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Monday, August 14

And One More Thing

You know a characteristic I really despise in people? When a person takes credit for something that they have had no initial input or given any original thought to.
Or even when it comes down to say, giving the round of drinks out that someone else has bought and then accepting the thanks and drinks back and not bothering to tell anyone who actually paid for them in the first place, while letting them think the other person is a tight ass - and even contributing to these assumptions!!
That's a bad analogy but pretty much sums an attitude I seem to be locking horns with recently.
What charactertists, or trait I should say, do others have problems with?


Blogger TripleBypass said...

I know what you mean. It has happened to me on many an occasion. I guess the way I see it, that person will eventually know he/she is a Creeton. Fuck em, Next time when the person tries to take the credit stick em with the tab and see how smiley they are

1:24 pm

Blogger Gitte said...

Arrogance, intolerance to difference, lying, ethnocentrism, racsim, deliberate ignorance, tight-assedness, an unwillingness to try new things or see another view point and step out of the box, and people who don't drink champagne ;-)

4:37 pm

Blogger Miss Riz said...

TBP - nice tip!

Gitte - and ugly people.

8:13 pm

Anonymous Ben said...

I think Gitte summed it up. Just add on people who can't arrive to a meeting place on time and don't even have the manners to call and let you know they are going to be late. I hate that.

11:58 am

Blogger Gitte said...

Ben - that would be inconsiderate assholes.

Liz - is being ugly a trait as such or more of a misfortune bestowed upon you by your parents who should have known better than to procreate? Actually, I don't always like those 'ugly people attitudes'. You know, they have to make up for being ugly by having a faaabulous (and annoying) happy go lucky attitude. Gretel Killeen is a perfect example. Think I am being ugly-intolerant now. ooops

1:24 pm

Blogger Miss Riz said...

Ben - couldnt agree more.

Gitte - yeah but everytime i see Gretel Kileen on TV I wish she would get off, and I haven't seen any Aussie TV for 3 years!!

11:44 am


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