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Friday, August 25

Confessions of a Madonna Groupie

Guess what bitches????

I am going to her concert on September 17.....

So cannot wait.


Anonymous Sheree said...


jealousy is a curse!!! ;)

12:23 pm

Anonymous mrm said...

What are you going to wear? I was remembering when you were a little girl, performing to Vogue, with the black hat... wait a minute, do you want the video?

9:24 am

Anonymous Ben said...

Why do i get the feeling that if lizzy saw that video ever again it would be too soon. On the other hand, im sure all of us would like to have a look.

Enjoy the concert

5:56 pm

Blogger Miss Riz said...

sheree - hehehehe.

MRM - I specifically remember that day and recall being in a very bad mood. Why are all my bad moods caught on film?

Ben - No you wouldn't. Getting closer to Melbourne time!!!

10:12 pm

Anonymous mrm said...

You look so cute when you're angry! Could it have been because they didn't put you in the front row or because you didn't like the outfit?

Ben - Lizzie LOVES seeing old movies of herself, especially the one when she's learning to rollerskate.

11:06 am

Blogger Gitte said...

I love the one where Liz is about 3 and rides her tricycle all the way to the end of the street in a huff and keeps looking back to see if Dad is still filming. Then when she sees he is, she turns around and keeps pedalling more. In that same huff she also exclaims "I want a chair on my head" and dad says OK, and goes and gets her one. The look on her face - realising Dad has called her bluff and wndering how the hell she is gonna put said chair on her head - is priceless!

5:02 pm

Anonymous Ben said...

I will have to twist Lizzy's arm to show me those video's

8:37 am


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