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Monday, August 7

Hanabi Time

What comes right after Hanami Season? That's right - Hanabi Season! Tis that time of year to set your fireworks off anywhere you please. Last week saw the PL Fireworks come and go - the largest firework display in the world! Needless to say I never go because although the location is only probably 30 minutes or so from my house, with the millions of people that go for this one night (literally millions, around 2 or 3), that hop, skip and a jump turns into a 5 or 6 hour journey. No thanks.
So I did settle on the Yodogawa Fireworks held on Saturday night. It was fantastic - it has maybe been about 10 years or so since I saw a proper sky show (in fact I think the last one was one of Fox FMs Skyshows at Albert Park Lake) and anything I had seen before Saturday night was put to shame. The Japanese sure take their hanabi seriously! I went with my boss, who dressed me in oe of her yukatta - the summer kimono. Boy did I stand out - being a foreigner dressed in traditional Japanese garb sends the locals crazy. I should have started charging for photographs. It was a lot of fun!


Anonymous M said...

You look wonderful!!! Love the dark hair Liz... The night sounds like so much fun...

10:24 am

Anonymous Ben said...

You look great babe. It's good to see some pics of you!

12:45 pm

Anonymous cambosis said...

dark hair looks wonderful... but in light (no pun intended) of your subsequent post... why are you in black yukatta with black Obi with black squishy (the squid ink flavour)

12:49 pm

Anonymous cambosis said...

thats why 'arent' you in

12:49 pm

Anonymous the gay boyfriend said...

you look hot babe!!! your yukata is perfect for your black hair. loving it!!!

3:35 pm

Blogger Miss Riz said...

M - thank you. It was a laugh. I just need to lose some pounds now, which is sure to happen with the new diet I invented and called the 'Fruit and Edamame Diet'. It is just as it sounds. All I eat is fruit and edamame. The fruit takes care of my sweet tooth and the edamame hits any salt cravings. 2 days so far, altho Brett cooked me a breaky of eggs i Couldnt say no to today.
Ben- Im waiting for some pics of you!! Send em on thru.
Cambosis - You raise a good point my friend but since it was after 8pm and the UV rays were firmly on doing their damage on the other side of the world, I was safe. Why else do you think I dyed my hair though?
Akira - Thanks honey. I wanna see you in a yukatta next...

6:16 pm


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