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Monday, August 14

Not So Subliminal

Been getting into ER recently (yeah I know 10 years too late) and as a result I've been thinking about going back to uni to study medicine.

Only I spent this afternoon in the comfort of my air-con watching The Practice. And now I have been thinking about doing....that's right law, specificallywith the view of becoming a criminal defense attorney in a small down town Chicago firm, or whatever city it is set in. Only with better looking co-workers (but I'd let Bobby stay).

Yesterday saw some of us get caught one of the hugest rain storms I have experienced in the grounds of Osaka Castle. For 30 minutes we were trapped in a beer and takoyaki stand. Since I had spent the previous 6 hours watching episodes of Survivor (albeit Survivor Africa, I know the irony, they have no water there), I was full of ideas about making rafts out of chopsticks, tied together with hachimaki and using this dude's Louis Vuitton manbag as a paddle. And within seconds I already figured out who I was going to vote for had we have been in their long enough for me to popularize the Tribal Council idea.
About to settle down again in front of the teev after a long day of doing not much - I found some really old tapes of the A-Team. Maybe the MexIvan will let me borrow his van tomorrow.


Blogger Gitte said...

You make me laugh. Perhaps after you watch CSI, Law and Order, Cocktail, Charlie's Angels, Rock Star (the list goes on) you can actually make some informed choices concerning your next career move.

8:42 am

Blogger Nathan said...

You might find interesting start watching Star Trek again...


Or even better, have you ever seen Space 1999?

3:45 pm

Blogger Miss Riz said...

Actually, I headed off to the video store just before after a hard day at the beach, looking for some ER action....but they only had DVDs and I only have a video in my room so tonight it is Friends instead.

Brigitte - so my secret has been revealed. You know I had the marine biol idea from that Seinfeld episode where George pretends he is one.

Nathan - More a Star Wars fan myself. Space 99? What is it?

8:09 pm

Anonymous mrm said...

There are also lots of movies that point to the usefulness of knowing more than one language and having an awareness of different cultural norms. Maybe you could become a linguist or anthropologist.

9:15 am

Blogger Miss Riz said...

MRM - I'm not even gonna respond to that, other than to say I WAS JOKING.

9:23 am

Anonymous Ben said...

Your not the only person who became interested in Marine Bio because of that Sienfeld episode. I think it played a big role in my life too.

If you choose to go into Med, you will have 2 perfect subjects to study in me and you. I think between the two of us we have had enough crazy stuff happen to our bodies that we should be walked around the classroom for all first year students to look at and study.

12:05 pm

Blogger Nathan said...

Space 1999 is a sci-fi British (if I remember right) serie from the late '70s.. cheap effects and lots of psychological dramas... I guess the authors were on LSD.
There was this alien women called Maya on Alpha-base that could transform in to any animal she wanted...

I am a Star Wars fan too, but it doesn't give many job inspiration does it?

5:22 pm

Anonymous mrm said...

So was I!

7:32 pm

Blogger Tamara said...

I would let Bobby stay too. You know I only took my job at the court because I thought it might be like Law & Order. How wrong was I? Maybe you should start watching Crossing Jordan and you could become a Medical Examiner with a passion for solving crimes.

5:53 am

Anonymous cambosis said...

having recently been to the emergency room... i can tell you, ER is nothing like the real thing... in the 3 hours i was there... i didnt hear "stat" once!!

1:37 pm

Blogger Miss Riz said...

Cambosis - were you breakin'? Please say yes.

Tam - I could have imagined u at lunchtimes delving into the file rooms and discovering those wrongly convicted whilst stumbling onto the whole corruption of the courts thing.

Nathan - Watched the funniest Star Wars inspired cartoon this morning called Samurai Jack. Way cool.

Ben - My mum says the same thing.

MRM - Don't you? xoxoxoxoxo

11:43 am

Blogger TripleBypass said...

Have you tried watching Six Feet Under, I hear the folks in that profession really got it going on, plus there is a good school in Melbourne for it!

4:30 pm

Blogger Gitte said...

My boys have a Samurai Jack DVD. Way cool. I didn't make the Star Wars connection tho...

5:55 pm

Blogger Miss Riz said...

TBP - 6 Feet Under is a great show!! But I'm leaving that side of things to you!

Gitte - yes blatantly based on Star Wars.

8:55 am

Blogger Nathan said...

I guess I'll have eto find this Samuray Jack thingy...


3:45 pm


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