (i.e. the Japanese always carry umbrellas - rain, hail, snow and shine), the sun means serious brolly business. Forget the rainbow of colours, forget the Chanel and Louis Vuitton patterns, and don't even think about the Hello Kitty umbrella hanging off your hat stand. Black is back. For you will melt should an skerrick of sunlight somehow scorch your "I'm-so-white-I-actually-look-blue" vampire-type complexion.
2. Just in case the umbrella isn't doing its job properly, best put on those formal black gloves you have stuffed in your underwear draw, the sort that go to the elbow and are kind of reminiscent of the pair Audrey Hepburn dons on the cover of Breakfast At Tiffany's. Put these on under your black sweatshirt that is hanging over your black denim jeans to your knees. Tuck your denim into your black knee high boots and as a finishing touch, get a sun visor. But not just any sun visor, you need the black variety - that's right, the black visors that actually shape downwards and cover your entire facial and neck area. The ones that nobody can see you through - and that you cannot possibly see out of yourself. So Mr. UV Rays though I may faint and possibly die from overheating and dehydration, or some kind of horrible bike accident because the visor really blocks out all vision as well as sunlight, I at least will not melt as a result of your harmful rays. Though I may melt as a result of overdressing for the weather.
3. Hanabi is upon us and means fun for the whole family. Fireworks, fireworks and more fireworks - this city is one big fire cracker! You can get them anywhere at anytime and let them off wherever you please. No age restrictions, no law restrictions, no nothing - get some dynamite and fire power, run amok and go blowing things up. Chu-his and plenty of other alcohol recommended. Just be sure not to aim your rocket at any crowds.
4. Air-cons are blasting off all day and night - set to a warm and balmy 30°C. Any attempt to change it to some kind of cooling temperature invariably results in the Asian vs. Non-Asian Body Temperature Debate, whereby Japanese people argue that because their core body temperature tends to be on the lower end of what is considered healthy (36.1 °C) while Caucasians are generally on the higher end (37.6°C), this meagre 1.5°C difference in body temp therefore justifies the air-con providing the same conditions as my solarium without the benefits - i.e. no U.V. rays or chance of tanning, but with all the sweat and discomfort.
5. In order to combat the heat simply generated by living in what has often been described as a 'concrete jungle', the sidewalks and buildings must be hosed down morning and night. And while you are at it, with the power of the water stream from the motor-powered 'garden' hose you are using, direct all the garbage lying on the street into the storm water drains, where it won't bother us anymore. We don't need to worry about wasting water, after all, Japan is an island and we are surrounded by the stuff!

Monday, August 7

Hanabi Time

What comes right after Hanami Season? That's right - Hanabi Season! Tis that time of year to set your fireworks off anywhere you please. Last week saw the PL Fireworks come and go - the largest firework display in the world! Needless to say I never go because although the location is only probably 30 minutes or so from my house, with the millions of people that go for this one night (literally millions, around 2 or 3), that hop, skip and a jump turns into a 5 or 6 hour journey. No thanks.
So I did settle on the Yodogawa Fireworks held on Saturday night. It was fantastic - it has maybe been about 10 years or so since I saw a proper sky show (in fact I think the last one was one of Fox FMs Skyshows at Albert Park Lake) and anything I had seen before Saturday night was put to shame. The Japanese sure take their hanabi seriously! I went with my boss, who dressed me in oe of her yukatta - the summer kimono. Boy did I stand out - being a foreigner dressed in traditional Japanese garb sends the locals crazy. I should have started charging for photographs. It was a lot of fun!

Thursday, August 3

In Under 100 Words, Can You...?

- I interviewed Kireek last night, the guys I was talking about in this post. DJ Monkey came along to translate for me. This is for Kansai Scene and the interview took place at their DJ School/rare Adidas clothing store (niftily named SADIDA- if you can't pick it, then there is something wrong), where I didn't see anything for sale under $300 and where I also spied a spanking pair of white knee high adidas boots with a flat sole and multi-coloured velcro straps running from the toes to the knee. I hope they really like the resulting article because I know those boots are gonna end up in my wardrobe and it'd be awesome if they ended up there at a reduced price. It was a great night. At the end of it all, they asked if they could question me on a few things. I said that was fine, not ever suspecting the first question to be "Do you like porn?". The conversation became extremely amusing after that.
- Off to Old Tokyo Town next weekend to see Yasa and Hi-C of Kireek go head to head in the Japan DMC Scratch DJ Final. They want exposure overseas also, so I am hoping I can turn this experience into an article for ITM. Also I will be meeting up with Jogirl who I met at Breakin' 29 (that birthday bash) when I was home in June. She is bringing out Mat Carter, a resident DJ at Fabric Nightclub in the UK. It has turned into a triple bonus really as by then Mieko will be moved and settled for all of one week so I am staying with her! Cam - I will be finally checking out the Ruby Room.
- And speaking of which Cambosis, that should help you figure out who my comment was referring to. After last weekend's sayonara party for Mieko, which was a long night spent mostly chilling out in Dan Tanner's apartment (mily Mingey shoes broke AGAIN, last time I shop at a store called Minge) I ran into an old friend at Ogimachi the next day - a pure accident you could say, accidentally-on-purpose (I am very good at doing that when the situation calls for it). So I arrived, positioned myself chatting to mates in his eyeline for about 10 minutes, walked off and 30 seconds later who was t-t-tapping on my shoulder? Seems some people can't get past the dark hair. It was definitely a good move.
- Had drinks with a friend from the Philippines on Tuesday night. We went to Windows on the World, which is the top floor of the Hilton - tres swish. He has offered me a job as he wants to start exporting Australian wine and will be in Melbourne with his family same time as when I move back in December. I said it all depends on how I go for finding work when I get home. He has also invited me to the Philippines next month as a guest of something as he is active in promoting the Philippines as a tourist destination and has asked me to see if I can write an article. If I can get the time off work (5 days to begin with) I will do it. I also get to go again, and it doesn't matter if I am coming from Melbourne or Osaka.