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Back in the Day: I had a quarter life crisis, headed to Osaka, Japan for the unknown–only to discover that a passport plane ride are not necessarily a ticket to escape. Some Years Later: Settled back in Oz, the man of my dreams ended up in Tokyo for work–which is how a passport and plane ride showed me home is where the heart is. And Now: Well as luck would have it, we are about to embark on Japan Mark 3, with a baby in tow and another on the way...

Tuesday, October 31

I'm Not The Voice

Day 3 into having no voice. I literally cannot talk above a careless whisper.
And can I tell you, I'm getting so over only hearing my voice in my head - and not out loud, yes I most of you know I do like the sound of my own voice.l Although for Batman and Naosky it is a source of amusement and are not so secretly pleased about it.
I am not sure why it happened. Possibily the continual screaming on Friday night at being ony 1 foot away from my she-idol Peaches at the Diesel Par-tay (more about that to come) and later being typically me by being so uncool when I met her (and then screaming about it afterwards). Or maybe it was the continual screaming on Saturday night with T-Money. Man we couldn't stop laughing. On fire I tell you.
Anyway, I can tell you 6 hours of teaching yesterday did not help. Don't ask me how I did it, Ibut I think my ears are sore from having everyone read to me. But I have today off, to sit in front of the PC, catch up on articles, lounge in the sun, watch DVDs and do what I am about to do - go back to bed.
I realised before I could get a squawk out. Batman didn't look happy.

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Monday, October 30

Trash Talk

The definition of 'mythomania' is an excessive or abnormal propesnity for lying. It is also known as mitomania, compulsive lying, pathologically lying, and my persoal favourite, pseudologia phantastica. It is a condition involving compulsive lying by a person with no obvious source of motivation. The affected person might believe their lies to be truth, and may have to create elaborate myths to reconcile them with other facts.

Pretty full on right? So how do you deal with someone like this in your life? Especially when they happen to be a good friend?
This person is aware that there is a problem. I have caught them out in the past. At first it was harmless, personal stuff that made me and my other friends laugh a little and think 'Wow a tad crazy, but if that's what they wish us to think, ok', but then when the lies started involving other people with the potential to really cause some destruction, something had to be done.
This person promised it would stop. And I think it did for a while. But now it is not that anything is going to harm me or others, it just that this person is really making themselves look like a total fool. And the hole just keeps getting bigger. Whenever I am told anything of substance I am mentally thinking 'How can this person keep talking? I KNOW it's a lie.' What upsets me the most is that this person thinks I buy it. They think everyone around them buys it! It's not just me thinking it. People talk about it now minus the affection.
It is just annoying having to dig through so much BS all the time to get to the heart of anything, especially when there is usually nothing at the core.

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Saturday, October 28

The Carnivale Conquered

So last Saturday night was the TripleByPass & Fizzy Lizzy Birthday Bash. That's right my birthday bash with Matt. First of all, a standing ovation must go to Matt for all the work he did. He organised the whole kebang including the 30 DJs (yes, 30!) who played to mark his 30th birthday, the performers and entertainers such as Dianne the Balloonist and Patrick the Poet as well as putting up the amazing artwork contributed by locals such as Brad and Rick Sanchez. The venue Jardin was not to be sneezed at either, with an open air da once floor, great dining/seating areas with huge comfy booths and couches, and a big white horse (fake) standing at one end of the dance floor. Over 300 people turned up and it was certainly one to remember (even if remembering means looking at the photos and figuring out what happened that way).

TroyTown and I had some 'we' time before the party at 805, drinking beer (thanks to my boss for giving me a slab of Asahi) and gossiping. And checking ourselves out. I had been at Fing earlier for hair and make up, I figured why not pamper myself? Anyway I figured I needed the hair to go with my Diesel jeans and way too expensive stilletoes I splashed out on (the clerk at Daimaru even wrapped the shoes for me so I would have a pressie to unwrap....which I did 5 minutes later in Slices showing them off to Seng).

