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Monday, August 28

One Helluva Spin Star!

My latest ITM offering, this is one cool DJ and if you like the whole mashup thing, which I do, then I recommend getting a copy of Spin City. I also have an interview with Yoji Biomehanika coming soon - if I can get motivated.
My care factor for writing has been hovering at dangerously low levels recently, which I find really bizarre as I still want to do it but I seem to be associating some sort of stress with writing lately, I can't relax.
I think I need to buy a new chair.
Got any funny anecdotes from this past weekend to bring some cheer my way?


Anonymous Ben said...

Well, hopefully this will bring a smile to your face!

Just letting you know that i was in fine form on the weekend. On the down side we lost Footy which was rather depressing, especially when you look around the change rooms at your mates who you have gone through a heap of pain together to get that far. You see the disappointment in their eyes and thats what really hurts.

However, with the end of the season comes 'mad Monday'. Well lets be honest, its not just Monday that was a bit crazy. From 4pm Saturday to 3pm on Monday you could have found me in a semi-conscious state drowning my sorrows. Activities included: the '4am crossing guard in underwear along the main road' (the cabbies weren't too impressed), the now annual 'shave every hair off the captain's body while he his tied up' (and I mean every hair), the 'dye the sponsor's hair when he passed out' and not to mention the numerous boat races.

Given all of that I'm happy to say that while my liver isn't overly pleased with me it did survive.... as did I!

8:55 am

Blogger Gitte said...

I shared a joint with mum on Sat night, and a cigar with dad.

10:28 am

Anonymous sheree said...

we managed to get a priest pissed... was priceless

9:46 am

Blogger Miss Riz said...

Ben, dear Ben. When aren't you in a semi-conscious state during those hours?

Gitte, the mother of my nephews. On ya.

Sheree, sweet Sheree. Only you could tell me that and be telling me the truth. Love it.

11:16 am

Blogger Nathan said...

hm... maybe not as personal as the others... but have look at this one:

look at the video (not only the introduction.
I have already embedded it to the Astrolounge blog.

I know the Leslie woman from some videos of "the Jams" on Atom films...

6:35 am

Blogger Miss Riz said...

Cheers Nathan will check it out when I get home tonight! How is the Astrolounge going?

4:57 pm


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