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Saturday, October 28

The Carnivale Conquered

So last Saturday night was the TripleByPass & Fizzy Lizzy Birthday Bash. That's right my birthday bash with Matt. First of all, a standing ovation must go to Matt for all the work he did. He organised the whole kebang including the 30 DJs (yes, 30!) who played to mark his 30th birthday, the performers and entertainers such as Dianne the Balloonist and Patrick the Poet as well as putting up the amazing artwork contributed by locals such as Brad and Rick Sanchez. The venue Jardin was not to be sneezed at either, with an open air da once floor, great dining/seating areas with huge comfy booths and couches, and a big white horse (fake) standing at one end of the dance floor. Over 300 people turned up and it was certainly one to remember (even if remembering means looking at the photos and figuring out what happened that way).

TroyTown and I had some 'we' time before the party at 805, drinking beer (thanks to my boss for giving me a slab of Asahi) and gossiping. And checking ourselves out. I had been at Fing earlier for hair and make up, I figured why not pamper myself? Anyway I figured I needed the hair to go with my Diesel jeans and way too expensive stilletoes I splashed out on (the clerk at Daimaru even wrapped the shoes for me so I would have a pressie to unwrap....which I did 5 minutes later in Slices showing them off to Seng).

Then the MexIvan popped around with the most beautiful bottle of tequila I have ever seen - and helped polish off. Mrs. MexIvan (i.e. his mum) is in town for 3 months and brought some of Mexico's finest over! So MexIvan showed us the correct way of drinking tequila (pretty much the same way as....the usual way of drinking it, only at room temp) and before long Danyk Don't Panick, James and Batman were in da haus.
Made it to Jardin by 11...Knew I would be on the horse by the night's end. Did many shots, danced the dance of the birthday girl, shouted "ITS MY BIRTHDAY" to anyone who walked past me through out the night just in case they hadn't noticed, which was a lot of yelling considering the place was packed wall to wall, got a lovely phone call from Ben around 3am when I was in a taxi, not sure why I was in the taxi but Batman, TroyTown and Miss May were with, and I know we went back to Jardin because I know I got on the horse, and promptly fell off the other side. Quite funny. I took the MexIvan down with me too. Met a lot of lovely people, hung out with all my mates and even managed to get my hairdresser to touch up my hair when I accidentally pulled it out. Almost lit somebody's dreds up with my birthday sparkler (I was waving it around, intently watching embers fly off all around me and Japanese sparklers are like mini fireworks), got some awesome compliments, planned to write a movie with a friend, did a helluva lot of posing or photos and met a lovely Portuguese orthopaedic (bone) surgeon (where was he when I was (literally) break-dancing back in April? Well actually he was still in Portugal then). Got home around 7am and proceeded to assist Joey with making Paninis for the Banco Panini Menu and then dozed on the couch all day opposite Batman with us both proclaiming it to be the worst hangover ever. Ever.

Read about the aftermath here if you will. Trying hard to upload some pics but they won't so check out Bike Club or Brad's page on the right (Terminal Philosophy). That's me in the striped top. It WAS my birthday.

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Anonymous cambosis said...

send me your god damn phone number biatch

12:45 pm

Anonymous cambosis said...

oh and happy birthday!

luv ya

12:46 pm

Anonymous cambosis said...


12:47 pm

Anonymous cambosis said...


if this doesnt work - ill pole dance for $50 bucks - anywhere you say

yes - im off my head!!

12:53 pm

Blogger Miss Riz said...

looks like you owe me a pole dance Cam! It didn't work.

Great chatting to you yesterday. You got the last of my voice. I cannot talk at all now. Nobody seems to be complaining though.

10:08 am


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