Then the MexIvan popped around with the most beautiful bottle of tequila I have ever seen - and helped polish off. Mrs. MexIvan (i.e. his mum) is in town for 3 months and brought some of Mexico's finest over! So MexIvan showed us the correct way of drinking tequila (pretty much the same way as....the usual way of drinking it, only at room temp) and before long Danyk Don't Panick, James and Batman were in da haus.
Made it to Jardin by 11...Knew I would be on the horse by the night's end. Did many shots, danced the dance of the birthday girl, shouted "ITS MY BIRTHDAY" to anyone who walked past me through out the night just in case they hadn't noticed, which was a lot of yelling considering the place was packed wall to wall, got a lovely phone call from Ben around 3am when I was in a taxi, not sure why I was in the taxi but Batman, TroyTown and Miss May were with, and I know we went back to Jardin because I know I got on the horse, and promptly fell off the other side. Quite funny. I took the MexIvan down with me too. Met a lot of lovely people, hung out with all my mates and even managed to get my hairdresser to touch up my hair when I accidentally pulled it out. Almost lit somebody's dreds up with my birthday sparkler (I was waving it around, intently watching embers fly off all around me and Japanese sparklers are like mini fireworks), got some awesome compliments, planned to write a movie with a friend, did a helluva lot of posing or photos and met a lovely Portuguese orthopaedic (bone) surgeon (where was he when I was (literally) break-dancing back in April? Well actually he was still in Portugal then). Got home around 7am and proceeded to assist Joey with making Paninis for the Banco Panini Menu and then dozed on the couch all day opposite Batman with us both proclaiming it to be the worst hangover ever. Ever.

Read about the aftermath here if you will. Trying hard to upload some pics but they won't so check out Bike Club or Brad's page on the right (Terminal Philosophy). That's me in the striped top. It WAS my birthday.

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Tuesday, October 24

Round 3: Why Do People?

'Why do people always need to go to the toilet when they hear the sound of running water?' - Cambosis

Dear Cambosis,

Your email came to me as the rain pelted my windows, and the flatmates were doing the dishes. And as you know, no-one in Japan fills their sink, they just leave the water running. So you could say I read your email and had to go to the toilet. So that's an easy one Cammy Chunks. This is because every time you go to the toilet for Number 1s, you inevitably hear the sound of running...well...running Number 1s. And you are in a relaxed state. So therefore, whenever you hear the sound of running water, it relaxes you enough to make you feel like going to the toilet. It's a bit like these survey results I read very recently. A large proportion of men feel the need to go off and do Number 2s after entering bookstores because at home they are used to doing this activity at home while reading a book or the paper. Is this true Cambosis?


Auntie 'Dr Karl' Kisses xoxo


Monday, October 23

In My Own Lunch Box

'What" will your obituary say?' at QuizGalaxy.com


Bits n Pieces

I have been neglecting this little spot of late - just very busy, tired and sick and had aan article due last week that seemed to take me forever toget done as I had no time.

Saturday night was The Carnnival - you will see some photos and descriptions of the night here. I gotta run for now, but it was a great night and a big thank you to TBP for what he pulled off.


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Monday, October 16

Finally Hitting Home

It is beginning to sink in I am leaving. After a wonderful day yesterday spent at Biwako (Lake Biwa, 2 hours north east of Osaka) with most of the usual suspects, I felt sad knowing that not only was that the last chance for us all to have a day in the sun out of Osaka before the winter weather sets in, it was also the last time I will do something like that with my mates here in Osaka.
The event was called Indian Summer and I think was organised by Wil of Mad Kafe - basically a bunch of DJs from Osaka, drinks and water sports - although I don't think any of the Indian Summer folk jet-skied (most of us got into the trampoline that was there though!). Just sitting on the grass, drinking san gria (kudos to Wil for such awesome san gria), listening to music and chatting. Or playing cards....someone bought the deck out and we found ourselves entrenced by Asshole for a couple of hours.
Anyway, I realised once again I am leaving something I know and love for the unknown. Everyone was asking me about what I am going to do back in Melbourne, and the truth is I have no idea. I really don't. After all this time I still can't figure it out. I'm not sure if I can always live life so blindly in such an oblivious manner. 7 weeks to go, but who is counting?

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Wednesday, October 11

Fat Freddy's Drop: One last tour before hibernation

Here is my FFD interview, as posted on ITM. For those of you in Sydney and Melbourne,: Sombody, ANYBODY, go to the show for me. Just my luck that by the time I move home, they take a short hiatus to record their next album...(Tam, you remember that song I kept singing around your house with the line "skank be the rock in your life"? That's these dudes.)
About to squeeze in one last tour of Australia before bunking down to record their eagerly anticipated sophomore album, NZ dub fiends Fat Freddy’s Drop recently took a few moments out of their busy schedule of fishing and rehearsal to answer some questions for ITM. Miss Riz talks with trombone player Hopepa (Joe Lindsay).

What’s cooking in Fat Freddy’s kitchen at the moment? Is Dobie still feeding the group or is he out fishing?
Yesterday at rehearsal Dobie turned up with smoked trout on crackers with cream cheese and capers, and he tells me he just caught a pound of white bait so we are waiting for some fritters with white bread and Q.P mayonnaise. He better hurry up.

You can’t seem to stay away from Aussie shores. You were last here just over 6 months ago – any new gossip or news you can share with us?
This is our last little tour before seriously “going bush” to record our next album.

