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Monday, September 18

Confessions Time

Last night I saw Madonna's Confessions Conert at Osaka Dome. The woman is amazing. Set List went something like this (for those of you who care):

"Future Lovers/I Feel Love"
Get Together"
Like A Virgin"
"Interlude: Dancers' Confessions"
Live to Tell"
"Forbidden Love"
"Like It Or Not"
"Interlude: Sorry [Remix]"
I Love New York"
Ray of Light"
"Let It Will Be"
Drowned World/Substitute For Love"
Paradise (Not For Me)"
"Interlude: Roller Dance Disco Inferno"
"Music Inferno"
Erotica/You Thrill Me"
La Isla Bonita"
Lucky Star"
Hung Up"

For me, well considering I thought I would never see Madonna live again after her once off Oz leg of the Girly Show back in 1993, this was a dream come true! I am not kidding, I got a tad teary when the lights dimmed and she appeared on the stage.
Most of the show, until she broke into a remix of Disco Inferno and Music, was extremely political. I am sure you have heard about the controversy surrounding the mock crucification during Live to Tell, as well as the 2 dancers portraying themselves as gay lovers from Israel and Lebannon for Forbidden Love. There were also many homages to Africa and a lot of video footage used to highlight the problems in Africa, as well as a few subtle and not so subtle (a big "if you don't like my attitude, you can F off, go to Texas and suck George Bush's dick" in I Love New York). She also had Yitzhak Sinwani with her on tour, who performs on Isaac on the album, and not only did he sing this, but he also joined her on stage for a couple of other tracks.
Just as the show was getting pretty heavy, she changed her song, and it was disco time. The old tracks she peformed had been revamped of course to fit into the show, and she performed almost every song on her Confessions album. The only touch up I didn't really enjoy was La Isla Bonita, it didnt seem to work properly or was out of time or something. Erotica was probably the most surprising song I heard - I forgot just how many songs and albums Madonna has released, and that I knew the words to everything.
The dancing, the theatre, the showmanship, the entertaining - it was all an uber class act. The woman undeinably one of the cleverest entertainers of our time. She knows how to shock and rock and still have a good time. The Japanese audience was another thing - of course for the most part, they would not have understood anything she was saying to the audience, and I think this reflects in the atmosphere of the crowd. You know she is askkng people to jump (tonde! damn it), sing or "show me your craziest dance" and generally met with nothing but a few screams from the random foreigners around the audience. Still she got into the audience, talked to people and anytime she uttered a random Japanese word, the crowd went mental.
It also helped that I got some free tickets to the show. So April and Naosky came with me, along withe Batman the one I had paid for to sit w a bunch of other friends and I have Batman the ticket I had paid Akira for (the two of them got very high and afterwards I found Batman wondering around outside searching for his people, and asking random objects if they were taxis - Naosky and I were in hysterics). I was pleased, Batman was very blase before the concert (I told them 5 minutes before we had to be there that I had scored free tickets) and wasn't keen on it, but he was the first to admit afterwards that show had a lot more depth than he ever expected and his views on Madonna have changed for the better (I don't know if that was the fact he was high or not).
Anyway it was a really powerful show and thanks to the Manchild and his crew we met for the free tickets!


Anonymous mrm said...

Now where's Madonna's interview with Miss Riz!

12:48 pm

Blogger Gitte ;-) said...

I want to know where the interview is with the porn director.

11:02 am

Anonymous mrm said...

That could be one and the same person!

8:54 am

Blogger Miss Riz said...

When I get back from the Philippines I am going to chase up that interview. Would be hilarious.

7:15 pm


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