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Wednesday, October 11

Fat Freddy's Drop: One last tour before hibernation

Here is my FFD interview, as posted on ITM. For those of you in Sydney and Melbourne,: Sombody, ANYBODY, go to the show for me. Just my luck that by the time I move home, they take a short hiatus to record their next album...(Tam, you remember that song I kept singing around your house with the line "skank be the rock in your life"? That's these dudes.)
About to squeeze in one last tour of Australia before bunking down to record their eagerly anticipated sophomore album, NZ dub fiends Fat Freddy’s Drop recently took a few moments out of their busy schedule of fishing and rehearsal to answer some questions for ITM. Miss Riz talks with trombone player Hopepa (Joe Lindsay).

What’s cooking in Fat Freddy’s kitchen at the moment? Is Dobie still feeding the group or is he out fishing?
Yesterday at rehearsal Dobie turned up with smoked trout on crackers with cream cheese and capers, and he tells me he just caught a pound of white bait so we are waiting for some fritters with white bread and Q.P mayonnaise. He better hurry up.

You can’t seem to stay away from Aussie shores. You were last here just over 6 months ago – any new gossip or news you can share with us?
This is our last little tour before seriously “going bush” to record our next album.

Not that anybody is complaining, but what is bringing you back so soon?
Well, it’s not like you guys are a million miles away. It’s cheaper to fly across the ditch than it is to fly to Invercargill. It’s our little contribution to C.E.R.

Your popularity shows no signs of waning both here and of course in NZ. Why do you think so many people have jumped on board with the FFD sound?
We’ve tried to let people find out about us in their own time. Luckily for us our relaxed approach has meant we didn’t blow up too big too fast.

As a band renowned for its awesome live performance, what do you make of all the forms of media and technology frequently cropping up such as iPod DJing, podcasting, myspace sites, etc?
They are amazing tools, but in the end people still crave the social and physical contact that comes with a live gig. Nothing beats having a good dance with a bunch of mates.

Do Fat Freddy’s Drop utilise any of these things?
We like to have a good pod clash at the after party.

When I spoke with the band back in March, you guys had plans for a new album in the second half of this year – how is this coming together?
Not going to jinx it with a release date. It will take as long as it has to. But we are aiming for sometime next autumn..!
Who are you collaborating with for this album?
Yet to be decided. Beyonce?

After the phenomenal success of Based On A True Story are you feeling any pressure in regards to how your follow-up album will be received?
Pressure? Nah, no pressure cuz. Excitement would be a better description.

Fitchie has been nominated by NZ’s FQ Magazine as Man of The Year – I put my vote in! He has some pretty stiff competition amongst other high-profiled New Zealanders. What edge does Fitchie have over them all?
I don’t feel confident answering that question. He’s standing right behind me!

You guys have been weaving the Fat Freddy voodoo all over Europe during the northern summer. What did you guys get up to when you weren’t playing gigs?
Enjoyed the fact you could stay out in the sun all day and not get burnt to a crisp. Also enjoyed hearing about everyone at home freezing their nuts off.

Which European acts, if any, did you check out and enjoy?
Didn’t really get much of a chance. But there were a couple of guys from Birmingham called Over Proof Soundsystem, we enjoyed their set so much we asked them to come to London to play at our last gig of the tour. Saw Coldplay and Morrissey at festivals and didn’t really get into them.

If I can ask a question for purely self indulgent reasons – I really love Cay’s Crays for many reasons including the power of the lyrics and what to me is quite a reflective melody and I can really apply this song to where I am in life at the moment both metaphorically and literally. I know we all interpret music differently, but I am really curious to know what the sentiments are from which this song originated.
We were inspired by a beautiful time we had in Kaikoura jamming in a little shed nestled between the mountains and the sea. That and chicks!

With your rising fame, FFD must be asked by a number of charities and non-profit organisations for support. You guys have thrown your support behind Deep Deep Trouble, an organization concerned with the effects of ocean bottom trawling, in international waters in a number of different ways, including an auction of limited edition t-shirts, donating money and making a short film. Why is this cause important to FFD?
We live and work so close to the sea. It provides us with food and inspiration. The health of our oceans depends on how well we maintain the entire eco system, not just our beach front “property”. We have seen evidence that bottom trawling is a destructive and wasteful way to fish and support efforts to promote the proposed moratorium.

How can your fans support the cause?
Visit deepdeeptrouble.net for more info.

You come to Oz so often now. Any favourite haunts?
Northside records in Melbourne, Marigold Yum Cha in Sydney. In fact, China Town in general.

What special Freddy voodoo do you have in store for the fans?
We are gonna jam out some of our new tunes and maybe some old favs.

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