Not that anybody is complaining, but what is bringing you back so soon?
Well, it’s not like you guys are a million miles away. It’s cheaper to fly across the ditch than it is to fly to Invercargill. It’s our little contribution to C.E.R.

Your popularity shows no signs of waning both here and of course in NZ. Why do you think so many people have jumped on board with the FFD sound?
We’ve tried to let people find out about us in their own time. Luckily for us our relaxed approach has meant we didn’t blow up too big too fast.

As a band renowned for its awesome live performance, what do you make of all the forms of media and technology frequently cropping up such as iPod DJing, podcasting, myspace sites, etc?
They are amazing tools, but in the end people still crave the social and physical contact that comes with a live gig. Nothing beats having a good dance with a bunch of mates.

Do Fat Freddy’s Drop utilise any of these things?
We like to have a good pod clash at the after party.

When I spoke with the band back in March, you guys had plans for a new album in the second half of this year – how is this coming together?
Not going to jinx it with a release date. It will take as long as it has to. But we are aiming for sometime next autumn..!
Who are you collaborating with for this album?
Yet to be decided. Beyonce?

After the phenomenal success of Based On A True Story are you feeling any pressure in regards to how your follow-up album will be received?
Pressure? Nah, no pressure cuz. Excitement would be a better description.

Fitchie has been nominated by NZ’s FQ Magazine as Man of The Year – I put my vote in! He has some pretty stiff competition amongst other high-profiled New Zealanders. What edge does Fitchie have over them all?
I don’t feel confident answering that question. He’s standing right behind me!

You guys have been weaving the Fat Freddy voodoo all over Europe during the northern summer. What did you guys get up to when you weren’t playing gigs?
Enjoyed the fact you could stay out in the sun all day and not get burnt to a crisp. Also enjoyed hearing about everyone at home freezing their nuts off.

Which European acts, if any, did you check out and enjoy?
Didn’t really get much of a chance. But there were a couple of guys from Birmingham called Over Proof Soundsystem, we enjoyed their set so much we asked them to come to London to play at our last gig of the tour. Saw Coldplay and Morrissey at festivals and didn’t really get into them.

If I can ask a question for purely self indulgent reasons – I really love Cay’s Crays for many reasons including the power of the lyrics and what to me is quite a reflective melody and I can really apply this song to where I am in life at the moment both metaphorically and literally. I know we all interpret music differently, but I am really curious to know what the sentiments are from which this song originated.
We were inspired by a beautiful time we had in Kaikoura jamming in a little shed nestled between the mountains and the sea. That and chicks!

With your rising fame, FFD must be asked by a number of charities and non-profit organisations for support. You guys have thrown your support behind Deep Deep Trouble, an organization concerned with the effects of ocean bottom trawling, in international waters in a number of different ways, including an auction of limited edition t-shirts, donating money and making a short film. Why is this cause important to FFD?
We live and work so close to the sea. It provides us with food and inspiration. The health of our oceans depends on how well we maintain the entire eco system, not just our beach front “property”. We have seen evidence that bottom trawling is a destructive and wasteful way to fish and support efforts to promote the proposed moratorium.

How can your fans support the cause?
Visit deepdeeptrouble.net for more info.

You come to Oz so often now. Any favourite haunts?
Northside records in Melbourne, Marigold Yum Cha in Sydney. In fact, China Town in general.

What special Freddy voodoo do you have in store for the fans?
We are gonna jam out some of our new tunes and maybe some old favs.

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Rest then Fest

13 days until my birthday, and 11 days until the Carnivale Birthday Bash. Tres excited. FYI snail mail normal post takes about a week so you have until next monday to get your goodies off to me.


Monday, October 9

Round 2: Why Do People...?

" Why do people, especially tourists in Cairns, wander across the road aimlessly regardless of the colour of the traffic light, or the speed of the traffic or if a bloody mack truck is going to run them down and expect for the car to just stop! And when they are let loose on scooters they are really taking their lives into their own hands..." - The Divine Miss M

Dear Miss M,

Seeing that many of the tourists you would be referring to would actually be Japanese and due to my living experience in Japan, where wandering aimlessly over the road regardless of anything, including such extreme events as death, is an inborn (or is that inbred?) vice, and all kinds from salarymen to geisha to young fashionistas scoot about town as often as they use chopsticks, I feel I am well qualified to answer your query.

