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Tuesday, September 5

Just Say No - The Fun Comes Later

Another crazy whirlwind of a weekend that...whirled on by.

And this time not because I was out and about slamming tequila - or absinthe for that matter. In fact quite the opposite. I was swilling champagne and oolong tea, in an effort to speed up my weight loss efforts (swimming daily seems to be doing jack, so I figured something in the diet must go. Alcohol seemed like the obvious, although saddening, choice).
From Saturday night on, it was a mass of interviews and writing for me. I began at Absinthe interviewing David Simpson, who is just about to launch his fashion career here in Osaka, in the form of Illectric Sheep (his site ain't quite up and running yet so no link).
That was followed by a couple of hours and 4 red bulls upstairs at Pure, listening to Cliffy DJ in the VIP, me saying no to a constant stream of tequila shots bought for me, me trying to get rid of the Veuve Champagne I was given and failing dismally (I could not have paid somebody to drink it for me!) so I just left the various glasses I was given untouched around the room, me trying to fend of an "older" Kiwi bloke who just wouldn't take no for an answer, despite me almost purposely gouging his eyes out when he tried to nuzzle me, me aiding a very drunk Brett on the bike ride home, and finishing up with me lying awake for 2 hours in bed trying to sleep and realising that Red Bull friggin sucks.
But I would not have traded all the 'Nos' in the world as yesterday was a pearler of a day. Again was filled with various interviews, the last being with Kireek, who you might remember from this post. Yasa won the Japan DMC Scratch Battle a couple of weeks back, Hi-C coming 3rd. I am interviewing them for October's Kansai Scene and Sunday was a wrap up. Yasa will head to London this week to scratch it out for the title of World Champion. This is the same title that Aussie DJ Dexter of The Avalanches won a few years back, and which Kireek's friend, Kentaro, won 2 years ago. I have asked Yasa, whether he wins or not, to help me write a seperate article on his experience there. Yasa has a solid chance of taking the crown, and he is on the tip of being the name on everyone's lips. After we finished talking (thanks to Monkey for his help with all the translating), Asami and I had a bite to eat with Kireek - I don't think I have laughed so much in my entire life. Very lovely, lovely guys indeed and I will be checking out their upcoming gigs, at Candy on Sept 22 and then We Love Music on Sept 23, where quite possibly there could be a world champ in our midst. Best of luck to Yasa, it could not have happened to a nicer guy. Both he and Hi-C are refreshingly humble, loads of fun and genuinely nice. Go Kireek.
I had such a good day because the vibe of it all was totally unexpected, including the interviews Asami was helping me with in Ame-mura at Triangle park, which were all street-talk style with young Japanese people who had "interesting" hair (also for October KS). I got home at 9pm, after leaving before lunch, totally exhausted but feeling so good - totally worth all the Nos I had to utter the previous night.
Throwing it back to the readers, you had any similar experiences recently?


Anonymous sheree said...

similiar experiences!??? hahah

what do u mean - interviewing DJ's (negative)
or.... tee-total weekends!?? (negative again!)

i did drink copies amounts of redbull (with vodka) if that counts tho ;)

heading Cairns way on Friday - Amateurs is on.... AND I CAN'T WAIT!!!

have u had any more thoughts on Hamilton Island.....?

8:28 am

Blogger Miss Riz said...

Hmm I meant the tee-total part. I am giving up the 'hol for at least the whole month of September. Even though it is only Sept 6, I am already 11 days into it. I am still giving thought to Hamilton although I think it will be on the high cost side. Let you know once I speak to Ben-Jamin.

1:27 pm

Anonymous Ben said...

Similar experiences... Not recently!

Was more or less forced to drink every drink put in front of me this weekend (Sheree & Liz know why)

cant say i have interviewed any Dj's or prospective World Champions recently either.

I had a few Red Bull's on the weekend but like sheree they had vodka mixed witht them.

No kiwi's in my lfe either

However, I did say no a few times, especially on sunday when the coach wanted me to run laps while i was suffering from a hangover.

10:11 pm

Blogger TripleBypass said...

Hey Dearee,
I too have been laying off the sauce a bit this past week.

Because Friday was actually evil @ Kama Sutra. I drank enough Gin and Tequila to kill the Foreign Legion.

So I decided to lay off it this week. Went to the Gym and just chilled out.

I did have two White Russians with Dinner last night, but come on that was just in honor of The Dude. Boy did they taste good.

Its off to late night Basketball tonight. I actually have felt pretty damn good this weekend, and the pocket book feels good too.

As for Interviews with DJs. I have received a couple emails from some, but no full on Interviews.

I am playing at Zerro tomorrow night, so I am sure I may partake in a few Bevvys, but I am not going nutz like last weekend, I hope :)

Keep it up. I also have a hell of a lineup for the Party on the 21st of OCt.

1:13 pm

Blogger Nathan said...

well.. if being out all weekend is a similar experience so...
I was Djing all weekend at Glass.
Friday was "Live And Let Dance" (and that went on red wine and some grappa, Saturday was the 3 year anniversary of the venue (and that went on lots of beer and whisky). It was an amazing party, we were 4 Dj playing in back to back (X 4) fot most of the evening.. and Sunday I was invited along with the other residents to the crew party.. that was bowling, go-karts, sushi, sake and white wine...
When it comes to interviewing I'd rather be interviewed. :)

Party on.

1:29 am

Blogger Miss Riz said...

TBP - last time I consumed white russians I got a nasty hand injury. So I ahve stayed off them (and away from Candy) since...

Oct 21, cannot wait. Let me know if I can do anything.

Nathan - I am sure I will be popping by Norway at some stage next year so I am looking forwrad to hearing you play!

9:17 am


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