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Thursday, August 31

Mistaken Identity

I have been trying for a while to find an English speaking yoga instructor in Osaka. I finally found an ad in one of the local rags, emailed awayand booked a space for this Saturday. So when I came home tonight I was surprised to see this in my inbox:
Lambert san,
I was checking my mail...and I run into the transitlounging.
So I need to tell you, that our participants can only be male or female,
not both.
Man have to be real man.
Women have to be real women.
If you are still interested, you must come on a different day.
If this is the case, is monday ok with you?
So you can imagine I laughed myself all the way out of Da'Cho. And then I was a little curious as to why he felt he had to send me this email. You can't tell me from even simply glancing at this blog, that you would somehow think I am a blogger who is pre, mid or post any kind of op, apart from a labotomy.
So I bet it is the link to this fabulous fag. He woulda seen "My Gay Boyfriend" and popped a vein possibly. Although I don't think he is Japanese, when it comes to it, the Japanese view on homosexuality can at times be to basically ignore it (you know and maybe it will go away) and also extremely discriminatory - for example their word for transvestite is new-half. And I believe it is one of these Rudy thought I was!
So Uncle Rudy, I am woman - hear me roar. Have been since birth, still am now and always plan to be, although it can't be said I don't have balls.


Anonymous Ben said...

Could it be possible that he had a look at the picture you have posted next to your name and became a bit confussed???

9:14 am

Blogger Miss Riz said...

hahahahaha - yeah i never thought of that!

9:50 am

Anonymous mrm said...

I like it that Rudy was prepared to set aside a special day for you though.

4:09 pm

Blogger Miss Riz said...

I think he still thinks I'm a transvestite - he won't let me go to his Saturday classes.

9:23 am

Anonymous mrm said...

Did you actually go to a class?

3:00 pm


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