The Traffic Dodging thing
could come down to a couple of points. In Japan, the law dictates that if there is some sort of accident involving any transport of any kind and/or pedestrians, the 'smaller' component of the accident is always in the right. So if a drunk person randomly wobbles out onto a 100km/hr section of road and into the path of an oncoming Mack Truck, said Mack Truck is automatically at fault. If a person on a scooter cannot control their scooter and as a result falls off, only to be run over by a small car seconds later, said small car is at fault (this really happened to a student of mine driving behind an elderly scooter driver who was probably to frail to adequately handle the scooter!). So relating back to your query, wandering aimlessly over the road is always going to be a win-win situation for the pedestrian here in Japan at least. Either you make it to the other side of the road in one piece - or you don't but as a result you (or your family depending on how many pieces you are in) will be a shitload richer. Therefore they don't really care.

And this is when ignorance and stupidity come into play, where tourists from particular countries that I don't care to list, simply assume things are the same in other countries - whether this is to do with the law (as above) or just being so damn idiotic not to realise that things are different outside of their own piece of world. You say to-may-to. I say tomato - and that driving occurs on the left side of the road as opposed to the right. We all know assumption is the mother of all fuckups, and in this case could leave one for dead.

As for the scooters
, I think the problem is people view them as a cute accessory much like a mobile tag or a handbagged Chihuahua, and nothing bad happens to cute, right? That is until they wind up wedged bitween the bitumen and the underbelly of a anything bigger than a go-kart, with no skin and no hope, after attempting to floor 'cute' round a U-turn that landed them in oncoming traffic.

Auntie Kisses.

I am happy to answer any Why Do People....? queries you may have, just drop 'em in the comments.


Saturday, October 7

Suck On This...And Then Some

As for interviews....
My most recent one was with Stretch of the Sucker DJs for ITM.
Upcoming is Fat Freddy's Drop again, a band I REALLY love so I am pretty excited about this!
Also this month I had two articles published in Kansai Scene. One on Kireek - scroll down the linked page to get to it - (the scratch duo I have previously mentioned in this blog, one of whom got 2nd place recently in the DMC DJ World Finals in London) and one on Simpson, a Canadian ex-pat in Osaka launching a new fashion label (the article is not up on the web edition of KS, print only so I will post it another time, but check out his website).
Opinions people...esp. MRM, Nathan and other music lovers?

Friday, October 6

Love Auntie Kisses

What’s Your Pimp Name?

Auntie Kisses

Thanks to The Divine Miss M for this - or should I say Mama Tease!

Thursday, October 5

Why Do People...?

In recent times, I have had a few "Why do people do that?" experiences, the most recent being yesterday.
As the Philippines Airline Airbus 330 that was carrying me and a bunch of other people to Cebu Island touched down on the tarmac yesterday, this bunch of other people clapped and hollered in joy. For a full 5 minutes, until we had taxied into the berth and come to a complete stop.
The question "Why do people do that?" ran through my freshly unrelaxed mind and forced me to come up with a number of equally disturbing answers that simply posed more questions of the rhetorical kind such as:
1. Does this particular plane have some sort of mechanical problem or any kind of problem that would interfere with its ability to fly and stay in the sky that I should have been made aware of before choosing to board 60 minutes earlier?
2. Does the pilot have some sort of condition such as narcolepsy, epilepsy, alcoholism, substance abuse or the like, or had he and the Co-pilot pulled an all nighter with a Filipina new-half in some Metro Manila bars that I should have been made aware of before choosing to board the plane 60 minutes earlier, causing those in the know in the seats surrounding me to believe a miracle has actually been performed seeing that we made the distance without any hitches?
3. Are the people around me just dickheads?
I am assuming for the sake of my sanity during the upcoming flight back to Manila in the next hour, that it is number 3.
If you have any questions starting off with "Why do people......?" email me at thetransitlounge@gmail.com or simply post a comment below and using my fierce wit and sarcasm will do my best to supply you with a satisfactory answer.


Wednesday, October 4

Come Join The Carnivale!

It is that time of the year again...TBP has orgajanized the whole thing, including this wonderful flyer. I can't wait. For more details, click here.

Tuesday, October 3

This Filippina Philly

I came to Manila on Sunday - and it has all been about food and golf so far. Oh and feeling a little sick since I brushed my teeth with the local water on Sunday night. How come no-one ever, ever reminds me about the water until after I have consumed it? So I am stuffed full of immodium which has reduced the emergency situation to a high alert. I am playing 18 holes of golf later this morning, so I think I will stock up on some more. I don't want to get THAT feeling playing the back 9. That could mean serious trouble. Yesterday I was at the driving range for a couple of hours, followed by a meal of traditional local food and cultural dances, and then a 2 hour foor and back massage - that is the way all meals should end. The hotel I am in is lovely, the Dusit Nikko, and tomorrow I am going to the island of Cebu for a night. They have a really good gym here too so I have been able to continue running and swimming. And buffet breakfasts. I love buffet breakfasts. You can judge a hotel solely on this aspect I feel. It is always about the breaky spread I reckon. Later Friendlies.